Best Travel Affiliate Programs in Nigeria 2024

If you are new to affiliate marketing in Nigeria and you are wondering where to start then travel affiliate programs are the best for you. Especially if you are an owner of a travel blog, you can easily make your first sales and receive your commission. 

If you are new to the travel affiliate program once you join any of them you will be allowed to promote your travel agency using social media platforms, running ad campaigns, and promoting it on a blog or website once somebody books their flight ticket you will make a commission from it. 

The best part of it is that to join and start promoting any travel affiliate program it doesn’t require money, you only have to sign up on the website and provide your necessary details like first name, last name, email address, and password amount received from the travel affiliate program varies from the company you are promoting.

But in this article, we will only discuss the best travel affiliate programs in Nigeria for you to grab and make money as soon as possible.

The main reason why you should go to travel affiliate programs if you want to start affiliate marketing is that as of 2018 the total number of people who book flights to various destinations across the world for vacation reached 1.4 billion people

Further studies revealed that 150 million of the bookings were done online. This shows that the travel industry is lucrative for you to join and start promoting their products. This great opportunity is for affiliate marketers, travel bloggers, YouTubers, and social influencers.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs in Nigeria 2024

If you are a blogger or a fan of social media, travel affiliate programs are one of the ways you can make money online without stress. At the same time, you will get a commission once someone uses your link to make their bookings.

Travelling is another aspect of learning. Many people have learned about new cultures and also related with new people and now with an internet connection or wifi you can not just travel but you can also make money from it by referring others to do their bookings to their various destinations.

Today if you want to travel to any destination we have many websites to get updates on the best places you can travel to and some of them are Google Maps, Lonely Planet, and TripAdvisor.

But if you are not a fan of traveling you can research the best places a family can travel to on vacation. Go out there and pitch these places to your potential clients and refer them to your travel agency for them to book their flight and earn a commission for each booking.

For you to get started in promoting these travel affiliate programs let’s look at some of them in this article:

1. Travel Payouts

Travel Payouts is one of the biggest travelling agencies we have online and they are well known by many travellers around the world. Most of the brands and services provided by this company include flight bookings, hotels to stay, transportation choices, and travel insurance.

This platform is suitable for those who are comfortable writing about the traveling industry for them to pitch the travel company and sign up as an affiliate marketer on the platform and start generating money once someone uses their link to book their flight ticket you get paid.

To sign up for travel payouts the process is simple, it doesn’t require any technical know-how for you to get started, you only have to provide the necessary details during the sign-up process and then you are done with the registration.

As an affiliate on this platform, you will have access to popular affiliate programs like World Nomads, and TripAdvisor affiliate programs.

If you are new to this affiliate marketing once you sign up on the platform and get your referral link you can start promoting it on social media or your website once someone clicks on your link to carry out activities like booking flights or hotels you will earn commission from it.

The best part of it is that your working hours are flexible. You can wake up at any time of the day and start promoting your link to earn a commission at the same time you can still receive a commission even while you sleep. 

Travel payouts are also a good idea for website owners who are ready to make money from affiliates to start promoting their products on their website and make money from one of the things you can promote on your blog including hotel booking, flight booking, and vacation rentals.

2. Booking (Best Hotel Affiliate Program) is among the best affiliate platforms for those who are into travel blogs to sign up on the platform and start promoting their affiliate link on their website. 

And they are known for hotel booking around the world. This alone will bring more commission to you when you start promoting their company on your website.

This platform offers a partnership program for a blog or website, a tour plugin, an app, and a travel agency to sign a deal with them.

If you have accommodation space for tourists that are visiting the country then this platform is for you. For you to get started you don’t need any special knowledge or skill you only need to sign up and have access to their search box, deep linking, and banner integration these are the things that will help you promote and earn your first commission as an affiliate

They are a wider marketplace to find hotels, airlines, and car rentals. is available worldwide with a good reputation this means that you can sit anywhere and book any of the services you want.

This platform is trusted by many travel bloggers every day. New travel bloggers are referred to to sign up as affiliates and they offer huge commissions and other means for travel bloggers to make money from it.

They are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means there is no time or hour of the day you can’t make money from their platform.

3. Viator

On the Viator platform, you can carry out so many activities which include booking travel tours, getting experiences, and doing other activities.

This platform is popular among citizens of the United States and Canada. If you are a blogger and you are writing about domestic tourism in North America, signing up on the Viator platform is the best way to increase your earnings through promoting your affiliate link and earning a commission.

A breakdown of Viator affiliate commission to members, once you become an affiliate on this platform you will get an 8% referral commission per booking under your unique link. And each click on your link by your referral has 30 days to place their bookings.

To make the most commission from promoting a travelling tour you need to include real human testimonials to convince your potential client, reviews, ratings, and memorable tour photos.

Incorporating all the listed factors will lead to an increase in conversion rate and a huge referral commission

4. Travelbeta is a leading online travel company that offers flight booking, hotel reservation, visa assistance, tour packages, travel financing, protocol services, airport pickups, blue ribbon and other travel needs.

As an affiliate of Travelbeta, you will enjoy unbeatable discounts on flights, hotels, tours and visa processing, all around the world – far better than what you get with any other online travel company

So if you are a digital creator who creates content that resonates around travels and tours, you can leverage the Travelbeta affiliate program for creators as an added way of generating revenue.

5. Travelstart

Travelstart is one of the leading travel agencies in Nigeria. As an affiliate, you will earn 2% on base fare only for Domestic flights & 3.5% on base fare only for International flights when you use your affiliate tool.

So whether you are a travel agent, blogger or looking to make more money from your customers, you can sign up today for FREE and be on your way to earning more cash

During the registration process, you can select between one of two affiliate tools to use. This is either the i-frame or text link. If you want to be more digitally savvy, provide your customers with the i-Frame on your website.

If you want to provide your in-house team with a link to book on behalf of your customers, choose the text-link solution.

Below is how much you can earn

  • 3.5% on base fare only on International flights paid bookings made from an Affiliate link/website/source
  • 2% on base fare only on domestic flights paid booking made from an Affiliate link/website/source
  • ₦2,100 on SOTO bookings (flights that do not originate in Nigeria)

6. WakaNow

WakaNow is another popular travel agency in Nigeria that offers an exciting affiliate program for creators. Affiliates are sales associates or partners of an organisation. A Wakanow  Affiliate sells on Wakanow online and offline platforms and has access to  highly discounted travel deals

Which Travel Niche is Most Profitable?

The most profitable niche is luxury travel. 

Bloggers who are in this niche sell high-ticket products to their audience and these high-ticket products include luxury vacations, high-ticket items, experiences, five-star dining vacations, etc. 

How Do Travel Affiliates Make Money?

How Do Travel Affiliates Make Money?

Travel affiliate is all about becoming an affiliate marketer to a platform that provides travel offers like hotel booking or flight booking to individuals and families that need their services.

The work of travel affiliates is to promote this platform on their website or blog once someone books with their link they get paid for it.

Is Travel Niche Good for Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, traveling is among the best niches to start with affiliate marketing for you to get started you need to become a travel blogger, content creator, or agent before you can make money from it. Most services you can promote include flight booking, hotel booking, and car rentals.

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Travel Affiliate Programs are one of the ways you can make money online by promoting travel agencies to those who need their service and you get paid once somebody uses your link to book their flight.

This program is designed for those that love traveling and at the same time make money from it by introducing this traveling company to friends and getting paid for it.

However, travel bloggers are working with most of these travel affiliate programs to make money on their websites by promoting their affiliate links on their blogs or websites. As an affiliate, there are many ways you can promote your link including social media and ad campaigns among other traffic sources.

Working as an affiliate marketer for this travel affiliate programs in Nigeria is flexible. It doesn’t clash with your day-to-day activities. You can decide the best time for you to work and receive your commission.

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