Extraalert Review: How it Works?, Scam or Legit?, Registration

Have you been looking for a platform to pay you daily online? Welcome to the Extra alert review. In this extraalert review, you will discover how the platform works and how to make money online daily.

About Extraalert (Review)

Extra Alert is an online earning platform where you Choose a particular task from the list of available tasks for the day, complete the task online when it’s convenient for you and get rewarded. It can be accessed on the phone, computer, tablet or any device with access to the internet, wherever you are.

The platform has proven to be one of the best ways to earn from home. You will get paid for your time spent and the number of tasks performed on the platform.

No special knowledge or skill is required to participate. – Choose task, complete task, and earn.

How To Make Money On Extraalert

How To Make Money On Extraalert

Generally, you will earn money on Extra alert through the following means;


You get paid for posting on your wall, Invite friends to your page, Join groups, Like, love and Unlike a post, Share post etc.


Extra alert will pay you for advertising our products on your WhatsApps status and DP


With every endorsement, follow, like, and recommendation you give, you get paid for it.


Being a member of Extra alert various Telegram communities gives you some earnings


You earn every time you watch extra alert YouTube videos, subscribe to various channels, and also comment.


Earn for every “Tweet and Retweet”, join a fan page, like, share, comment and follow.


Join Our Telegram Channel


You can get paid for following people and liking pictures.

Exraalert Packages

Below are Extra alert level packages and how much you can earn from each package.

Level 1

The subscription fee is 1,500

Business Volume (BV): 10

Referral Commission: 300

Commission To Tree: 30

Daily Ad Limit: 2

Level 2

The subscription fee is 3,000

Business Volume (BV): 10

Referral Commission: 450

Commission To Tree: 30

Daily Ad Limit: 4

Level 3

The subscription fee is 4,500

Business Volume (BV):10

Referral Commission: 600

Commission To Tree: 30

Daily Ad Limit: 6

Level 4

The subscription fee is 6,000

Business Volume (BV): 10

Referral Commission: 750

Commission To Tree: 30

Daily Ad Limit: 8

Level 5

The subscription fee is 7,500

Business Volume (BV): 10

Referral Commission: 900

Commission To Tree: 30

Daily Ad Limit: 10

Level 6

The subscription fee is 6,000

Business Volume (BV): 10

Referral Commission: 1200

Commission To Tree: 30

Daily Ad Limit: 12

How To Withdraw on Extra Alert Platform

Earnings are calculated in naira and paid into your extra alert wallet where you can withdraw funds in your local currency bank account or deposited cryptocurrency wallet.

Lastly, withdrawal can be rejected if at the point of withdrawing it was discovered that a user didn’t perform the said task or act in a manner contravening to the terms and conditions.

Does ExtraAlert Pay Without Referral?

Yes, you can get paid without referral. Remember, you can earn more by referring people to the platform and by also upgrading your account to a higher level and having access to more tasks per day. You also earn a double referral commission each and every time your direct downline subscribes to a new level plan.

Extraalert Registration

To register and become a member on extra alert, you will have to get a coupon code for your registration. Don’t forget to select your most preferred package.

Extraalert Website

Once your registration is done, you can access the officla website via extraalert.net

How To Fund Your Wallet

You can fund your wallet by clicking on Deposit now and using the Voucher or eDeposite payment option.

For Voucher, simply purchase a coupon code from an online registered vendor, input the voucher amount, and input the code in the space provided.

For eDeposite cryptocurrency payment gateway, kindly make a transfer using peer to peer feature on your eDeposite wallet to the provided public address.

A screenshot of the transaction receipt should be uploaded as proof of payment in other to fund your wallet.

Extraalert Review: Scam or Legit?

Extra alert is a newly launched platform with very promising features to enable users to make money from the comfort of their homes.

At the moment, there are no red flags or fraudulent activities on the platform.

You can check out similar sites that are currently paying below;


Infinity Idea


Extraalert Review: How it Works?, Scam or Legit?, Registration

Extraalert is another kind of those make money online sites that give you the opportunity to signup with a plan or package, perform tsk daily, earn money and withdraw with just your phone and internet connection.

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  1. A genuine platform that’s really paying. I recommend it to each and everyone willing to make extra income for themselves

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  3. Extra alert is great. I’ve received my first payment and looking forward to my second…. kudos to extra alert

  4. So far,extra alert has been amazing and so legit..I have received my first payment already and can’t wait to apply for my second withdrawal…I am recommending this to everyone because it’s so legit…

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