Top 5 Myths About Google Adsense Approval

If you Opened to read this Article am very sure you must have heard about Google ad sense and how difficult you think it is to get Google AdSense approved on your blog. In our today’s article, we shall discuss Top 5 Myths About Google Adsense Approval and how to avoid any decline

Before I proceed let me quickly refresh your mind on what Google Adsense is all about

Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that allows publishers (anyone wanting to put ads on their websites) to insert a small amount of HTML into their sites and have ads appear that are targeted and relevant to the content of the site.

Welcome back from the flashback! lol.

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As a Blogger nobody wants to get that message from AdSense” Your application was Rejected for reasons you may not even figure out.

I have noticed this same rejection issue has made many bloggers quit blogging.

Therefore, i won’t let you be a victim that’s why I wrote this article. I can guarantee you that after reading this post, your next application would be a success.

To get AdSense approval fast and easy kindly follow my guideline carefully.

Top 5 Myths About Google Adsense Approval

Below are common misconceptions people mostly new Bloggers say about Google Adsense

1. You Need 100+ Pageviews To Get Account Approval

This is a common myth most bloggers fail to identify. Often times people ask me “Legacy Benjamin, How many Pageviews Do I need Inorder To Get Google Adsense“?

But let me bring it to your notice that the number of your daily page views doesn’t really matter when it comes to getting AdSense approval fast and easy.

So, If you are getting 20 page Views or more in a day and yet your application is still rejected by AdSense, you shouldn’t feel it’s the cause of your traffic but rather write quality content, and the quantity of your content should be good enough.

it is expected that you should have at least 10 blog posts and each post having no less/more than 800/1000 words before applying for Adsense

86% of entertainment bloggers can’t get AdSense approval, this is because most of them do copy and paste work.

2. Organic traffic as a Criteria For Google Adsense approval

Personally, I have seen on many websites where authors do say, You need enough organic traffic to get approved by Ad-sense but I see it in the opposite direction

As in the case of my close friend’s blog (Kennedy Prosper), He was having 0% organic traffic when he got approved by Adsense since it was just a new blog two weeks old.

If he could get his account approved without any google traffic, why must your case be different or do you think he is a VIP Adsense member?

google adsense approval

Whatever you might be thinking, just get it at the back of your mind, that your Adsense can be approved with zero organic traffic having tested and confirmed it.

3. Blog Design Is Not Important

Most people say design is not important but sincerely speaking you need a good blog design for your ad sense approval

Your Blog design is very important when applying for Adsense. You need a good design to get approved by Adsense easily.

Make sure your blog design is good and has a readable font both on PC and mobile. with a well-arranged sidebar.

There are many free WordPress themes out there, just pick anyone that you are okay with

Personally, I do make use of the revenue theme in all of my blogs, including this blog you’re reading from is a customized Revenue free theme. 

4. Six Months Old Blog

This is the major reason why many Nigerians complain of getting rejected by Adsense. The countries where advertisers do not accept blogs not up to 6 months old are majorly developing countries in Asia and Africa.

If you want to apply for Ad Sense, From such countries, I will advise you keep your website till 6months old or more before applying.

5. You must pay money for SEO

Before I got into blogging, a friend of mine told me he paid 30k just to buy SEO but later on, I opened my eyes to discover the hidden truth.

why should I pay for SEO when I can actually learn SEO skills by myself? The Yoast SEO is a free SEO plugin and I have been using it on this blog for a long time now, You don’t need to pay any money to someone to do SEO for u, just install the Yoast SEO plugin and focus on developing your blog and from time to time you will start achieving good results.

What you should keep in mind

Despite the fact that you can get Ad Sense approval easily even without organic traffic, you still need it to boost your Adsense earnings.

Organic Visitors are more likely to earn you a high CPC. So you need organic traffic to increase your Ad Sense wallet but not for getting approval.

Some newbie bloggers won’t stop asking ” how can a blog post be original when it has been presented on many other blogs?

An article can be original when you rewrite posts from other sources in your own language and understanding, It doesn’t matter if the idea is original or not.

For you to get Adsense approval without delay, You don’t need any form of copy and paste on your blog.

You should make sure that every piece of article that exists on your blog is written by you.

If you can do this, I bet you have gotten 87%. chances of getting approved already.

Also, try to avoid using copyright pictures, How can I know if the image I want to use for your blog post is copyright right? (this is what I don’t really know). but am very sure that using copyright images can make Ad Sense reject your application.

So what’s the way forward?

Whenever I create a new blog for Ad Sense monetisation, I don’t usually add images to the first crew of my articles until I get approved by Ad Sense. I will also advise you do likewise. After getting Ad Sense approval, you can then start using any image you wish for your blog posts.

Below are the relevant pages you need before applying for Google Ad-sense.

About Us Page: 

How will you expect your blog readers to understand what your blog is all about without the presence of the about Us page on your blog?.

Adsense also understood this fact, so if you cannot add this page to your blog, your chances of rejection is just too big to uncover.

Contact Us Page: 

This page will help your blog readers get in touch with you. You need to create this page where you will add your contact details.

This shows that you are not a robot, you are Also human and you care about your blog readers.

Privacy Policy: 

This page ensures the safety of the information shared on your blog, by your blog readers. Some newbie bloggers find it very hard to come up with a Privacy Policy for their blog.

You can use free online privacy policy Generators to build the texts that make up this page. An example of a Privacy Policy Generator is

The three pages above are the most important pages recommended when it comes to getting approval.

Conclusion: Top 5 Myths about Google Adsense Approval

You have just read the complete guide to get AdSense approval easily even at first application. Kindly take action and smile later as you succeed

If you have questions drop them in the comment section

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Google Adsense Approval”

  1. I have been browsing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  2. thanks for commenting, in my case i had only 11 blog posts with well written long and fresh articles, my adsense was approved in just 2 weeks

  3. thanks for commenting/sharing, my adsense was approved in the second week of submission. by then i only had 11 blog posts with long written articles. i even had less than 20 page views daily

  4. Hey readers and author I actually don’t comment on blog post but this blog actually pushed me out of my shell.
    I need this clarify some things in the post, and as a person who just got AdSense approval with a 1 month Nigerian blog with 20 page view with little or no SEO done I think I can have a say.

    To get approved here are what I did:

    1. I invested in a premium domain.
    2. I have all pages stated above in place.
    3. I have social links on my blog.
    4. I have 20 unique blog post with high quality photos (not stock)
    5. I used the name on my whois hosting for registration.

    Not sometimes it may take long to get approved ( My AdSense approval lasted for a month)

  5. Great, although in my case I had to get a little bit of traffic before AdSense approved my website, it wasn’t even a blog….the whole case is a little bit confusing tho

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