Dessii Media Investment Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works

Welcome to my Dessii Media Investment Review, this article will provide valuable information as regards how Dessi Media investment works and if it’s legit or not as well as everything you should know about the platform.

The quest to make money online is fast arising every day and despite some of these online schemes turning out to be scam it doesn’t stop people from looking for legit paying sites where you can earn.


This review was documented only to provide valuable information regarding the platform. we are not trying to promote or tarnish the image of the platform, so you are at liberty to accept or reject this review, and your acceptance and dealing with the platform shall be at your own risk. LegacyTips media will not be held accountable for any losses or damages.

Dessi Media investment happens to be another investment platform worthy of recognition and this documentation will provide valuable information that will help you assess the legitimacy of the platform.

About Dessii Media Investment (Review)

Dessii Media investment is an investment platform that which promise to pay members 55% RIO (return on investment) simply by engaging into forex, real estate, international trade and other back up investment enterprise.

How Dessii Media Investment Works

Dessii Media Investment

Dessii media investment works by trading the registration fee of members and engaging in forex and real estate and pays back with high RIO at the end of 30 days.

As an investor you don’t have to perform daily tasks before you can be paid, all you have to do is invest and relax for either 30 (1 month) or 120 days (4 months) depending on the plan you chose.

Dessii Media Investment Plans (Packages)

Below are the subscription plans available for Dessii Media, each plan brings back 55% RIO. The investment plans are categorized depending on the duration of the plan.

⭕ Simple Interest Plan (30 days)
Package                            ROI

Copper      10,000          15,000
Bronze      20,000           ₦31,000
Silver         ₦50,000          ₦77,000
Silicon       100,000        155,000
Gold           200,000        310,000
Diamond   ₦300,000        465,000
Jewel         500,000        775,000
Peal           1,000,000      1,550,000
Ruby          2,000,000      ₦3,100,000
Amber       5,000,000      7,550,0000

Compounding Interest Plan (120 days)
Package                             ROI

Silicon       100,000        577,000
Gold          200,000         1,154,000
Jewel        500,000         2,885,000
Peal           1,000,000      5,770,000
Ruby          2,000,000      ₦11,540,000


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Dessii Media Referral Program

Dessi Media provides another opportunity to earn on the platform through the referral system, you earn a huge referral commission when you bring someone to join the platform with any of the packages, each package has a different referral commission

Package          Commission ()
▪️Copper             500
▪️Bronze              1,000
▪️Silver                 2,500
▪️Silicon               5,000
▪️Gold                  10,000
▪️Diamond          15,000
▪️Jewel                25,000
▪️Pearl                 50,000
▪️Ruby                 75,000
▪️Amber              100,000


How To Register / Invest On Dessii Media Investment

To register and invest on Dessii media website, you will have to choose a plan or your choice, then purchase a coupon code that will be used for your registration.

Visit This Page For Your A Coupon Code

Finally, Once you have gotten a coupon code proceed to register and use 08yG83 as a referral code

How To Withdraw From Dessii Media Investment

Once you earned and reached the duration for withdrawal, kindly visit your dashboard and fill the withdrawal form. Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours upon applying for withdrawals.

Who Is The CEO Of Dessii Media Investment?

The CEO/founder of Dessii Media Investment is a young entrepreneur known as Monday Desmond

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Dessii Media Location & Contact

According to the information provided on their website Dssiimendia investment office is located at Mainland Lagos. You can contact them by filling the contact us form on the website, you can also send a mail directly to

Is Dessii Media Investment  Legit or Scam?

Dessii Media Website


Dessii Media Investment is a newly launched platform so you should not just jump into it without making reasonable research about the website. The website was created on the 11th of February 2021 and is going to expire after one year in 2022. So it is evident that this whole investment platform might not stay longer than one year.

So from our Assessment, LegacyTips media can not pronounce Dessii Media Investment legit even though the platform might be paying we do not guarantee a long run on the platform.

However, on the basis of the platform being Scam, no fraudulent activities have been reported to us so at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make if you are convinced to join the investment scheme or not.

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Conclusion: Dessii Media Investment Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works

In conclusion, I hope this dessii media investment review has provided valuable and detailed information that will make you pass your final assessment regarding the investment scheme and all activities done on the website. You can also check out awesome reviews of this kind

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  1. Please is dessi media still paying? It’s over 48hrs now but I haven’t received my payment from them

  2. @Miracle. For now they are paying, however I can’t guarantee a long run. If you wanna invest then you should invest an amount you can’t afford to lose

  3. Good evening please is dessi media legit because I want to invest but I’m not sure about the platform

  4. Please sir, have you heard of earners fx if they are still paying or not, bxos I invested but I cannot withdraw my matured investment

  5. @Ayomide, I haven’t gotten enough information or reviewed the platform so I can not guarantee anything. However, I will make an exquisite review of the platform soon…

  6. @legacy benjamin. Do you know anything about Tradepander and is it true that I will still have my RIO without making use of the referral link??. I just need a platform where I will just invest with no task and have my RIO in 30days.

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