Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria 2024

Are you looking for ways to save money? I bring you best investment opportunities in Nigeria to save and invest money

There is always a need to save money after making huge profits after a business or just after been paid as a salary earner

The importance of saving money cannot be overlooked. In fact, with so many proven benefits, saving money is one of the best financial habits you can adopt in a country like Nigeria.

But, if saving money doesn’t come easy to you, or you just don’t see the point, it’s natural to ask yourself, “Why is saving money important”?

Saving money is important because it helps protect you in the event of a financial emergency. Additionally, saving money can help you pay for large purchases, avoid debt, reduce your financial stress, leave a financial legacy, and provide you with a greater sense of financial freedom.

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There is a common saying that

You wey sweep no pack go sweep again when breez blow, meaning... you wey hustle no invest go still hustle again

Hence this post focuses solely on investment platforms in Nigeria to save and invest Money

Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

Below are our top selected investment companies to save and invest money in Nigeria These platforms have been into the spotlight and a lot of people are already making good use of them

1. Cowrywise

Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

Cowrywise has proven to be a safe platform to save and invest and invest Money. Saving and investing money with Cowrywise means your money works hard all day, every day.

Investment is made easy with Cowrywise because they are known for their simplicity, customer satisfaction, collaboration and teamwork

How Does Cowrywise Work?

Cowrywise helps make saving and investing seamless. Cowrywise takes away the stress and planning required to save and invest regularly through its automated and easy-to-use platform. As a Cowrywise investor, Your savings also generate interest until a defined maturity date.

With just a minimum amount of N100 naira, you can deposit on Cowrywise and become a full-time investor while you watch your earnings grow Cowrywise does not have an upper limit.

Cowrywise is suitable for anyone who wishes to never miss out on saving and investment goals, and also those who want to save and invest money even while they sleep, Cowrywise was founded in 2017

Saving And Investment Plans On Cowrywise

There are three investment plans to save and invest money in Cowrysie

Regular Savings

Life Savings

Halar Savings

1. Regular Savings involves setting your savings plan to be daily, weekly or monthly for a minimum of 3 months…

You need only to specify this once you register your plan, Cowrywise will ensure this money is saved automatically on those specified days into your Cowrywise savings plan.

You can also choose to manually top up your savings plan randomly with other amounts outside the automated scheduled amount.

2. Life Goals plans help you meet commitments to long-term financial goals. These are similar to periodic plans but they have a minimum maturity period of 1 year.

3. Halal Savings are for Muslims who don’t want to earn interest on their savings. They can be set up as periodic plans, life goals, save-as-you-earn plans or fixed plans, but they won’t attract any form of interest.

You can create as many plans as you wish and you can start earning the following day after you begin saving on Cowrywise and a daily basis thereafter. Your daily returns are credited to your Cowrywise account by midnight each day

For More Detailed Information You can Refer To Cowrywise FAQs

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Is Cowrywise Safe?

After all, is said and done you may wish to find out the credibility of Cowrywise, and I say YES, Cowrywise is safe and it is a good opportunity to save and invest money

Cowrywise offers a wide range of mutual funds in Nigeria and they have also partnered with top companies to offer investment opportunities in Nigeria.

2. Piggyvest (Piggy Bank)

Investment Companies In Nigeria

Piggyvest is yet another cool saving and investment platform that has already won the hearts on most Nigerians including my friends

This saving and investment platform helps you save and invest money they retrieve it back with interest at the stipulated time

PiggyVest is regarded as the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa. It first launched as on the 7th of January 2016 as a savings-only platform.

How Does Piggyvest Work

Piggyvest (Known as formally as Piggybank) is one of the best investment companies in Nigeria with PiggyVest, you can stop spending excessively and put away (and grow!) funds that you do not want to touch.

You can choose to save small amounts of money periodically (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) towards a specific target or lock away funds for a specified period.

Piggyvest is known for its simplicity, discipline, convenience, and flexibility to enable people to have the best customer experience

Investing is a PiggyVest feature that allows users to earn more on their savings by investing in pre-vetted, low-medium risk, primary and secondary investment opportunities

Piggyvest Saving And Investment Categories

There are three major categories in how Piggyvest operates on saving and investments

  • Safelock
  • Target Savings
  • Flex Naira
  • Flex Dollar

1. SafeLock

is a fixed savings option that allows you to earn up to 15.5% every year

If you have a certain amount of money you budget and wish to spend for something in maybe 5 months’ time you can save it up using Piggyvest safe lock so that your money gets locked with a padlock and you don’t have access o it again till the 5 months period approaches

The SafeLock feature is one step further towards curbing the temptation to touch the money that you have put aside as your savings

hence, it provides you with an option to save money ahead and also specify a date you wish the money to be unlocked for usage

You will earn Up to 12.5% per annum on SafeLock

2. Target Savings

enable you to save consistently towards a particular financial goal. You can create a personal target or a Group savings challenge with your multiple users.

This saving option is a great way for students to Save for house rent, vacation, a new gadget and even towards starting your new business with Target savings, and earn more money while at it!

You will earn up to 10% per annum on Target Savings

3. Flex Naira

A Flex Naira account is a flexible savings wallet where interests earned on all other PiggyVest wallets are paid.

You earn an interest of 10% per annum on funds in your flex account but this is subject to a minimum of 4 withdrawals in a month.

If you withdraw more than 4 times a month from your Flex account, you lose all your accrued interest on your Flex savings for that month.

You will earn 10% per annum on Flex

4. Flex Dollar

Flex Dollar is a feature that lets you save, invest and transfer funds in Dollars

You will earn 5% per anum on Flex Dollar

For More Details Refer To Piggyvest FAQs

How To Save And Invest Money With Piggyvest

To get started with Piggyvest follow the steps below

  • Visit the website or download the app from play store to create an account.
  • Set up your withdrawal account details; this is the bank account that funds you withdraw will get sent to.
  • Enter your debit card details to activate your account and then make your first deposit. (You may use a MasterCard, Visa or Verve card from any Nigerian bank).
  • You may now proceed to use any of the Savings Plans to start your daily, weekly or monthly savings

Piggyvest requires a small amount of money to start with, you can start for as low as N50 – N50,000 daily and N1000 – N200,000 weekly or even up to N500, 000 monthly

What Are Piggy Points?

Piggy point is a system that rewards customers for saving with the platform. You earn points for savings and you can convert points to cash.

How many points you earn depends on how much you save. Here is a breakdown:

N2000 – N4999 = 1 point
N5000 – N9999 = 2 points
N10000 – N49999 = 10 points
N50000 – N99999 = 25 points
N100000 and above = 55 points

The value of each point is N10. That is 1 Piggy Point = N10.

How To Withdraw From Piggyvest

Piggyvest Withdrawals are free although only on set Withdrawal dates. You can set your own free withdrawal dates or you can make use of the PiggyVest quarterly fixed free withdrawal dates.

After you have placed a withdrawal request, funds will be sent to your bank account and can also be sent to your Flex Naira account instantly, and then you can withdraw to your set bank account anytime.

Before placing withdrawal ensure to have uploaded your bank info on your account

Below are Piggyvest free withdrawal dates

  • 31st March
  • 30th June
  • 30th September
  • 31st December

Piggyvest Referral Program

Am a big fan of companies with referral programs and Piggyvest since to be one of them

You can invite your friends to signup with Piggyvest using your referral link, both of you will earn N1000, which is paid into your SafeLock.

If you are very good at referring you can earn about 10,000 a day if you are able to register just 10 persons

As a new user, your bonus will be paid into your SafeLock and matures to your flex account 10 days after you have been marked valid.

Is Piggyvest Safe?

I have done some research and all I see are positive reviews so am very certain Piggyvest is safe and your money is always secured so you shouldn’t have doubts about investing in the platform


Investment Opportunities in Nigeria offers one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria, it is an investment marketplace that makes it easy for you to save and invest money for products such as treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate. You can do this anytime and anywhere! is a product of WealthTech Limited – a financial technology company that believes in fostering financial inclusion by developing cutting edge technological products.

The company is duly registered Corporate Affairs Commission with a team that boasts of seasoned wealth management experts with over 10 years of experience in the investments sector

What is All About?

Wealthng has a simplified investment platform that offers classified saving and investment opportunities

With, you can grow wealth by investing in any of the treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate products listed on the platform.

You can manage and monitor your investments in real-time and see how much interest you will get when your investment matures. puts together a list of treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate products for you to invest in.

On wealthng you are given total control over your investments and you can make changes to your personal profile settings at any time

How To Invest Money On

You can invest and start earning money on as early as possible, you make money as soon as you invest in any product offered on the platform

Every product has a specific interest rate attached to it. The amount of money you make will be dependent on that interest rate.

Wealthng has a wide variety of categories to choose from which includes

Wealth Gifts


Wealth Gift is a feature that allows you to send investment products like Stocks and Treasury bills as gifts to other people whether they have registered on or not.

While Wealth Cash is a savings product that offers you easy entry into the world of investments. It provides you a liquid option such that with a minimum of 1,000 Naira, you get impressive returns of 7% per year, currently, much higher than Treasury Bills yields.

For More Information refer to FAQs

Conclusion: Beest Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Cowrywise, Piggyvest and all make up the list of best investment opportunities in Nigeria to save and invest money, however, we recommend Cowrywise and Piggyvest

So if you are looking forward to legit and safe investment opportunities in Nigeria, you should consider any of the two platforms.

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