Polygontrim Review: Scam or Legit? How it works, Registration

Polygrontrim is a newly launched platform worthy of recognition. In this Polygontrim review, you will discover how it works, scam or legit? and the process to register and make money on the platform.

Before we go deeper into this review, we @ LegacyTips wish to bring to your notice that this review is aimed at providing information concerning Polygontrim. We are not trying to promote or tarnish the reputation of the platform.

About Polygontrim (Review)

Polygon Trim is a digital liquidity pool that connects entrepreneurs in the digital economy and leverages pictorial assets NFT owned by the MATIC protocol and then distributes the yield to every wallet in the liquidity pool.

Polygon (MATIC), previously known as MATIC network, is an interoperability layer-2 scale solution for Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Polygon’s native cryptocurrency, MATIC, is used for governance, staking and gas fees.

Furthermore, Polygon was developed to address Ethereum’s limitations, including throughput, transaction speed, and lack of community governance. By design, Polygon is a platform built for launching interoperable blockchains.

How Polygontrim Works

Polygomtrim basically works by providing its members with the opportunity to earn NFT cryptocurrency.

There are basically packages on Polygontrim

  • Prime NFT Style
  • Prime Plus NFT

How To Make Money On Polygontrim

Below is how you can make money on Polygontrim with the packages mentioned above

1. Prime NFT Style ✅

The activation fee is 6,500 which is equivalent to $11

The referral commission is ₦3,500

Level 2 commission (matrix from downline) is 300

A minting bonus of 30 per every 2 hours (for 30 days, you will earn 360)

Affiliate airdrop earnings of 160 daily and 4,800 for 30 days

2. Prime Plus NFT Style ✅

The activation fee is ₦13,000 which is equivalent to $25

The referral commission is ₦6,000

Level 2 commission (matrix from downline) is ₦500

A minting bonus of ₦360 per every 2 hours (for 30 days, you will earn ₦10,800)

Affiliate airdrop earnings of ₦320 daily and ₦9,600 for 30 days

In total, you could be earning as much as 20,400 without a referral

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Benefits Of Joining & Earning Money on Polygontrim

Polygomtrim has amazing offers and opportunities for not just making money by earning NFT cryptocurrency but also doing the following

✅ Members can convert Minted NFTs to activation codes and resale them for cash. This is another cool way of earning money on the platform

✅ On Polygontrim, members can also convert Minted NFTs to airtime and mobile data subscriptions.

✅ You can also subscribe to your digital entertainment equipment ie (DSTV, GOtv) with your minted NFTS using the centralised block exchange chain.

✅ As an entrepreneur looking forward to growing your audience either for your product or service, you can convert Minted NFTs earnings for Ad Banners on our NFT Ad Community Marketplace. The threshold for banner advert will be 80% of minted NFT earnings as of the time of banner application.

How To Withdraw on Polygontrim

To withdraw on from your Polygontrim account, simply login to your dashboard and click on the withdrawal button. Ensure your account details have been updated on the site.

You can convert your Minted NFTs to cash and withdraw twice a month every 15th and 30th of the month

Additionally, you can also convert your referral NFTs to cash every weekend (Friday 8 pm) to your bank account.

What is Minimum Withdrawal on Polygontrim?

The minimum withdrawal for non-referral is 8,000 and above. Non-referral earners can place a withdrawal on the 30th of every month.

The minimum withdrawal for referral is 12,000. You can place a withdrawal every Friday of the week by 8 pm

Does Polygontrim Pay Without Referral?

Yes. but then I always suggest you refer people to join platforms like this. By referring, you will earn faster and bigger and be able to compete with Top earners on Polygontrim

Polygontrim Registration

To register and become an active member on Polygon trim, you have to get your activation code from the list of accredited coupon vendors

Click Here To Join  Polygontrim

Once you have joined, login and update your account respectively.

For instant registration, WhatsApp Wannyplug

Polygontrim Coupon vendor

Polygontrim Review: Scam or Legit

Polygontrim is a newly launched platform with the mission to help people acquire NFTs which is one of the fastest rising cryptocurrencies.

Polygontrim Review: Scam or Legit

From our assessment, the domain Polygontrim was created on the 10th of May 2022 and will expire the same day in 2022. You can earn alot of money on this platform if you really utilize this opportunity.

The major concern lies in the sustainability of this platform; how long will it last before it goes down?. Also, the owners or founders of this platform remain unknown which is another thing to be worried about.

In the end, Polygontrim may be paying at the moment so we won’t possibly say it is a scam. However, we can’t guarantee a long run on this platform so enjoy why it lasts.

The decision is yours to make whether to join or not

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Polygontrim Telegram Channel

You can join the official Telegram Channel for Polygontrim for daily updates

Conclusion: Polygontrim Review

Are you a member of Polygon trim? what has been your experience using the platform so far?

Let’s get your replies in the comment section

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