GetPaid.Ng Review: How Does GetPaid.Ng Works?

We have reviewed and discussed many income programs and today we shall be disusing Review if its scam or legit and how to make money on it

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In this review, am going to share with you how it works and how to make money from Getpaid income program. and for your I formation, Getpaid is legit and scam free as of the time of writing this article.

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Getpaid is registered with CAC as GETPAID MEDIA NIGERIA, registration number is BN2691848.

The income program is open to every Nigerian which means it is suitable for job seekers, graduates, students, stay at home moms and dads, bloggers, Network Marketers, etc.

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( Review) Who Should Join Getpaid.Ng?

  • Any Nigerian in need of cash daily should join GETPAID Income Program.
  • Any Nigerian with daily expenses should join GETPAID Income Program
  • Nigerian Students, undergraduates, fresh graduates, job seekers, bloggers, housewives, everybody should join GetPaid Income Program.

Becoming a GetPaid Earner is a good starting point and a great choice if you like the idea of breaking away from financial bondage in this country and working and making money in the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

The entry fee of 1,600 is very affordable.

How To Make Money On

Below are the major ways to earn money from instant Getpaid income program.

  1. The second you sign up an account with, you earn 100 as registration bonus.
  2. You earn ₦1,050 every time you bring and register a new member to GETPAID. We call this referral earnings.
  3. You earn 3 for each comment you make on our advertiser’s website.
  4. You earn 50 for sponsored posts you share on Facebook.

What is Sponsored Post? A sponsored post is usually A picture with text where all memebers are given to share on their social media e.g facebook. get paid pays you 50 for sharing to your facebook timelin

You can also promote your referral link on forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, Facebook pages, groups, Twitter and earn money on every new member you sent through your link

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How Can I Join ( Registration)

To become a Earner, all you need to do is simply register and activate your account by paying the ₦1,600 one-time subscription fee.

If you are Unemployed, a Student, Fresh Graduate, Job Seeker, Blogger, Housewife/Househusband, if You wish to earn money online then Join Registration

To register Login to www.getpaid.ngAnd sign up for an account

To register and become a member, you can make payments via PAYSTACK or COUPONS.

A coupon is a code you will given for your registration if you decide not to use Paystack and you transfer your N1.600 registration fee into our bank account.

To Buy Coupon Code for registration, please contact any of these people:

  • BLAISE – 0810 593 4522 ( Admin. Send WHATSAPP MESSAGES ONLY )
  • FAITH: 08167199610
  • LOVETH: 07062044750
  • ANITA: 09035899004
  • SAMUEL: 08104948560
  • NONYE: 07031561285

How To Withdraw Earnings On Getpaid.Ng pays her members two incomes –  REFERRAL EARNINGS and ACTIVITY EARNINGS.H

  • Members with referrals withdraw every Thursday. Minimum withdrawal amount is 1 referral. Maximum withdrawal amount = Unlimited
  • Members without referrals withdraw once a month. You can only make ₦2,000 in a month without referrals.    
  • Withdrawals are done every Thursday for members who have at least 2 referrals and payment is done all through the weekend.
    Now if you cannot refer, once you earn 2,000 you can ask for withdrawal on every 26th of the month and you will be paid.

However if member does not have a personal bank account and he/she wishes to receive his/her earnings through someone else’s account, the decision is up to the member. will send earnings to the bank account number member provides in his/her withdrawal form during payouts. Review & Registeration Policy

Memebers may not be able to do the Following

(i) activate or use more than one Member account;

(ii) select or use an Email Address of another person;

(iii) use a name subject to rights of another person without authorization from that person;

(iv) use a false or misleading name (Except for privacy), mailing address, or email address to activate or use a Member account.

(v) use a name that bears resemblance in any way with GETPAID NIGERIA both in full name or initials. Such accounts will be deleted by

Conclusion: Review

Thanks for reading my article on review, Nigeria is a land of over 180 million people, It is a fact that many of our graduates are walking on the streets unemployed

86.9 million Nigerians live in extreme abject poverty.

Challenges are immense but WE NIGERIANS are fighters. Getpaid.Ng Team strive to make a way where there’s no way. And we emerge as Heroes.

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