Why i Chose Refer24 Over other Earning Platforms in Nigeria

Hi, I understand you want to know the reason why i chose Refer24 over other earning platforms in Nigeria

In our previous Reviews we discussed about The following Income Programs

In this article, i will be showing you the main reason why you should Choose Refer24.com.ng program over other income platforms In Nigeria.

why i chose refer24

Why Refer24 income platform is the best Earning platform in Nigeria

Below are the considerable factors why you should join Refer24.com.ng

1. Registration Is Very Cheap

Joining Refer24. income program is almost free as the registration fee is far different from other income programs. Refer24.com.ng Packages are very affordable with as low as 300 Naira you can start earning up to 10,000 Naira weekly.

Personally i have not seen any other income platform like such in Nigeria where you could start with just 300 Naira and be making 10,000 Naira Weekly (earn money online straight to your bank account)

Now let’s compare some of the Top Read news to get paid income platforms and their registration fees.

  • NNU Income program:₦1,600
  • 24HoursPay Income Program: ₦1,500
  • Newspay Income Program:₦1,600
  • Blog9ja income platform:₦1,400
  • Giftalworld Income Program ₦1,700
  • Getpaid.Ng Income Program ₦ 1,600
  • Zinoly Affiliate Program: ₦1,600
  • Bank Alert income program: ₦1,000 (And Many More)

2. Refer24 Is Not A Get Paid For Reading News Program

The Interesting factor about this program is that it is not a get paid for reading news site like the ones i mentioned above where you will be looking for Megabyte everyday just to login and share sponsored Post and before you know your Facebook becomes flooded with irrelevant posts.

Most of these news site e.g NNU gives you sponsored posts which are not good enough to be share on your social media.

I once came across one of NNU sponsored posts where a lady was almost naked with her boyfriend all in the name of comedy.

just think about it, if you share that kind of thing on your facebook and your Mum or Dad happens to see it how do you think they will feel seeing you post that kind of a thing? it may even be your Pastor in church. That will definitely spoil your reputation

3. Refer24.com.ng Is New And Fresh

Like i always say, when you join fresh income programs you make money from it easily through the referral system because only few have heard about it and many may want to join and earn money online

As a student, government worker, banker etc.. If you are looking for a legitimate source online where you can be making at least 30K monthly in Nigeria, then refer and earn system is the best

Having discussed the reasons why you should join refer24.com.ng let us quickly understand how this platform works and how to earn from it

How Does Refer24.com.ng Works

Like I said earlier on Refer24.com.ng is Not A Get Paid For Reading News Program

You earn money when you introduce your friends to join, there are no sponsored posts, no comments on news, no login bonus etc… all you need to do is to select a package of your choice register yourself and start making money by bringing your friends to join under your referral link which will be provided for you on your dashboard once you sign up

Below are some of the Packages Available On Refer24.com.ng


(a) You earn NGN200 Per each referral you register On Refer24.com.ng

(b) NGN1,000 is Minimum amount you can withdraw on this package

(c) Registration Fee is Just NGN300


(a) You earn NGN300 Per each referral you register On Refer24.com.ng

(b) NGN1,500 is Minimum amount you can withdraw on package 2

(c) Registration Fee is Just NGN500


(a) You earn NGN400 Per each referral you register On Refer24.com.ng

(b) NGN2000 is Minimum amount you can withdraw on this package

(c) Registration Fee is Just NGN700


(a) You earn NGN600 Per each referral you register On Refer24.com.ng

(b) NGN2,500 is the Minimum amount you can withdraw on this package

(c) Registration Fee is Just NGN1,000


(a) You earn NGN1,200 Per each referral you register On Refer24.com.ng

(b) NGN3,000 is Minimum amount you can withdraw on this package

(c) Registration Fee is Just NGN2,000

Refer24.Com.Ng Vs Refer.Ng: Which One Is Best?

Personally i would advice you should go for Refer24. since its having the cheapest package one could start with. If i should use just NGN300 to start a business that i will make massive income from it i wont think twice but start it right away

Meanwhile Refer.ng is very populated now almost everybody is a member and besides their registration fee is NGN1600 Refer24.com.ng is still fresh so getting people to register wont be a burden at all, thats the advantage you get when you join fresh income programs over old ones


I have come to understand that the reason most people run away from affiliate programs is the issue of getting referrals. But one am sure of is that anything you have to do in this world that will bring money to your pocket, you need people to achieve that.

if you are a footballer you need support from your fans in other to develop confidence and play well. if you are a teacher, without the students how will teaching and learning take place? definitely no way. Likewise a church can not be called a church when there are no worshipers

If you are that kind of person who usually finds it hard to get referrals then i have a secret for you which i explained in my Previous article on Refer24 Review and how to get referrals Read my full Review on Refer24.com.ng

Conclusion: Why I Chose Refer24

Thanks for reading once again, i hope this article was useful? subscribe to our newsletter, if you have any questions to ask use the comment section below.

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