What is Zoom Lifestyle Lottery All About? 2021

Zoom lifestyle is online trending lottery that has to be a topic of discussion for some time now, welcome to my Zoom Lifestyle review today we will discuss everything you need to know about Zoom lifestyle Lottery

About Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

Zoom Lifestyle is an entertainment lifestyle lottery that offers subscribers the chance to win millions of naira in cash and prizes that cut across shooting a music video, concert tickets, back-stage passes, sport and business mentorship and more.

It’s usually a kind of lottery game where participation is made possible when you buy a ticket and that gives you access for your name to be picked in the raffle draw

After subscription you are expected to wait for the live draw which is mostly done on Instagram (on Mr P official handle) then winners are announced respectively and are awarded prizes as stated in the tickets

How To Play Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

Zoom Lifetyle Review

To participate on Zoom lifestyle Lottery all you need to do is head on to their official website @ Zoomlifestyle.com and fill the required data. You can select from either “Enter raffle draw” or  “Play lottery”

  • Click Buy Raffle
  • Fill your details and pay
  • Check your email for your raffle tickets
  • You are now eligible for the raffle draw!

You can also Send a keyword command in an SMS to 20010, for example, “sport” to 20010 ( for USSD)


simply Dial a USSD short-code (*20010#) and select a category via  the USSD menu

All Participant will be able to choose more than one category in other to increase his/her chances of winning by selecting a different service category.

To play, you do not need to have your phone configured as long as you have a phone number and a basic handle-set you can play. You can only subscribe to a category as a player on Zoom

Anytime you wish to deactivate your automatic subscription Send stop to 20010. For example, STOP MUSIC TO 20010

Who Owns Zoom Life style?

Zoom Lifestyle is owned by Peter Okoye, popularly known by his stage name, Mr. P, (the brother of Paul Okoye both known before as P square) Zoom Lottery was launched in February 2019.

How To Redeem Your Prize If You Win

Zoom Lottery

Like I said before, winners are giving a phone call so once Mr P calls you just believe it that you have emerged the winner He will introduce himself and inform you that you have just won the zoom lifestyle lottery meanwhile also asking for your bank details to transfer the cash to you

Payments are received depending on your country of play that shows that there is no country restriction, you can participate in the lottery anywhere across the world and when you win the money will be sent in your currency. In Nigeria, the winnings are paid in Naira.

Is Zoom Lifestyle Lottery Worth It?

Zoom lifestyle lottery is sponsored by top brands in Nigeria such as 9Mobile, MTN, Truthware and NLRC so it is not a platform that is going to crash and run away with your money.

Zoom lottery is legit and not a scam because I have seen a lot of people who have greatly benefited from this lottery draw and were given their respective prizes

Personally, I follow MR P on Instagram and i watch every video as they call each member to break the news and award the member as the winner of the zoom lifestyle lottery draw

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Prizes range from Two million to be shared to 5 people and sometimes 500k to be won and shared to 3 people.

One other reason while zoom lifestyle lottery draw is reliable and transparent is that Mr P (Peter Okoye) is a top musician and celebrity and he would not tarnish his name and image before Nigerians,

However participating in zoom lottery draw remains a game of luck, there is no guarantee that once you buy a ticket and participate in the draw you are going to win because its a game of luck.

Conclusion: Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

Zoom lifestyle lottery has proven to be a very decent way to help engage noble Nigerians, even though it is a game of luck it has actually changed the lives of many people and has empowered them financially to start a proper business

If you haven’t participated in the zoom lottery draw I think you should consider giving it a trial and see how far your luck can take you.

Even though this lottery is a game of luck, it is worth it.

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