GistMedia Review: How Does GistMedia Works

Gistmedia review: is another fresh news paying site we shall be discussing about in our todays article to find out how it works and how to make money from it

Nigeria is filled with hundreds of news paying site and my goal here on is to review the legit ones and tell you their earning ways and how to make money from them

Let us quickly dig more into this platform and understand how it works

(GistMedia Review) Introducing GistMedia News Platform

GistMedia Is a mega-sustainable platform that is designed with a goal not just to help but also to earn legitimately, And also created to be the first platform of getting trusted daily News resource for your daily affairs, update and social lifestyle.

GistMedia IncomeHub was developed and created by GIST MEDIA PUBLISHING NIGERIA LIMITED , a publishing firm that’s into press, books publishing, media/publishing. GIST MEDIA PUBLISHING has been into offline retail Books sales, Book shops, books publishing, stories, journal and we have decided to come online to not only transform our ever springing platform for quality news stories, news daily , favourite news but also for you and everyone to earn legitimately which our unique GistMedia IncomeHub system.

At a time where many fake stories are published out daily, GistMedia Editors are not only profound in providing detailed stories for our readers to enjoy, but also, we try to also go the very length to verifying News which are published on our platform.

The wide range of publishing styles we offer were specifically designed to assist our readers in making good returns financially while enjoying contents published by our top editors and authors of our news platform.

How To Make Money On GistMedia (GistMedia Review)

On GistMedia Income Hub You can ultimately earn between ₦50,000 to ₦300,000 on weekly basis with the earning process, great review systems and fast PAYOUTS.

GistMedia Payment is very fast and in less than few hours to make sure Members get their Payout in no small time. Now it the time to get on board a smart web platform that’s come to ‘replace’ your idleness, leisure time and relaxation time to cash. Yes we mean it and you can take our word for it

Below are the earning Methods (gistmedia review)

There Are 3 Major Ways To Earn Money On Gist Media

  1. Gist Media Activity Sharing: This is also referred to as Revenue as such that all your activities which are Official Earning points on GistMedia are rewarded to your Activity Earnings Balances which is your share of revenue paid to you as you get involved in every process of earning with GistMedia IncomeHub. This is the general involvement of a GistMedia member to make comments, read our news, active daily login, active daily site visit, share our sponsored posts, view 
  2. Sponsored Post Earning: The GistMedia earnings from the Sponsored Post cannot be over emphasized. The importance of this shows your active participation to GistMedia Income Hub activities and also generates revenue for GistMedia to pay our Active members. Once you register, you automatically become a Member Every member is assigned the Sponsored Post and they automatically earn ₦100 if they share it to various social media
  3. Gist Media Affiliate Commision:  As a GistMedia Affiliate, you earn very huge on the system. GistMedia would pay you ₦1,000 for a successful referral of anyone who joins GistMedia IncomeHub Program through your link. You would earn an instant 62.5% Affiliate Commission which is ₦1,000 sent to your Gist Media Account.

GistMedia review, how to make money on gist media

Summary Of Gist Media Earning Methods (Gistmedia Review)

  • As a member you earn ₦2 for each post you read on gistmedia
  • You also earn ₦50 when you successfully register your account. This serves as a welcome bonus
  • On this platform you will also earn ₦2  by making good and well constructed comments relating to the post you are reading.
  • You will earn ₦2  when you reply a comment of someone on a Post.
  • on this news site you will also earn ₦100 for sharing Sponsored Post to your social media handle for the day. You will have to login to your account, click on sponsored post and follow the direction there for sharing
  • You also earn ₦100 when you submit a well constructed, informative post and approved post
  • As an affiliate you will earn ₦1,000  when you refer your friends, family and coworkers to GistMedia IncomeHub earning Program. 62.5% allocated earnings which is ₦1,000 including other bonuses. The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect in your affiliate earning Account Balance.
  • As a coupon distributor on this platform you will earn ₦50 per coupon code sale profits from being a coupon code vendor on this platform

GistMedia Payment

On Gist this platform Payment is processed and completed every 15th and 30th of the month. This means (every 2 weeks).. Withdrawal Portal is always opened for 48hours after Completion of Payouts. Thereafter, another cycle of Payouts would be done next on the 30th. This means Payouts is expected every 2 weeks.

You should try as much as possible to fill the withdrawal form and apply when its due

Is GistMedia Scam Or Legit? (Gistmedia Review)

Yes Gistmedia is legit and reliable GIST MEDIA PUBLISHING has been into offline retail Books sales, Book shops, books publishing, stories, journal and have now decided to come online and transform quality news stories, news daily , favourite news and also for you and everyone to earn legitimately

My Recommendation


StartUp Cash



the above platforms still remains the best earning platforms in Nigeria, you can check them out and see things for yourself

GistMedia Coupon Agents

Below are approved coupon agents on gist media, watsapp or call them to get your coupon codes for registration each oupon costs 600 only

Bamidele Endurance07067901308WhatsApp GroupGTBank, First BankAPPROVED
 John Chukwualuka Eddy08072144336WhatsApp GroupGTBank, UBAAPPROVED

Do not pay money to anyone claiming to be an agent of GistMedia whose name, details does not appear on this table above

GistMedia Registration

To Register Kindly Visit

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Conclusion: GistMedia Review

If you are still uncertain to join gistmedia or not then consider the other few ones which i listed. Thanks

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