Cashmint Review: How Does it Work?, Scam or Legit?, Registration is another kind of them (earning website in Nigeria) that is worthy of our review. The site was recently launched and since then has gone popular over the past months. In this Cashmint review, you will discover how it works, another scam or legit, and how to register and make money on Cashmint.

The current situation in Nigeria has made things very hard for average Nigerians to cope and survive, This has resulted in this many people seeking jobs that are not available.

On the other hand, those who crave to make money online often get scammed because they are always looking for get-rich-quick schemes. Nevertheless, credit to those who have found a decent way to earn online.

Gone are the days when youths come online to chat, gist and have fun. Nowadays, Social media has evolved; everybody is provided with an equal chance and opportunity to earn money online.

With just your phone, data, and internet connection, you can leverage social media and make money by acquiring high-income skills.

There are basically two ways to make money online; it’s either you have a product to sell or a service to render.

Again, there are some earning websites in Nigeria that will pay you for taking action on their websites. Cashmint happens to be one of those websites that pays you for doing specific tasks.

Without further ado, let’s get right into review

About Cashmint (Review)

CashMint is an affiliate network /e-learning platform that gives you the opportunity to learn digital skills by providing you access to diverse kinds of skill acquisition courses and also earn cool cash by performing some tasks on a daily basis, earning as affiliates and selling digital skill acquisition courses as a vendor.

How To Make Money On

On the Cashmint earning structure, there are basically 3 ways to make money on the platform

1. Points Earning System

The points earning system enables members to earn rewards by engaging in simple tasks like;

Once you register you will earn 1000 points as a welcome bonus

When you log in daily to your account you will earn 50 points

Watch videos daily and earn 150 points

Sharing sponsored posts to social media handles will give you 200 points

When you engage in other miscellaneous tasks, you will earn 100 points.

To Join the points earning system requires 2,500

2. Affiliate Program

A Referral system involves getting others to join the platform. As an affiliate, when you get someone to register and join through your link, you will earn a commision.

The Cashmint affiliate program is the most vital focus of the platform. You are required to pay 20,000 to join the program.

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Meanwhile, you will get 100% Cashback of your registration payment as a signup bonus, this means when you pay 20,000 to register as an affiliate, you will get your 20,000 back which will be credited to your affiliate account. you can be able to withdraw it once you reach the withdrawal threshold.

Again, you will stand a chance to earn a 40% (N8,000) direct commission on every successful affiliate program membership sale you make. (This means every affiliate you refer to joins the affiliate program).

You will also mean 20% commission (N4,000) as an indirect commission on every successful Affiliate Program membership sale your sub-affiliates (those that join the platform through you) refer.

You will also earn a 30% to 40% commision on the sales of every product you and a %15 to 20% indirect commision on every sale your sub-affiliate makes. Product prices are usually not less than N5,000.

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3. Vendor Program

The vendor program gives you the privilege to earn a big listing of your products on the cashmint platform and you will get 30% to 40% commision on every sale your product generates.

kindly note that only affiliate members can qualify to enrol for the vendor program.

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How To Withdraw on Cashmint

To withdraw on Cashmint, you must have earned enough to reach the withdrawal threshold.

Minimum withdrawals for the Points earning system are 15,000 points (which is equivalent to N6,000). You can withdraw your points 25th day of every month.

You can choose to withdraw your points earning as cash or use them to purchase any of the available skill acquisition courses on the platform.

For the Affiliate Program, the minimum withdrawal is N50,000 and you can place a withdrawal at any time and get paid to your local bank.

Lastly, the Vendor program minimum withdrawal is N20,000 and it is available to withdraw at any time.

Does Cashmint Pay Without Referal?

Yes, Cashmint pays no referrals via the points earning system.

Cashmint Registration

Visit the website at the register, fill in your information and made sure everything is correct, then hit signup.

Cashmint Login

Once you have carried out your registration, visit Cashmint official website to log in.

Cashmint Review: Scam or Legit?

At the time of documenting this review, Cashmint is still fresh and so there haven’t been any issues or reports or fraud or scam.

You can register on the platform and earn money with just your smartphone.

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Conclusion: Cashmint Review: How Does it Work?, Scam or Legit?

Conclusively, Cashmint is another website that gives Nigerians (especially students) to leverage the internet and get paid for taking part in certain activities on the platform.

If you have further questions, recommendations complaints about Cashmint drop your comments below

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