5 Best Virtual Cards for PayPal Withdrawal 2024

Linking Nigerian physical bank cards used to be the safest way to withdraw from PayPal until the process no longer works. With the advent of virtual cards for PayPal withdrawal in Nigeria, life has been much easier for digital marketers.

Just like every other industry, the PayPal industry keeps changing and revolving with many policies that will suffocate the lives of Nigerians. You still haven’t forgotten that PayPal doesn’t officially work in Nigeria right?

Before now, you could comfortably link our local bank cards and work 100% of the time for withdrawal. Some of the banks trusted for this service were Diamond Bank, Access Bank, GT Bank, FirstBank, FCM and UBA.

Nevertheless, these 4 virtual cards I’m going to show you today will help you withdraw your PayPal funds after linking them to your account.

5 Best Virtual Cards for PayPal Withdrawal

Below are some of the most reliable virtual cards you can use for your PayPal withdrawal. These cards also guarantee you 100% withdrawal with no stress.

1. Grey Virtual Card

Grey is a fintech company that offers virtual cards capable of helping you scale up your online payments.

With Grey, it is easy for remote workers and creators in developing economies to open a foreign bank account and start receiving payments in their local currency, without worrying about exchange rates or transfer fees

Grey offers a range of products such as

  • Money Transfer
  • Virtual Cards
  • Currency
  • Exchange
  • Foreign accounts

When it comes to virtual cards that work with PayPal, Grey cards usually tops the list. And aside from this, it is one of the best virtual cards in Nigeria from customer reviews.

2. ChipperCash

I’ve been using ChipperCash for all of my online transactions including the domain and hosting renewal for this site and I also use it to create PayPal for myself and all of our clients.

With the Chipper Dollar card, I have been able to create and Verify over 200 PayPal accounts with this Chipper Cash card so I can say it’s working 100% fine not only for PayPal withdrawals but for all online transactions.

One major complaint people have with using Chippercash is their high rate fee for converting Naira funds to Dollars in your wallet.

3. Geegpay

The GeegPay virtual cards have been working for our clients over the years. I have many digital marketers who have not only used the card but also have highly recommended Geepay.

Using your Geegpay virtual card is a straightforward process that empowers you with a secure and versatile payment option for online transactions.

As a product of Raenest, a digital platform for the African Gig Economy, Geegpay offers the following services

  • Create an Instant Virtual USD bank account to receive foreign payments
  • Create a Virtual GBP & EUR bank account to receive foreign payments (Coming Soon)
  • Create an invoice
  • Convert between currencies
  • Create a Virtual USD card
  • Link your virtual card to PayPal for withdrawal
  • Transfer money to bank accounts in Nigeria (Other countries coming soon)

4. Klasha

Klasha is a fintech company that offers diverse payment solutions that can accept payments from Africa in many African payment methods and currencies, send cross-border payments frictionlessly online, and get paid in hard currencies.

Ultimately, the company seeks to enable global businesses to scale into Africa seamlessly through their technology, allowing African consumers to access global goods and services using the African currencies and money methods they possess.

With Klasha’s withdrawal dollar card, you can link it up with your PayPal account and make withdrawals smoothly.

However, the common challenge with using this card is you will experience frequent downtime. So that is to say I do not 100% recommend their cards even though they are worthy of mention

5. Bitnob Virtual Card

Bitnob is a peer-to-peer platform that enables the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrency. These services are facilitated by Bitnob Technologies Limited, British Virgin Islands.

It is important to note that Bitnob is not a foreign remittance or money exchange platform. Bitnob is in partnership with third-party licensed companies that facilitate and provide other services on its behalf.

The Bitnob virtual cards come with 3D security which gives it a high acceptance rate for online payment. You can conveniently link this card with PayPal for withdrawals.

How to Link Virtual Card With PayPal

Link Your Virtual Card With a PayPal Account

Having read through the above lists of my recommended virtual cards in Nigeria that are acceptable by PayPal, the next is to add your virtual Card for verification to enable you to withdraw funds.

  • Login to the PayPal account
  • Click to add your card details and select your Card Type.
  • Having filled in your virtual card details correctly, select Link Card.
  • Select your card type (credit or debit)
  • Once you’ve entered your card details, click on “Link Card” to proceed. PayPal will then verify your card information and link it to your account.

After you’ve linked your virtual card to your PayPal account, you’ll need to verify it to ensure that it’s a legitimate card.

PayPal will do this by charging a small amount to your card and asking you to enter the exact amount charged to verify your card.

Charges for Linking Virtual Cards with PayPal for Withdrawal

Most Cards will charge $5 to complete your virtual card to PayPal verification. However, Bitnob claims to only charge $1 even though I never used their card before.

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Having discovered some virtual cards that work with PayPal for withdrawals, it’s time you try and I hope to see it work for you.

Remember We’ve been helping Our clients create Working PayPal accounts in Nigeria without the use of VPN over the years even before we launched our business online.

You can order your PayPal account and get it done in less than 30munites and your login details will be sent to you immediately.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of creating and verifying your PayPal account we’ve got you covered.

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