AdaExtract Review: Scam or Legit?, How it Works, Registration

AdaExtract is one of the hottest trending platforms in Nigeria that has gained our interest. In this Adaextract review, you will discover how it works, whether it’s a scam or legit and the procedure to register and earn money on AdaExtract.

Making money online is not easy but then it is possible. You can’t start affiliate marketing today and with consistency and determination promote people’s products and earn money.

You are either selling products or rendering services and you could be earning a decent income online.

As Reno Omokri clearly state that “If you have a smartphone and data, and you claim to be unemployed, then you are unemployed by choice. All you need to be employed in this century is a smartphone, internet and willingness to work”.

There are some of these income sites that pay you money to perform certain activities. Expertnaire is one of the biggest paying affiliate programs in Nigeria.

However, there are complexities regarding the high cost of registration, promotion and selling those hot products.

We have reviewed other paying platforms such as Bismart, Flezhub, Hawkit etc… that you can simply join and earn money.

Nevertheless, this guide is about Adaextract review and without further ado, let’s go right into this platform to discover how it works.

About AdaExtract (Review)

Adaextract is a well-designed ecosystem created to provide new equity blockchain opportunities and conversion of CARDANO CRYPTO COIN (ADA) to legal tender (NAIRA) and cash out as when due.

In other words, ADAEXTRACT is a multi-purpose platform which enables users to manually extract ADA in blocks. Adaextract is perfectly designed to enhance the financial growth of her users who extracts the ADA coin and withdraw when they reach par with an option of withdrawing into Naira or saving in the actual cryptocurrency CARDANO

What is Cardano?

How To Make Money On AdaExtract

Cardano is a public blockchain platform. It is open-source and decentralized, with consensus achieved using proof of stake. It can facilitate peer-to-peer transactions with its internal cryptocurrency, ADA. Cardano was founded in 2015 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson

Cardano is on the top 5 leading cryptocurrency charts. Adaextract is a platform that will provide you with a chance to secure and own as much as you can accumulate and get paid in Naira or your preferred method of payment.

How AdaExtract Works

Adaextract works by providing people with the opportunity to earn money online either in cash or acquire Cardano cryptocurrency.

This company aims to integrate all shareholders and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent and reliable. By doing so, the platform hopes to eradicate poverty in Africa and as such, help to give value to our currency.

How To Make Money On AdaExtract

Adaextract has 2 basic major packages

1. Standard Package (₦5,000)

Below is what you can earn from this package

Viratract   = ₦150

Extraction per session (2 hours) = ₦25 and in 24 hours = 300

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Total daily income  = 450

Weekly earnings  =  ₦3,650

1st month of earning  =  ₦14,450

2nd month of earning  =  ₦29,000

3rd month of earning   =  ₦48,800

Referral bonus   =  ₦2,600

Minimum withdrawal  =   ₦7,500

2. Ultra Package  ₦10,000

Below is what you can earn from this package

Viratract   = ₦500

Extraction per session 11 hours = ₦300 and in 24 hours = ₦600

Total daily income  = ₦1,100

Weekly earnings  =  ₦8,700

1st month of earning  =  ₦35,100

2nd month of earning  =  ₦80,000

3rd month of earning   =  ₦160,000

Referral bonus   =  ₦5,200

Minimum withdrawal  =   ₦15,000

Income generation Systems

On Adaextract, there are 4 income generation systems

1. Extraction

A well-developed extraction machine allows members on the platform to extract units of ADA in minutes, hourly or daily as the case may be. Every 24 hours, the Medium package extracts $1 (₦500) while the Premium Package extracts $2 (₦1,000)

2. Staking

Staking refers to the practice of retaining digital currency at a specified location for profit; for example, in a traditional banking system, consider it as a fixed deposit account; leave it untouched, and you will make more money.

ADA Extract stake pool offers clients the opportunity to stake some units of ADA for 30 days (maturity) and get a total of 145% of their initial stake with 45% profit.

3. Extract Trends

This is ADA Extract information circulation technology. However, units of ADA will be added to our worthy extractors when they share our trends.

4. Affiliate

ADA Extract aims to compensate her partners when they introduce a partner to join them with 52% of their initial activation fee.

In other words, ADA Extract has an integrated matrix system where uplines can earn from their downlines.

Below is a better breakdown of how the referral bonus system works

For Medium Package (₦5,000)

Direct referral bonus     ₦2,600

Level 2 referral bonus    ₦200

Level 3 referral bonus    ₦100

Level 4 referral bonus    ₦50

For the Premium Package ₦10,000

Direct referral bonus     ₦5,200

Level 2 referral bonus    ₦500

Level 3 referral bonus    ₦200

Level 4 referral bonus    ₦100

How To Withdraw On Ada Extract Income Program (Review)

The whole aim of joining Ada Extract will be to make money and be able to also withdraw right?

So how can I withdraw my earnings on this platform?

Your earnings would be credited to your account after attaining the Adaextract minimum withdrawal threshold

This means you can withdraw any day.

What is The Minimum Withdrawal on Ada Extract?

On Adaextract, the minimum withdrawal for the Standard Package is ₦7,500

On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal for Ultra Package is   ₦15,000

Does AdaExtract Pay Without Referral?

Yes, you will earn money, withdraw and get paid for all your earnings. On Adaextract, referral is optional.

AdaExtract Registration

AdaExtract Registration

As usual, before you can register to become a full active user on Adaextract, you must first decide on the package you wish to subscribe to.

We have already explained the 2 core packages involved

Adaextract Activation Code Distributors

Once you have decided on the package, the Next is to acquire the Adaextract coupon code from trusted or assigned vendors that will be used for your registration.

AdaExtract Review: Scam or Legit?

Adaextract provides users with the opportunity to earn money either in cash or acquire cryptocurrency worth a good amount of money.

We all know that cryptocurrency is a goldmine, it is the future and most people who are not well knowledgeable about crypto are always left confused about how the market works.

Adaextract promises to help members acquire the Cardano crypto coin, which is one of the fastest rising coins in the market.

From our findings, The domain, AdaEtract was bought on the 5th of January 2022 and will expire on the 5th of January 2023 so it is sure to say it is a new platform.

AdaExtract Revview: Scam or Legit?

Looking at its legitimacy, the platform is indeed paying and we have witnessed a couple of alerts.

However, the big question lies in the sustainability of the platform. Could it end up as a platform that one day will disappear in thin air with no traces?

Even though the platform claims it would never crash because there would always be enough Cardano to extract and earn. Units of Ada supplied daily are before how much profit the platform makes daily.

In the end, we can’t guarantee you a long run with this platform, the decision to join is yours to make. But we advise that you carry your head along.

Benefits of AdaExtract

On a positive note, here are reasons you may wish to join the platform

âś… Withdrawal is processed within 24 hours

âś… AdaExtract is not a mining or get paid to read news site and as such, referral is optional

âś… All payouts are fully automated, your earnings also have a unique tracking record

âś… Cardano is one of the top 8 leading cryptocurrency in the world so the platform is giving you the opportunity to secure and own it

âś… Your 45% stake is fully automated and paid directly to your account every 30 days without referral

Conclusion: AdaExtract Review

In conclusion, LegacyTips is in no way affiliated with this platform, neither are we trying to tarnish the reputation of the company. Our Adaextract review was documented solely to give a clear explanation and understanding to our viewers regarding the activities and operation of the platform for our viewers.

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  1. Please when will adaextract be back???
    I just registered with #10,000 but I have not withdraw anything….the day that I wanted to withdraw is that same day that it was hacked…..why??????????

  2. My feedback about the platform, i also registered on the platform and have refer two people on the platform which i was paid today NGN10400, However, i could not withdraw my viral and extraction and the system promise will can withdraw every month ending, the timing for this present month was just 5minute and they close it back, i could not withdraw my viral of NGN13000 and extraction is NGN14200 i felt not happy because i could not withdraw. i am really skeptical about the platform except they can open and will have access to withdraw before i believe the system again.

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