Krestmint Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration

Kresmint is one of the trending platforms in Nigeria worthy of recognition. In this Krestmint review, you will discover how Krestmint works, if it’s legit or scam and the requirements to register and make money on the platform.

It’s another year, another week and another day where life provides us with wonderful opportunities to leverage and make money online.

You can choose to decide if you really what to start earning a decent income online by leveraging on either high paying skills, joining some affiliate programs or you can carry a bag of excuses and blame others for your failure.

Making money and reviewing some top earning websites is our culture here on LegacyTips and today, Krestmeint happens to be our review platform.

Obviously, you must have heard about Kretmint online and that could be the reason for stumbling on this webpage to find out more about the platform.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

About Krestmint, How it Works (Review)

Krestmint is one of the fast-rising and leading affiliate, Multi-level marketing and cryptocurrency sites with the sole purpose of creating wealth through multiple streams of income for its members.

The sole mission of Krestmint is to raise the community of cryptocurrency and Binance that will explore the trading market.

In other words, Krestmint is an involving, stable money-making platform giving users the opportunity to leverage and Invest for the future and earn passive income online.

Kristmint Was launched on the 19th of January 2022.

How To Make Money on Krestmint

Krestmint as multi-streams of income. You can make money on the platform in 4 major ways;

  • Krestmint Coins
  • Referral Bonus
  • Krestmint Points
  • Overflow Bonus

Krestmint coins are special features on the website and are a major part of non-referral earners. These coins can be claimed after 24 hours and 50 Krestment coins are equivalent to N200.

Referral Bonus is the commission you earn each time you refer someone to join Krestmint with your affiliate link.

Krestmint points are points you earn daily on the website when you log in.

Overflow bonuses are spillovers gotten from your downlines. That’s to say, Krestmint is a multi-level marketing platform where uplines can benefit and earn massive commissions from downlines.

How To Earn Money On Kristmint (Breakdown)

Earning money on Kristment is possible and very easy. However, the first step to take in other to start making money on this marketing platform is to select a bundle of your choice, subscribe and start making money.

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Kristment Bundles

Krestmint Bundles

Below are bundles or subscriptions plans available on Kristment and how much you can make from each.

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Milky-Way Bundle

✅Subscription Fee = ₦5,000

✅Referral Bonus = ₦3,000

✅Krestmint Post = ₦300

✅Overflows = ₦300

âś…Again, with the Milky way plan, you will be earning 50 Krestmint Coins (KMC) every 24 hours

Regel Bundle

✅Subscription Fee = ₦10,000

✅Referral Bonus = ₦6,000

✅Krestmint Post = ₦500

✅Overflows = ₦600

âś…Again, you will also get 100 Krestmint Coins (KMC) = every 24 hours


✅Subscription Fee = ₦20,000

✅Referral Bonus= ₦10,000

✅Krestmint Post= ₦1,000

✅Overflows= ₦1,200

âś…Krestmint Coins (KMC) = 200 every 24 hours


✅Subscription Fee is = ₦50,000

✅Referral Bonus = ₦25,000

✅Krestmint Post= ₦3,000

✅Overflows = ₦2,700

âś…You will earn 375 Krestmint Coins (KMC) every 24 hours.

Galaxy Bundle

✅Subscription Fee= ₦100,000

✅Referral Bonus= ₦50,000

✅Krestmint Post= ₦6,000

✅Overflows =₦7,000

âś…750 Krestmint Coins (KMC) every 24 hours

Note: 50 Krestment coins are equivalent to ₦200 so do the mathematics for each bundle.

How To Withdraw on Krestmint

If you have been reading this Krestment review vividly, by now you must understand the platform, and how money can be made on the website.

But the sole aim of making money is to withdraw and flex, it makes no sense to earn money on this amazing platform without being able to withdraw.

Yes, earnings can be made and withdrawn on Krestmint affiliate platform.

Once you reach the withdrawal threshold, you can apply for withdrawal and get paid to your bank account within 24 hours. (don’t forget to update your bank account details on your profile before placing withdrawals).

Remember, the amount you can withdraw depends on whether you are an affiliate or non-referral earner as there are thresholds limiting how much you can withdraw at a time.

Krestmint Non-Referral Withdrawals

Below is the minimum amount you can withdraw as a non-referral earner on Kretsmint.


For this package, the minimum you can withdraw is 1,500 Krestmint coins which is equivalent to ₦6,000


Minimum withdrawal for the Regel plan is 3,000 Krestmint coins which is equivalent to ₦12,000


For this plan, you are allowed to withdraw a minimum of 6,000 Krestmint coins which is equivalent to ₦24,000


The Minimum withdrawal for the Kuiper bundle is 11,250 Kresment coins which is equivalent to ₦45,000


Minimum non-referral withdrawal for the Galaxy package is 22,500 Krestmint coins which is equal to ₦90,000

Krestmint Referral Withdrawals

Referral earners in any marketing system always stand to earn higher and withdraw higher. If you are an affiliate, below are the minimum withdrawal threshold for each bundle on Kristmint.


The minimum referral withdrawal is ₦6,000


The minimum withdrawal threshold is ₦12,000


Minimum referral withdrawal for this plan is ₦15,000


The minimum amount you can withdraw on this package as a referral earner is ₦25,000


The minimum withdrawal threshold as an affiliate is ₦50,000

Note: Referral withdrawals are paid weekly every Friday

Does Krestmint Pay Without Referral?

Krestmint provides members with the opportunity to earn coins (for non-referrals) or through affiliate and withdrawal to their bank account daily.

Yes, Krestmint pays without referral hence we have a non-referral withdrawal threshold. You can earn coins and withdraw depending on your most preferred package.

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Krestmint Registration

Krestmint Registration

To register and become a member on this amazing platform, you will have to purchase Krestmint coupon code from one of the top members, select a preferred package and get registered.

Krestmint Coupon Code Vendors

Once you have gotten your coupon code from any of the vendors but wish to carry on the registration yourself.

Click Here To Register

Once the registration is done, follow up her WhatsApp page to get massive training and skills of marketing. In that way, you will get vast knowledge on affiliate marketing that will also help you to earn higher on the platform.

How To Login on Krestmint

Once you have fully registered, head on to the main website to login into your dashboard

Krestmint Review: Scam or Legit?

Krestmint is a newly launched platform and we all know these kinds of platforms are subject to high scrutiny before one can invest his time, money and energy in it.

Nevertheless, the website is well structured and looking at their earning structure; the platform looks very promising with amazing ways to leverage and make money even with your smartphone.

So far Kristmint is paying and not scam, the website looks promising and in good shape (highly encrypted with comodo Essential SSL) and from our assessment, there has been no case of fraud from the admin.

We also observed they have readily available customer support agents to attend to all queries and give suggestions where necessary.

But amidst all these, don’t forget to carry our head along.


Krestmint is scam

If Krestmint is Paying, How Do They Generate Revenue?

Krestmint generates its income to pay out members through collaborations. The website is affiliated with various multinational corporations with reasonable payout profits.

Again, Income is generated through google ads, forex, binance and other offline business too numerous to mention.

These in total makeup payments to members possible and seamless.

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Conclusion: Krestmint Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration

In conclusion, Krestmint is one of the top and most promising platforms with a cool earning system. I hope this Krestmint review guide has given you an insight into how the platform operates and other important information about the website.

For questions suggestions or recommendations on this Krestmint review, drop your comments below.

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