Xtraincome.org Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit?

Xtraincome.org is a newly launched platform specifically for those looking for ways to earn extra income online with the use of smartphones, data and good work. In this Xtraincome review, you will discover how it works, and the requirements to register and make the money on Xtraincome program.

Extra Income is a newly launched platform and barely 2 weeks after its launch, the platform has already raised up to 5k members.

This astonishing lift has raised our concern and interest; hence, we have chosen to document this review and bring to your knowledge what Xtraincome brings to the table.

About XtraIncome (Review)

Xtraincome is an innovation platform launched to reduce the poverty rate in Nigeria by providing a means for Nigerians to leverage online performing tasks and earn money in return.

As of 2022, an estimated population of 88.4 million people in Nigeria lived in extreme poverty, with the poverty threshold at 1.90 U.S. dollars a day. This stood as an increase from the previous year when around 86.7 million people lived in the said state of poverty. (source: Statista)

If you are looking forward to changing your financial story, then getting started with XtraIncome might just be a golden step for you.

How Xtraincome Works

XtraIncome works by providing amazing features and opportunities for members to leverage and make money a the comfort of their homes with just a smartphone.

The platform also comes with an App which makes it easy to access anytime, anywhere. They also possess a wide range of payment methods with a mission to serve globally.

How To Make Money On XtraIncome.org (Review)

How To Make Money On XtraIncome

There are basically 5 ways members can make money on Xtra Income.

  • Activities
  • Affiliates
  • Extra Affiliate bonus
  • Instant cash back
  • Digital courses (You learn high-income skills here)
  • Compensation plans and contests

Below is a breakdown of how much you can earn from the above plans

1. Earnings via Activities

You will earn 200 daily when you access the Extraincome portal daily. When you share sponsored posts daily, you will earn 300 instantly

Xtra point is another term used for earnings earned through your daily activities tasks. These include, Unlock Task, Sponsored/Promoted Task Xtra Points are converted to naira during the payment process by Xtra Income payment officials.

2. Earning via Affiliates

For each person you refer and register to become a member of XtraIncome, you will earn a whooping commision of 2,200

3. Earning via Extra Affiliate Bonus

This means when you refer John and John later refers Mary, you will stand a chance to earn ₦200 as an indirect referral bonus

4. Earning through Instant CashBack

You will earn 1,000 instantly as cashback or a welcome bonus once you signup and become an affiliate on XtraIncome.org.

There is also a welcome data bonus. This is earned upon every new registration on our platform It’s 1000MB (1GB) worth of data welcome gift from Xtraincome to new verified membership

5. Earning via Compensation Plans and Contest

XtraIncome provides monthly challenge for affiliates to motivate them to earn faster. If participating in any of these challange or contests, you will stand a chance to earn prizes such as laptops, mobile phones, pressing Iron, Plasma TV and many more.

Those who win these kinds of challange are top earners who earn faster during the stipulated period of the challange.

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6. Learning of Digital Courses

First, you learn and second, you remove the “l” and earn. There are so many hot digital courses available for all Xtraincome members. You can leverage and learn these courses while you monetize them and make money.

In the end, XtraIncome is nothing but a better way to learn more and earn extra income in your bank account anytime any day. The goal is to give access to thousands of people to learn more digitally and earn extra financially irrespective of their status

How To Withdraw From XtraIncome.org Program

To withdraw on Xtra Income, ensure you have updated your bank account on your profile.

As an affiliate on extra income, you can withdraw your earnings daily and get paid within a few hours of withdrawal request.

Whereas, withdrawal for activity earners (Non-referral earners) is paid 27th of every month with the minimum earnings of 15,000 Task Earnings or More, which is converted to ₦6,000

Does Xtraincome Pay Without Referral?

YES, Payment of Task Earnings is 100% on this platform whereby earnings are disbursed in cash every month from Top activity earners to least earners till the revenue gets exhausted.

XtraIncome Registration

To get started on Xtraincome, you will first of all need to purchase the coupon code. A coupon code serves as a quick payment option on the platform or a PIN is used for registration payment which can be purchased from our verified vendors on the website.

A coupon code is only valid for one registration Once purchased and used for a registration successfully it becomes invalid. You can get your coupon code here.

Click Here To Register

If you need guidance to get yourself registered, WhatsApp me below

XtraIncome Coupon Code

The registration fee for Xtraincome is ₦3,000

XtraIncome Website Login

Once you have signed up, you can access the portal via xtraincome.org to login into your dashboard

Xtraincome.org Review: Scam or Legit?

Xtraincome Scaam or Legit

Extra income is a newly launched platform which is just one month old at the time of documenting this review. From the analysis above, the domain is still fresh and will expire the next year 2023.

The platform seems to be paying and there have been some good credit alerts circulating. You can leverage on this platform and make money now that it is not saturated yet.

On the basis of whether Xtraincome is a scam or legit, we can’t say. Another concern is the founder (s) is not known. So in the end, the decision is yours to make.

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Conclusion: Xtraincome Review

Xtraincome is a good platform to leverage and makes money especially if you are a beginner in this digital space. The platform provides an amazing opportunity to help Nigerians destroy sapa. If you are a member of Extra Income, let us know in the comment, about your experience so far.

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35 thoughts on “Xtraincome.org Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit?”

  1. Xtra income is a bigger scam. Right now no one has access to their links again. They can he’d to smart network and are really making people they can make money.

    There’s no difference between the page outlay 9f Xtra income and that of the one that replaced it, which is smart network. They are fraud

  2. I swear to those people using scope to get people in to this Xtraincome platform and later silent about it when people text you back when they’re in need of your attention or guide them you people mute ? them and saying not back I don’t blame you cause if not what’s happening with Nigeria ?? person na who are you people to try those shit I would like to let you people know you can’t go without making your promise come true just grab that

  3. I’m also a partaker of xtraincome, pls I don’t get why you guys will decide to wake up one morning and start up an online business making people to waste data, time money, effort and even convince friends and family to join and at the end of the day, you decide not to keep to your word and pay. I’m just not wholefully bothered because it’s 3k I wasted on this business, but now people see me as a bad person, at least you guys should be honest with us and tell us what’s truly going on

  4. We were told we will get our task earning income on the 30th of January… today na 2nd February I’ve not still being payed my task earning that was supposed to be an auto withdrawal process,and I have over 34,900xtc on it…

  5. This extra income of a thing is a scam and it not legit at my money deducted also waited for credit alert like forever never saw one

  6. i have been trying to get my 15k to my account but is not working why, and is it truth that I can’t get paid from activity task

  7. Pls,are we receiving our daily earnings this month, next week Friday is 27th of January!!!Everyone is expecting his or her own earnings.

  8. What does it mean when you want to withdraw your activity earnings and they say “you have insufficient balance on your account” thereby preventing you to withdraw your earnings. Please, kindly she’d more light on this

  9. Was trying to unlock the task earning key but it’s not working. Just reached 14,500 to badge my 15000 naira limit bit it’s no longer working. What’s wrong? Is this scam?

  10. Though it’s a nice platform to generate some minute income to support tiny bills. However, you just need to know that if you’re not an affiliate earner, you will struggle to cash out. That’s how systems like this are programmed!

  11. Pls I don’t understand what’s going on in this platform, my 15000xtc just disappear yesterday night, someone should pls put me through because am new here. Thanks

  12. Those of you waiting to get paid had to understand this people are fraud, where do you think the money they’ll pay you come from? Was there a business that generate money somewhere for them to pay you guys. My dear friends please take your mind off it, there is no money coming or crediting your account. Thanks

  13. I noticed my 15,000 xtc has been returned today after it has disappear since on 27th of November are they not going to pay us even the 6,000 they said. Cus I can’t withdraw it from my own end here if they refuse to pay I will stop earning.

  14. Hi, I’m an activity earner, 15000XTC was deducted from my xtraincome account on the 27th but my bank account has not been credited.

  15. I am new here my daily task earning was deducted by 15,000 and yet i wasn’t credited today is 29th nothing yet i hope this whole thing is real

  16. I get paid for referral and indirect bonus but yesterday 15000xtc was deduct from my non affiliate earning and I haven’t been credited yet

  17. Today is 27th of Nov. And I try logining in buh the pp isn’t responding and it’s not opening either, it’s been almost three month already I started this stuff. And I’ve not been ble to withdraw my money and I’m getting pissed off rn.

  18. My #3000 is gone can’t withdraw from my task earnings,the withdrawal is not even coming up.having a second thought about this platform

  19. Why is the activity earnings converted to N6000? when it’s supposed to be N15000, because it’s N500 (task earning N200+N300 sponsored post earning) times 30 which is N15000

  20. today is 30th already but yet to receive my non affiliate #15,000 payout. the money has disappeared in my dashboard and still showing pending. plz am running out of patience

  21. am an activity earner, on logging in yesterday, noticed my earnings of 15000xtc as disappear and am yet to receive any money in my bank account

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