Goldmine Review: How Does Goldmiineng Works?, Registration

Goldmine is another trending earning system making waves on some WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria. In this Goldmine Review you will discover how the platform (Goldmiineng) works, legit or scam?, and how to register and make money on Goldmine.

Similarly to Videomine, Goldmine has been a major topic of discussion and not long ago after seeing some WhatsApp TV promoting the platform, a friend suggested I make a review and give my honest assessment about the platform.

About Goldmine (Review)

About Goldmine Review

Goldmine is a financial cryptocurrency mining system that works by helping individuals by presenting them with the opportunity to make money online effortlessly.

Cryptocurrency mining itself; is the process by which new units of digital currency are created. This is where Bitcoin mining comes in, the process by which new units of the currency are made, or “minted,” and introduced into the market

Conclusively, Goldmine mission is to eradicate poverty in the country by providing a cryptocurrency based system that will engage members to perform simple basic mining activities and get rewarded in the end.

The website is all about mining, sharing sponsored posts and earning by referral. Goldmine is not a read news and get paid website.

How To Make Money On Goldmine

If you have intentions of joining Goldmine anytime soon, I am sure you would want to find out how the platform really works and the earning system.

Below is how to make money on Goldmine

  • Once you register and become a member, you will stand a chance to earn 1,500 referral commision.
  • All members are awarded 500MB worth of data instantaneously.
  • As a member, you will earn 200 daily for mining which can effortlessly do by simply clicking.
  • When you share sponsored posts to your social media handles, you will earn 100
  • As an affiliate, you will earn 2000 as referral commission anytime you refer someone to join Goldmine via your link.

Again, there are so many other juicy offers available for all members on Goldmine.

Introducing Goldmint Package

Golmine new Goldmint package is a newly added package that gives members more freedom and options to make money on the website.

How To Make Money On Goldmine

With a registration fee of 5,000, you will earn the following on Golmint package;

400 team bonus

When you shared viral posts daily you will earn 400

After successful registration, you will be awarded 2,500 welcome bonus

The referral commission for this package is 3,000

Again, you will earn a spillover commission of 100

Free 1GB data bous

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Goldmine Withdrawal

The sole aim of joining Goldmine is to make money and withdraw at the end of the day. Members of Goldmine who wish to find out how to withdraw from Goldmine technology should read below.

Since Goldmine is a cryptocurrency mining based platform, you can either withdraw to your local bank or to your Cryptocurrency wallet (USDT).

How To Withdraw Non-Referral Earnings on Goldmine

As a non-referral earner, you can place your withdrawal twice a month on the 15th and 30th days of the month.

The minimum withdrawal for non-referral earners is 12,000 and payment can be received in both Naira (local bank) and USDT.

How To Withdraw Non-Referral Earnings on Goldmine

Referal withdrawals are done daily on Goldmine with a minimum withdrawal threshold of 6,000.

Payment can be received via a local bank and cryptocurrency wallet (USDT).

Goldmine Registration

Below is a step guide on how to register and become a member of Goldmine.

You will need to purchase a coupon code from any of the verified coupon vendors on the site

After purchasing your code which can only be used once and for just one account Activation/Registration

You use the Registration/referral link you would be provided with by whoever introduced you

Fill in your details required via the boxes provided and make sure your information is correct so as not to encounter issues later

Use your code purchased and click on terms and conditions when done

A Registration fee of ₦3,000 or 5,000 will be required (depending on your package)

Click Here To Register

Once you have registered, set up your account and don’t neglect to join any of their social media handles for updates.

For Assitance on Registration WhatsApp Me Below

Goldmine Coupon Code

Goldmine Login Registration

After you have done successful signup on the platform, you can log in via the official Goldmine website;

Is Goldmine Scam or Legit ( Honest Review)

Before investing your hard-earned money on Goldmiineng, it is important to investigate and make some assessments about the legitimacy of this platform.

LegacyTips has always been at the focal point of reviewing websites like this and passing valid judgement about the legitimacy, credibility and security of these websites.

From our findings, Goldmine promises to pay members when they take on cryptocurrency mining activities on the website together with other activities like sharing sponsored posts and referring.

The website looks a bit crappy and it is evident the platform is still fresh and new, so we can’t guarantee its sustainability.

The founder of this website and owners behind Goldmine are anonymous and it raises a big question as to who will be held accountable if the site one day decide to go down.

Conclusively, Goldmine is still paying and seems to be in good shape, there are no reported cases of fraud or scams. However, I will advise my followers and fans not to put so much interest or invest so much into it.

Is Goldmine Legit or scam?: I would say it is paying but not reliable.

I hope this has answered your question regarding the legitimacy of Goldmine.

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Conclusion: Goldmine Review: How Does Goldmiineng Works?, Registration

In conclusion, Goldmine is one of the latest paying websites in Nigeria similar to Videomine Technology.

I hope this Goldmine review guide has made you understand much about the platform, how to make money and the withdrawal process.

Kindly leave any comments if you have any contributions, recommendations or suggestions.

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21 thoughts on “Goldmine Review: How Does Goldmiineng Works?, Registration”

  1. Goldmine has wasted my time alot alongside my data and my money as a non referral I’ve earned 17000 which is eligible for withdrawal but my affiliate and activities are closed

  2. This is a scam they are just making money daily from our per click everyday its a fraud and its not reliable my mining is now a total of 12600 and that useless platform is telling that I can’t withdraw just wasting my time, money, data, and even energy on something that isn’t gonna pay me I know God will surely judge you. 😒😧😩

  3. Is not a paying site na scan .. have been trying to withdraw since and is not even open to withdraw .. and you call that a paying site… Scan I just wasted my money and time and data on this useless site …. Using our data to upgrade there site

  4. I’ve been mining for months and now I’m having 15,000 naira. Despite today being 30th, it’s still showing me low balance of withdrawal status.
    If truly this isn’t scam, please do something as soon as possible

  5. This platform isn’t paying activity.. just affiliate …despite reaching the amount you can withdraw.. its still “closed” like forever… That’s not what was communicated to us… so is the activity own working or not???

  6. I tried withdrawing today which is 30th but I realised that the Activity withdrawal is closed but yet it’s showing me eligible for withdrawal…

  7. My activity mine is 14, 600 and its still showing me “low balance” I’m begining to feel like its a scam

  8. I can’t withdraw as a non-affiliate
    Nd it’s telling me eligible for withdrawal
    Whereas the activity is closed

  9. Goldmine is a very useless platform.
    It only pays for Affiliate, why it makes daily income from your per click everyday without paying for activities. 😒 data and time sucking platform

  10. I tried signing up with assistant I’ve made payment but till now he haven’t sent my activation code yet

  11. Pls wat is d specific time for withrawal of activities on goldmine (on the 15th And 30th)

  12. My activity mine is 10,500 and my bonus which is 1,500 which is equal to 12,000 but now mine is showing that I am not eligible to withdraw

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