PureNetwork Intel Review: How To Register And Make Money

Purenetwork.intel is another exciting platform launched to help you and me make money in this digital space. In this Purenetwork Intel review, you will discover how the platform works and how members can earn money from it upon registration.

If you have registered on some of these platforms, I am sure you will know how most of these platforms operate. Nevertheless, the sol ai of creating these platforms is to enable you to gain financial freedom by leveraging and performing certain activities.

If you are a student who happens to be broke during this ASUU strike and looking for a means to make money online. Pure network intel might just be the best platform for you.

Some other notable platforms you can make money from are Monidex, Digital System, ExtraIncome and many others.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this Purenework Intel tech review

About Purenetwork Intel (Review)

Purenetwork intelligence is an all-around ads marketplace that helps ads vendors and customers easily reach out to each other.

In clear terms, Pure Network Intelligence is a platform connecting both buyers and sellers. The platform collects ads from top companies ad displays the on their website while members on the platform are made to promote these digital products and earn huge commissions.

Furthermore, the platform ensures that every user seeking to make continuous sales from their products and services will get their products and services delivered to varieties of customers whilst also ensuring that the promoters of such products and services through networking will also get adequate value back for their time spent

Ads vendors are companies that register with pure network intelligence to display their products and services on our all-around ads market

Customers are users on pure network intel who on the other hand like the items posted by ads vendors on the pure network all round ads market.

The ads vendors usually get impressions for their products and services posted regularly and in turn, also get massive feedback from customers hence improving their general sales in the legal products and services they sell

How To Make Money On PureNetwork Intel

How To Make Money On PureNetwork Intel

Pure network Intel comes with so many amazing features. Below are some of the packages available on the platform and how you can make money from each of them

1. Ultimate Cycle

The ultimate is a package in the PureNetwork growth model that was introduced to ensure that all types of users get merited. It is neither a team effort nor an individual effort, it’s just purely a cycle effort.

This package is very simple like a thrift process. All you need to do is register and wait for your turn to cash out. Referrals are not needed to get paid for this package.

How It Works

A) Identify/Register with a group or create your group

B) Wait for your turn to cashout

C) Resubscribe(optional) and wait for your turn to cashout again

D) Keep repeating (C) above until you’re tired of making money.

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The system is solely structured on no one’s effort, therefore u do not need to refer at all, all you need to do is register with any group of your choice and the system keeps cycling everyone automatically according to the time registered and you keep getting paid

How Much Can You Earn From This Package?

Registration is 3,000

Referral bonus of ₦5,000 totally and optional

Daily minimum withdrawal is 7,000 per person

No task is expected at all

No logins

2. Multi-level Marketing Model 

This is a pure networking model on Purenetwork intel Whereby a group effort is needed. It can be explained further below

A) You get paid 10,000 into your dashboard  immediately after you register

B) You get paid continuous spillovers from your direct downlines of 500 always

C) You apply daily once your 10,000 is active

D) The more stages you break, the more your chances of winning amazing prices

3. Purepost Marketing Model

This is purely a model of pure network intelligence that deals solely with vendor ads and one-click ads likers.

Just as explained in our bio, the vendors post their products and services for sale while the ads likers, in turn, like those posts in an attempt to create high-rate impressions for the ads vendors

The vendors register on our website for a flat fee of 5,000 for one ad to be posted 5 times a month

While the ads liker on the Purepost model registers on our website for just 2500 alone and earn the following

1. instant registration bonus of 1000 PNI to be converted to earnings

2. Once click like of ads by ads vendors of 450PNI to be converted to earnings

3. Direct referrals of ads likers 1700

4. Indirect earnings from downlines 200

Earning Ranks on PureNetwork.Tech

To every package, there is a ranking assigned to it.

Ultimate Cycle

Expert rank- 80 referrals to unlock

Veteran rank – 150 referrals  to unlock

Ultra rank – 300 referrals to unlock

Master rank – 500 referrals to unlock


Beginner –  50 referrals

Silver -150 referrals

Gold – 300 referrals

Platinum -500 referrals

Multi-Level Marketing

Expert – 10 cycles

Pro- 20 cycles

Elite- 50 cycles

Legendary – 100 cycles

How To Withdraw on PureNetwork Intel

You can withdraw on Purenetwork.tech once you have reached the withdrawal threshold for reaching the package.

Withdrawal time for Ultimate cycler is daily from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Purepost package withdrawal times are Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM. The minimum withdrawal is 15,000 networks

Withdrawal time for Multi-Level Marketing is daily from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.

Does PureNetwork Intel Pay Without Referral?

Yes. The platform claims to pay without a referral.

PureNetwork Tech Registration

To register on Puretwork, Kindly purchase the coupon code from one of the distributors.

Click Here To Register

PureNetwork Intel Website Login

After successful registration, you can access the website via Purenetwork.tech

Is Purenetwork.Tech Intel Scam or Legit?

Purenetwok intelligence is a newly launched platform. The platform is currently paying, however, I don’t think it is a long project. Don’t invest so much in it because sooner or later, it will become a story

Conclusion: Purenetwork Intel Review

This review of Purenetwork itel was documented to only provide information regarding the platform. We are not affiliated with them nor trying to tarnish the reputation of the platform

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28 thoughts on “PureNetwork Intel Review: How To Register And Make Money”

  1. have already register into pure network, but right now I cannot log into the account again is telling me to register

  2. purenetwork is a scam bcs since I placed my withdrawal January 22th
    till now i haven’t received my money I’m trying to withdraw again today the said withdrawal close ?

    but me i will take my money ??
    I’m going straight to my grandma’s house now ?
    you garrit ?

  3. Hello Every one this platform is fake is not paying anymore because since 22nd i placed my withdraw and its tells me successfully updated tin now i havn’t seen anything omo Purenework nah scam nag God go punished you* My 3000 no go in vain you too will be scam okay.

    Secondly you says no need for referral, you guys just want us to register and you have no true in your mouth, well any way watin go be go be okay if you proof me wrong you can message okay.

  4. This website isn’t working as it suppose to,how will u tell us we need no reference to withdraw and now we have trying to withdraw it will say withdrawal closed

  5. The Platform is no longer working because i register from 2nd of November still am not eligable to cashout please whats going are sure this platform is real they tell no need of referral just for you to register after you register the y will now tell refer three people to cashout out 10k ”omo” Nah scam they are not paying because online when i make research about what they put there no need of refferal before you can cashout please is that true or lie well i don blame my self for doing that.
    if you quote me wrong you can message me or email.
    thanks for reading,

  6. I believe pure network it a scam
    I have joined it now almost a month I can’t cash out
    the person that introduce me to Pure network is not replying my messages anymore
    I can say boldly ‘PURE NETWORK IS A SCAM 100%

  7. The platform is not working as it supposed, even the person that registered me is not responding to my message on WhatsApp Janet moshisola ??? and also want to apply for withdrawal too

  8. Pls help me
    It’s been long I registered on pure network , ultimate cycler to be precise .
    I have not been able to withdraw any money from it
    Am not benefiting anything from it at all
    Pls someone should help me out ??

  9. PURE NETWORK platform is very legit, I registered just 3,000 but I have made so much money.
    I pray let the platform should not crash

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