WhatsApp TV Secret Guide (Make 100k to 200k+ Monthly)

Welcome to my WhatsApp TV secret guide course page.

If you are a student who is on a journey of getting financial freedom then this Ebook is for you.

Did you know the WhatsApp TV business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria? I guess you don’t and that’s the more reason why you stumbled on this webpage to find out things for yourself.

Apparently, when people talk about marketable skills or businesses to acquire that pay in 2023. You will hear mentions like; Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting, Amazon Publishing, Cryptocurrency Freelancing etc… But it’s so unfortunate you will never hear about WhatsApp TV.

I want to say that WhatsApp TV is underrated and those who understand the value and strategy of running a professional WhatsApp TV in Nigeria will tell you how much they make monthly.

For example, Pot TV is the first and largest WhatsApp TV in Nigeria. It has evolved into a social media (WhatsApp) advertising agency over the years.

Furthermore, The TV media now has a company car and about 7 staff working at the back end of the TV for the smooth running of the media and agency and entertainment brand.

As a student, don’t depend on your certificate (which takes several years to acquire having spent many years at home due to frequent strikes) but have a side hustle that can be a source of income for you.

Who is this Ebook for?

WhatsApp TV Ebook


This Ebook is basically for,

✅ Students (Those looking for a side hustle, and those who wish to make the best use of the ASUU strike to get something valuable to do).

✅ Bloggers (Instead of paying heavy money to build an email list, you can run a WhatsApp TV for your blog that will grow and retain your audience and Traffic)

✅ Entrepreneurs (Whether you are a digital marketer, copywriter, or freelancer, you need a large audience to market your products or services so owning a WhatsApp TV will be great).

✅ Anybody who has the desire to run a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria.

What You Will Learn

WhatsApp TV Cover

In the grand scheme of things, below is what this WhatsApp TV secret ebook guide brings to the table

✅ How To Start A WhatsApp TV in Nigeria that Pumps Money

✅ Tools Needed To Run A WhatsApp TV

✅ Best Phone To Run WhatsApp TV

✅ Best Name To Give A WhatsApp TV

✅ How To Grow Your TV Audience The Right Way

✅ How To Prevent Your TV From Hanging

✅ Best WhatsApp TV Monetization Strategies (Earn 6 Figures Monthly)

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