Getbarter Review: Register And get Barter Virtual Card 2024

In this Getbarter review, I will unveil how you can register and get a working barter virtual card that works in Nigeria

Have you ever imagined having your own credit Card online even without going to any bank to make this Card offline?

This card will also serve you just like your offline card does such as making purchases and processing payments online without extra charges or renewal fees.

Did you know you could also make mobile payments online easily?

Without the notice of beginners, there are many online options which enable you to create your own master Or Visa Cards for free which can be used on every foreign online store for international payment.

but in this article, we shall be talking about Getbarter. Perhaps in our next articles about Getbarter review, we shall be discussing Getbarter’s alternative for online transactions.

About Getbarte (Review)

Getbarter is an App/website that allows you to Create Master and Visa Cards which can be used for online transactions.

Did you know that one reason why many Nigerians can’t run Facebook Ads is that their Naira debit cards are often rejected on several occasions? Some even go to the extent of opening a new bank account to get new cards yet nothing works.

What about Opening a PayPal account? Why do many Nigerians still find it difficult to complete their PayPal signup because of Card rejection (If you’ve been on this online matter you will understand this better).

Another puzzle is Running Google Advertisements and making purchases from many foreign online stores. These have been very difficult for many because of card rejection due to currency differences.

With Getbarter, you can Create Your own Master or VISA credit Cards with the details every other card has and you can now start accessing and processing payments on every international online store.

Am sure this is what every Nigerian Blogger and Freelancer needs most.

How Does Getbarter Work?

In case you’re searching for how to use Getbarter, There’s no payment required to get started with Get Getbarter.

You will only need to register a Getbarter account. You can do that from the official Getbarter website ) or Download the Getbarter App This app is also available on Google Playstore.

I will advise you not to go with the Getbarter official website( It is somehow complicated for newbies instead download and install the Getbarter app) When you launch the app here’s what you will see.


how to use getbarter review

Sign up for anew Getbarter account and you can now log into your Getbarter online virtual Credit card Creator dashboard.

Getbarter App Vs Website

While the Getbarter Website has the option to create only a VISA Card, the App has the option to create both Visa and Master Card.

If you have been using the Getbarter Website and you’re not seeing the option to create a master Card, switch to The application you will find it easily.

This is one more reason why the Getbarter app is recommended over their official website apart from the simplicity.

How To Use Getbarter App

Having registered and Signed into your account, click on the button that says fund wallet and add some cash to your Getbarter wallet.

There are not many options when using Getbarter: Everything is made very easy from your Getbarter app dashboard for easy understanding. They have few and most relevant options such as the Wallet, Cards and Settings

how to use getbarter review scam

Click on Wallet to add funds to your Getbarter wallet. after adding some funds, you can now click on Cards to create or manage existing Cards.

When you create a Card, You will Fund the Barter card with the cash inside your Getbarter wallet.

Now this money is what you will use in making every online transaction. As soon as your Card Balance runs low, you will have to fund it again or leave it to put an end to every order placed online.

Note: After creating a Card, you will see your Cvv, expiry date and Card number which are the relevant Options needed for using Cards online in making transactions.

Copy your Card Details and head over to any foreign online store to start making purchases as you like without restrictions.

What you need to create a new Getbarter Card

You don’t need any documents before creating your cards for online transactions when it comes to using

After funding your Wallet click on the Cards Option and select the type of card you want to create ( VISA or Master Cards). I select the Visa option.

how to use getbarter

After you have successfully done that Insert your details correctly and click on Create Card. Now My new Getbarter Card is Ready for Use.

You can see your Card number and expiry date on the front of your Getbarter Card. Just click on the Card and you will see the Backside where your CVV is included.

Now your card is ready and that solves all online payment solutions. No more payment Hassles.

You can terminate your Getbarter Card

When you have issues or you have something else to do with the funds inside your Getbarter Card, you can terminate your Card.

The terminate option is available on your card profile page. When the card is terminated, the funds available on the terminated Card will be reversed back to your wallet.

You can request a withdrawal and your money will be transferred to your bank account(transfer charges are applied).

Is Getbarter Worth it?

Concerning the query, is using Getbarter worth it or not? I will say it’s worth it because it’s working for me and other of my fans here.

Every Getbarter review online is a testimony of greatness. Facebook and other social fans say “Getbarter is the best solution to online transactions.”

What else does Getbarter need to prove itself real if not from the reviews of others?

Feel free to use Get Barter without fear because it has been tested and confirmed. (Getbarter Works).

Here are some Getbarter pros and Cons you must take note of.

  • The App is better than the online website
  • You can fund your Wallet with any amount but you can’t make a new card unless you have at least 10 USD in your Wallet balance.
  • It must reach at least 24 hours before terminating another Card after the termination of the initial one. In order words, you can only terminate one card in a day

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Conclusion: Getbarter Review

Did you find the above article on Getbarter Review helpful? Kindly share with your friends who are also searching for how to use barter cards. am sure this will also solve their online payment problems


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