Make Money in 2024 on PotEarn Marketplace: How it Works

PotEarn is a project bourne of the desire to fix a loophole in the e-commerce marketplace and create a sustainable means and structure for people to shop online. Let me show you how you can make money on PotEarn marketplace while I also explain how it works.

If your goals for 2024 do not prioritise self-development and levelling up your finances then you don’t have a goal.

This is a year to step out of your shell, let go of your fears and embrace your rebirth. It is a year of growing financially, spiritually and morally.

Inflation is high, and according to Wordbank, the Poverty rate in Nigeria increased to 46% in 2023, representing 104 million poor Nigerians.

If you belong to that 46% category, this is the time you need to rise and fight to get your finances up.

With the digital technology and tools available to man, you can make money from anywhere across the globe with access to the right information and tools.

However, before you get the right information, you need to start asking the right questions.

There are hundreds of ways you can make money online in this harsh economy.

You have been scammed before. Yes, I know

Nothing has ever worked for you online. I’m aware

But what if I introduce you to PotEarn, A marketplace that is guaranteed to make money just by promoting and recommending products to buyers?

Without further ado, let’s jump into this PotEarn Review

About PotEarn

PotEarn is PotEarn is a digital E-commerce marketplace where only high-quality products are sold. PotEarners link products to buyers and get paid commissions

The platform is a subsidiary of Pot TV, which is one of the largest WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria. Victor Ehindero owns both platforms.

If you are familiar with WhatsApp Televisions and how they operate, you will be aware of this PotEarn project through adverts and promotions.

PotEarn mission is to disrupt E-commerce through an old system that has been in use since time past; Referrals and recommendations without pay.

How PortEarn Works

PotEarn works by connecting product earners and buyers through the help of a middleman called a PotEarner.

As a PotEarner, your goal is to recommend high-quality sellers’ products and link them to the right audience or people who need these products and get paid a good commission.

These products range across different category niches such as;

PotEarn Scam or Legit

PotEarn Sales Commission

How Does Products Get Delivered?

On PotEarn, Products are delivered nationwide. Delivery takes 1-5 days, depending on your chosen delivery option.

All the products listed on the platform pass thorough checks by our quality control team before it is listed.

Delivery takes 1-5 days, depending on your chosen delivery option. We also deliver in way less time too. However, terms and conditions apply

  • Potearn delivers products through these 3 means;
  • Central Hubs: Products are picked up at our Central Hub in your city.
  • Mobile Pick-Up Points: Products can be picked up at cheaper rates through our pickup vans at location zones that are near the customer.
  • Doorstep Delivery: Products are delivered right to your doorstep.

PotEarn does not accept cash on delivery. Orders are processed after payment.

How To Make Money on PotEarn E-commerce Marketplace

If you want to make money on this platform, all you need to do is start selling the products in the marketplace as a PotEarner.

For each successful sale you make through your product link, you get a commission automatically. Even if you buy these products yourself, you will still be paid an affiliate commission.

So you can make money from

  • Product commissions
  • Incentives or rewards

PotEarn has a robust reward when you hit sales milestones. From your first 10 sales to your first 1000 sales, we have amazing rewards. This is minus your paid commissions.

Additionally, You will also get FREE access to events, e.g. PotEarn Music Festivals, and PotEarn Fashion Festivals. And so much more.

How To Withdraw on PotEarn

PotEarn pays members via bank deposit. Your money is sent to a valid bank account that has your name on it. This is also a notice that you should avoid nicknames when signing up for an account

PotEarners are paid every Friday of the week.

How To Register and Become a PotEarner

Register and Become a PotEarner

To become a PotEarner, there are two ways to obtain membership

₦1,000 monthly plan

₦9,000 yearly plan

That is to say, once your plan expires, you can always renew.

Here is how you register in a few simple steps

Join PotEarn Now

Fill your name


Phone Number



Once you have completed the registration, log in and update your bank details on your profile.

Why PotEarn?

  • Up to 80% Commission
  • Top Quality Products
  • Active Customer Support
  • Lifetime Commission

Is PotEarn Legit or Scam? Can One Make Money On the MarketPlace?

Yes, PotEarn is Legit and you can make money selling products on the marketplace

E-commerce has been one of the major sectors in Nigeria that have witnessed rapid growth over the years. This tremendous growth has witnessed alot of foreign investors in the country recently.

Almost everyone has bought something online before including you who is reading this. People are gradually moving away from the old system of shopping in physical stores to buying online.

Getting started with Potearn is a journey with promising returns.

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In conclusion, the PotEarn marketplace which was created by Victor Ehindero offers a wide range of opportunities to redefine online commerce and to create an opportunity for people to get paid.

In just a few simple steps and with just a little subscription fee, you too can register on the PotEarn community, recommend products, make sales and smile to your bank alert.

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