TradePander Investment Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works

TradePander happens to be a top and upcoming investment scheme hitting the spotlight just after racksterli crashed few weeks ago. This TradePander Investment Review is documented to explain how TradePander works, if it’s legit or Scam and everything you need to know about the platform.

We have had lots of income programs before, the likes of NNU, Giftalworld, NewsPay, CandyNews and many others came and gone. It became evident that income programs doesn’t have a future in Nigeria, and even with most of these schemes promising to last longer the the others they all end up crashing like a plane crash science leaving Nigerians wirld and hopeless.

Nevertheless, Now investment schemes are coming up and taking over our usual read news and get paid sites otherwise known as Income program since getting referrals is one of the hardest task to do on those income programs. Investment schemes have provided another tricky way of investing money and cashing in a stipulated period of time out without having to refer anybody.

However, the future of these investment scheme in Nigeria remains to be seen

About TradePander Investment

TradePander is another investment scheme just like Racksterli that requires members to invest a certain amount, perform little or no task, and Cashout at the end of 30 days.

However, TradePander is unique from other investment schemes as users have the option of Depositing to their wallets using a lot of different methods, including, BTC, ETH, Credit Card, or Deposit code.

How TradePander Investment Works

TradePander claims to invest members investment fee in forex and cryptocurrencies. When You invest with them, you will get paid with High RIO at the end of 30 days. TradePander also offers 50% RIO (Return on Investment) and there is no sharing of sponsored post.

As an Investor you do no work, but You can decide to check ur daily earning everyday or leave it till it’s maturity time and you withdraw it after 30 days.

TradePander makes it possible for members to invest with Crytpocurency. Deposited cryptocurrencies are automatically converted to thier dollar equivalent on Tradepander making it easier to Invest/Trade/Exchange on Tradepander.

TradePander Investment Packages

TradePander Investment Packages

Below are the packages available on TradePander

  • Regular: You invest $30 which is N12,000 and get paid  N19,400
  • Standard Package: You invest $60 which is N24,000 and get paid N35,680
  • Premium Package: You invest $120 which is N48,000 and get paid N68,400
  • Rush Package: You invest $240 which is N96,000 and get paid N133,200
  • Gold Package: You invest $480 which is N192,000 and get paid N272,400
  • Master Package: You invest $2,400 which is N960,000 and get paid N1,347,600

All you have to do is choose a package of your choice and become an Investor on the website

TradePander Referral Program

On TradePander Referral Program you can earn big via our multi-level referral system.

You don’t only get referral bonuses for new persons you bring on the platform, you also earn bonuses from you downline’s referrals up to the 3rd generation cool right?

You can sit back and earn thousands of dollars in passive income via your chain of referrals while you also watch your personal investments grow.

Direct referral – 5%

Ist Generation – 2%

2nd Generation – 1%

3rd Generation – 0.5%

4th Generation – 0.25%

5th Generation – 0.125%


How To Register/Sign Up On TradePander

To Register and Become an Investor on TradePander you will select a package of your choice and after that, get a coupon code that will be used for your registration

You can also make payment with Bitcoin or Etherium.

TradePander Coupon Distributors


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Who Is The Founder Of TradePander Investment?

As of the time of documenting this review, the CEO/Founder of TradePander is not know. Even though Its likely the brain behind this website could be somebody from Nigeria.

TradePander Head Office

From the information provided on their website, TradePander has not physically office. However, you can contact the admin via email;

TradePander Investment Review: Scam Or Legit?

Everything about this platform seems to be crappy and shady. Take a look at the Domain age below.

TradePander Investment Scam or Legit

The Domain was created on the 10th of November 2020 just 4 months ago, and you can see the domain is will Expire after one year in 2021.

TradePander Investment also claims they use members investment fee to trade cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the CEO of the Company is not known, So you should ask yourself; If the website goes down who would you run to for your money?.

So Base on my Assessment, TradePander Investment is another Ponzi scheme like MMM & Racksterli, it is not genuie and it’s likely to be scam after all, Even if the platform is paying and people have claimed to cashout, it won’t take longer from now the investment scheme will eventually crash and it would end in Tears.

So I will advise you shouldn’t invest your time, money and resources on TradePander especially if you can’t afford to bear the loss when the website goes down.

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Conclusion: TradePander Investment Review

In conclusion, I hope this TradePander Investment Review has provided Valuable information in respect to how the Ponzi scheme operates and you can boldy claim the platform is not genuie but another MMM. Keep visiting LegacyTips for more valuable reviews like this.

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