Juiceboxcreatives Review: Scam Or Legit? How It Works

Welcome to my Juiceboxcreatives Review: If you have ever come across this platform and wish to know more about it and how they operate, you are just at the right web page

Today we will be looking at this platform to see how juiceboxcreatives works and of cause how one can earn money from it during this pandemic.

A lot of people are looking for how to make money online during this coronavirus pandemic so as to be able to stay indoors and feed their families.

Despite the fact that there are so many income platforms in Nigeria now, most people are actually scared to join because most of these platforms don’t last and moreover choosing which platform to join becomes confusing.

About Juiceboxcreatives

Juicebox This is a sustainable level marketing platform that aims to help people raise capital for any business of their choice. Users can earn as long as they keep recycling.

Juiceboxcreatives is a platform launched on 4th of April, 2020 by a team of experienced and brilliant minds who see the need for creative-minded people to be able to earn from social media with what they have to offer.

Such individuals or collection of individuals can utilize this platform to showcase themselves and earn from it.

Most social media platforms provide Avenue for people to post and irrespective of the number of users engaged by such post, nothing is paid to such users,

hence users have to think outside the box on how to monetize their social media handles, however, Juiceboxcreatives platform aims to share revenue with members of the platform by paying them depending on the number of likes they are able to generate to their post.

This is quite simple and convincing and its one of a kind platform I think you should leverage if you want to earn a decent income online

Another fascinating aspect of the website is the network marketing aspect that provides people with the opportunity to raise capital for any business of their choice.

Instead of paying company’s for publicity, we believe people can publicize the platform and still get paid for it. Hence the introduction of the network marketing aspect which is the shortest matrix ever.

The network marketing aspect is not to serve as a full-time source of income, however, it can serve as a full-time source of income if an individual desires to focus on it.

JuiceBox Network is a Multi-Level Marketing system that was created on the basis of a self substantial matrix system that can never collapse as a result of it’s limited levels of progress.

All you are required to do is to post your content, either video, text, picture or what have you. Then get the world to see it by sharing your contents across other social media platforms. The more likes you get the more you earn.

There is no limit to the number of likes you can get on a particular post however, we encourage responsible use of this feature and would not authorize excessive posting within a day.

Users can post contents daily. Once your cumulative total likes on all post equate to our stated benchmark you get to see the withdraw button on your dashboard.

How To Make Money On Juiceboxcreatives

Juiceboxcreatives income program is a multi level marketing and am sure you guys already have an idea on how multi level marketing really works.

On Juiceboxcreatives there are actually Four levels to be completed the levels are listed below as..

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A. Level 1: Water

B. Level 2: Orange

C. Level 3: Freeze

D. Level 4: Juice

Juiceboxcreatives Review: Simple Breakdown

1. Immediately you register with N3,000 you will be placed in circle 1 or N9,000 which is circle 2 you will be on the water level if you register with either circle.

2. When you are able to register or refer two people to the platform you will earn the same amount depending on the circle you registered with and your account will be promoted to Orange level

3. In order to proceed to Freeze level, your two downlines must have their own two downlines completely, hence your downlines are your responsibility and you are expected to guide them move forward.

Once they are able to register two people each to join the platform, you will be upgraded to Freeze level

4. To proceed to juice stage which is the last stage, the last set of two users each registered by your downline must at least two people registered under them too.

Once this process is completed you will be able to withdraw from Juiceboxcreatives a total amount of N20,000 (for cycle 1) and 60,000 (for cycle 2)

If you are a cycle 1 member, after completion, you can click and then proceed to Cycle 2 button. While you do this, you will be asked to enter a coupon code bought for N9,000 and the name of your upliner or sponsor


Blow is a Pictorial View on How Juiceboxcreatives works

Juiceboxcreatives Review

Juiceboxcreatives Review


There is no limit to how much you can earn on Juice Creatives, a user can decide to leave his or her earnings there for months even after qualifying for withdrawal and keep increasing the earnings. Your earnings are save till whenever you are ready to withdraw them.

Is JuiceboxCreatives Legit?

Juicebox is a platform set up basically to celebrate creativity in the world, it allows users to showcase and post what they do, gain traffic to it and earn for every like they get to such post. Compared to other social media where people have over 30,000 likes with no monetary value.

Yes juicebox seems legit at the moment, we have investigated the platform before making this review but notwithstanding there is always that risk you take in any business.

Jucieboxcreatives is legit and not scam for those who may wish to give it a trial, it’s an awesome platform you should consider

How To withdraw From Juicebox creatives

You can withdraw anyway any time from Juiceboxcreatives. Their payment is instant, however, processing can take between 24 to 48hours. Users can only give a complaint via their dedicated customer service center only when 48hours duration has been exceeded and payment for successfully withdraw has not been made.

Juiceboxcreatives Registration

If you wish to register on Juiceboxcreatives you should keep in mind that multiple accounts isn’t allowed by the system.

You can open as many accounts as you desire with the same bank account details but not with the same username and email.

We, however, advise users with multiple accounts to use numbers to differentiate each if their accounts as we have rewards for users that have successfully completed multiple accounts based on our discretion.

A One time none refundable payment is all that is required, an account that is active for the purpose of Juicebox creatives exists for life and can continue to withdraw endlessly and earn for life as long as the stipulated likes are achieved.

Juiceboxcreatives Assigned Coupon Distributors

Contact them to get coupon code

S/N Name Contact
1 MR OLASUNKANMI 07062060376
2 MR EBONY 08035501390
3 MR. MICHAEL 08101738678
4 FERANMI 09098279947

Click Here To Register

Don’t forget during Juicebox creatives Registration you need an Upliner/Sponsor username. In the absence of none, you are to use the system username “heist” while filling your details on the registration page.

Can I Change My Bank Details On JuiceboxCreatives?

In other to prevent fraud and undue withdraw of users funds, which happen in most cases because the upliner knows the login details of an account or due to users negligence.

The website ensures that there is a change of account details can be done after completing registration.

However, when there is a case of an incorrect account name, we should be notified via our dedicated customer center only when such a user gets to the point of withdrawal. This applies to the incorrect bank account name and not the account number.

Conclusion: Juiceboxcreatives Review

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