How to Create multiple gmail Accounts without Phone verification


Are you looking for how to create multiple gmail accounts without phone number verification? When i had no idea to create gmail account without phone number, i almost turned a beggar

because all my friends around i have used their mobile numbers for one Gmail account or the other and yet i still need more email accounts.

To the extent i even buy New Sim Card almost every Week just to have some fresh contacts to create new gmail accounts. 

In most cases i will ask friends around to help me create new email accounts but unfortunately most replies goes like “i have already used my phone number for verification” Automatically they are also facing the same issue.

After a while i was forced to learn a better to create gmail account without phone number probably to help me create as many accounts as possible from the same device bypassing every mobile number verification stage. And so i did.

Are you also facing the same issue of phone verification when creating new email account? Are you tired of getting New Line for every New Gmail account?

This post will teach you how to sign into gmail without phone verification. In this article, i will be showing steps to open gmail account without number verification

How To Open Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Now if you want to create an email in Gmail will be required to verify the phone number activation code. For people who just need one email account may not be a problem,

but for those who want to create more than one account or email clone makers feel a little difficulty with the rule, and usually they outsmart by purchasing many mobile phone number (SIM Card). Also, you can create email without phone number verification.

Follow below steps carefully on how to open gmail account without number using your android mobile phone.

With this guide you can create as many Gmail accounts as possible using the same device and without phone number verification.

Download And install The Gmail App on your mobile phone. If you’ve got the app already then you’re good to go.

After opening my app, you can see i have logged in many gmail accounts? Just scroll down and Click on Add Account

open gmail account without number

After you have successfully done that the next step is to Click on the first option (Google)

open gmail account without number

From the next Page, Click on the option to Create New Account.

open gmail account without number

From the next Page, Enter your first and last name as usual as seen below

From the next page, enter your date of birth and Gender

when you get to the next page select your email account username

create gmail account without number

From the next Page, Create your gmail password.

open gmail account without phone number verification

The next page will ask for mobile number Verification. Just scroll down to the end part you will see the skip Button as shown below. Click on it to bypass mobile verification stage.

open gmail account without number verification

From the next page, Accept their terms and conditions. then complete your signup. You are now done and your gmail account is ready.

You can use the same process above to create as many Gmail accounts as possible without mobile number.

Alternative: Open multiple Gmail accounts with one mobile number

You can also create many Gmail accounts using single mobile number. In that case you will have to remove the number after completing your account setup. Then you can use the same number to create other accounts.

Shortcut: Just login your email from your phone or desktop browser and click on the Mobile number Page here That will take you to a page where you can remove the number associated with the gmail you gave logged in.

Remove your phone number and save settings then you can use the number for other accounts.

To me, I prefer using the gmail app method shown above. That seem more convenient.

Conclusion: How to Create multiple gmail Accounts without Phone verification

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