Adsminer Review: Nigeria’s Largest Ad Mining Company, Legit? is one of the leading mining companies in Nigeria that has taken over the digital mining space. In this Adsminer review, you will get to learn more about the platform, how Adsminer work and how members can register and make money mining cryptocurrency on the Adsminer website.

Obviously, I have heard about this company before but never really got the motivation to make a review on it. However, after coming across multiple Ads of it on WhatsApp TV, I decided to dig into it and provide my visitors with a credible review analysis of What Adsminer is all about.

Adsminer Review

Adsminer is an advertising web agency. We basically advertise for a living. AdsMiner is one of the leading Ads Mining platforms, offering Secure mining capacities in every range both for the present and future.

Furthermore, the company aims to offer a dynamic investment solution to clients in need of a self-operating portfolio, as well as a smart fund with flexible time and investment amount.

One of the top positions of the company in the Nigerian market is geared towards poverty alleviation and raising millionaires annually through our funds support program challenge where members compete for the top spot.

Interestingly, Adsminer also provides scholarship opportunities for students through rigorous programs in various level of education that really needs support.  They engage in Training interested members in forex trading, crypto marketing and affiliate marketing.

In order to put smiles on the faces of our loyal subscribers, Adsminer have a business funding program projected towards supporting members on the platform with funds to boost their various businesses in form of no-interest business loans.

Conclusively, Ads-mining is a term that refers to the process of gathering money as a reward for work that you complete.

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How Adsminer Work

AdsMiner works as one of the leading Ads Mining platforms, offering secure mining capacities in every range for its members to leverage and make money.

The company has a website is designed to be a highly secured platform designed for both the present and future miners.

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How To Make Money on Adsminer

Making money on Adsminer is not so complicated or difficult to understand, Adsminer rewards members accordingly for Ads clicked or mined, there are also rewards and bonuses attached that members are entitled to enjoy.

Earn Money From Adsminer Referral Bonus

This is probably the coolest part of the Adsminer platform. You can be given the opportunity to earn huge referral commissions when you register people under the platform with your link.

Those who have the skills or referring can capitalize, and make money on Adsminer through the referral system.

Referring no doubt has proven to be the fastest way to earn.

Nevertheless, Referring is optional, and you can get paid when you don’t refer.

Below is a simple breakdown of the referral bonus attached;

The breakdown of bonuses is as follows.

✔️ Level 1 which is direct referral is 20%.

✔️ Level 2 which is your second leg under your direct down line you earn 5%

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✔️ Level 3 which is your third leg downline you earn 4%

✔️ Level 4 which is your fourth down line you earn 3%

✔️ Level 5 which is your fifth leg you earn 2%

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How To Mine on Adsminer

Mining is very simple;

  • Sign into the platform
  • Tap the Top Right
  • Pick PTC
  • Select ADS
  • Click on VIEW NOW
  • Pass the simple question

Adsminer Registration

For those who wish to register and obtain membership on Adsminer, firstly, you will have to select a package of your choice to get started with.

Adsminer Signup Packages

Below are the packages you can choose from, also attached is what you can benefits or earn from each package

1. Braze 4$ ✔️

You are to mine 4 times Daily, 0.1$ per mine.

When you make the calculation; 0.4$ per day, 2.8$ per week And 11.2$ per month.  

On This package, you can withdraw weekly

In the end, you will get about 280+% return on investment.

2. Bronze 8$ ✔️

On this package, you can mine 8 times daily for 0.1$ per mine.

That’s 0.8$ per day and 5.6$ per week and 22.4$ per month.

3. Silver 20$ ✔️

Mine 20 times per day. 0.1$ per mine

That’s 2.0$ per day, 14$ per week and 56$ per month

4. Gold 30$

This package enables you to mine 40 times Per day. 0.1$ per mine.

That’s  4.0$ per day, 28$ per week And 112$ per month.

Withdrawal weekly and all mines exchange rate is ₦500 to $

Adsminer Login

You can assess the login portal through the Adsmier official website

How To Withdraw On Adsminer

To Withdraw on Adsmier, log in to your account and from your dashboard, click on withdrawal, fill in the needed information and click on Withdraw.

Withdrawals can be weekly on monthly.

Does Adsminer Pay Without Referral

Yes, according to Adsminer, the company claim to pay without referral.

How Does Adsminer Generate Revenue To Pay Members

From our assessment of the website, Adsminer claims to have various funnel funds generating techniques and are below but not limited to the listed funnel.

Also, the company generates revenue through Advertisements, networking, sponsors from other top companies.

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Adsminer Review: Scam or Legit?

If you have paid so much attention to this review from the beginning, you will be curious to find out if the company is worth giving it a trial.

From our assessment of the website, below are some good things we could discover;

  • You can make money on the website
  • Micro to Large subscription packs
  • The website has a defined goal
  • They are versatile in doing business and dealing with members
  • They offer flexible payment methods such as bank transfer or through the crypto

Interestingly, Adsminer is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria under Business Number 3560185 Therefore, making it a legally operating business in Nigeria.

The domain age details show below;

It was created on 26-12-2022 and will expire on  26-12-2023.

So far, there has been no fraudulent activities observed about the website.

Though, we advise you to be careful and don’t put so much dependency on the platform.

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Conclusion: Adsminer Review: Nigeria’s Largest Ad Mining Company, Legit?

Adsminer is one of the leading mining companies in Nigeria where members are given the opportunity to mine and earn money online.

If you have any questions, recommendations or suggestions about this Adsminer review, leave us a comment

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