Free Apps To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media Apps. While some people use it for business (Instagram Influencers), others use it just for fun.

For some reason, you may wish to find out certain things about your online activities e.g how to see if someone saved your Instagram Post, Free Apps to see who saved your Instagram post and so many others.

For Influencers, this would give you motivation and an insight into what your followers think, feel and react to your posts.

While some are doubtful and ask questions like; can you see who saved your Instagram post? I want to say that it is very possible and in this guide, you will discover Free Apps to see who saved your Instragam post.

Free Apps To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

As an Instagram Influencer, you may wish to find out who saved your Instagram posts. This would boost your confidence and brand at the same time.

It is very important to always add your IG username (watermark) to all the posts you make, those who save and share your Instagram posts will make it possible for more people to reach out to your page and follow you.

There are no special Free Apps to see who saved your Instagram posts, However, the Instagram app has a special feature added to it that makes users keep a record of those who engage your Instagram posts.

How To Know Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

So now you wish to discover that free trick that lets influencers see saved Instagram posts. Now you can know if someone has saved your Instagram post in a collection.

For Instagram content creators, learning how to see who saves your photos on Instagram can help them learn which type of post your followers like best and that will help you in crazing amazing content.

The only way to see who saved your posts on Instagram is to view the advanced insights of a post, which are available for those with Business or Creator accounts.

Anyone can change their personal Instagram account to a Business or Creator account. Select Settings > Accounts, then choose Switch to Business or Switch to creator account.

For those using an Instagram Business account, you can see how many times your posts have been saved in the following way:

  • Locate Settings on your Instagram and tap on the Account option.
  • Proceed and select if you want to change your account to a business or a Creator one.
  • Once the switch is successful, go to the right side at the bottom to view your profile. Then you can check your posts.
  • Now while checking your posts, tap on the post to know its save count.
  • The post will load first then click on the option of View Insight. This option will appear under the image or video of your post.
  • This is how you will check advanced insight into your post. There will be a bookmark icon that will show the number count. The number that appears is the number of times your post has been saved in a collection.

How To Know Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

With this method, you can be able to check who saved your Instagram Post, it could be a video or Picture.

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

Instagram policies make it impossible for influencers to discover those specific people who save your post. The platform has strict and specific rules about this and once you share your picture on it then anyone who has access to it can save it.

Your saved Instagram posts can only become a part of their collection and you will have no idea that someone has even saved them.

Currently, there is no such application available that allows Instagram influencers to discover who saved their posts.

Best App For Saving Instagram Posts

Facebook and other social media apps make it possible to save posts (pictures and videos) with ease, however, with Instagram, it is difficult to save a post directly from the App.

The only way you can save posts from Instagram is by doing screenshots, unfortunately, screenshots reduce the quality of posts and give you a bad experience.

Below, I will share with you my best app for saving Instagram posts, be it a video or picture without having to do a screenshot.

Having discussed the free Apps to see who saved your Instagram Posts, without further ado, let’s look at Best App for saving Instagram Posts.

FastSave App

Best App For Saving Instagram Posts

FastSave (also known as InstaSave) is one of the best Instagram autosave apps that lets you save photos and videos from Instagram directly to the memory of your Android device. The way it works is very simple. All you have to do is activate Fastsave from the main menu and then open Instagram.

  • Download FastSave App from Google Play Store and Install it
  • Go to your Instagram App and pick the picture or video post you wish to save
  • Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the Instagram post and copy the link of the post (picture or video)
  • Proceed and open your FastSave App and immediately your post will be saved directly to your storage and you can be able to access it there and repost it to whichever platform you wish.
  • If FastSave does not save the post automatically after copying the link, refresh the page and try again.

The above steps are how to save Instagram Posts with FastSave App.

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Conclusion: Free Apps To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

Conclusively, you can see who saved your Instagram post by clicking on your Instagram insight button under the post in question, The insight will give you detailed information about your post views and shares.

Again, FastSave App is one of the best for automatically saving Instagram Posts without taking screenshots as it reduces the quality of the post.

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