LuxeGold Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration is another golden platform that is currently trending and gaining so much attention. In this LuxeGold review, I will walk you through how it works and the requirements to register and make money.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is currently on the rise and the best thing you can do is find a way to earn extra income.

In a country where inflation is high and the economy doesn’t support businesses, getting a side hustle should be the least minimum one could think of.

There are decent ways you can make money online, you can take on surveys, and you can also learn forex and start making money once you gain mastery, you can also start affiliate marketing, network and earn money.

How about sites that pay you to chat with lonely women? The list is endless. However, choosing between what works and what doesn’t is actually what most people find difficult.

There are so many networking platforms that pay you to perform tasks, refer and acquire skills but only a few of them are legit.

Over the years, LegacyTips has been saddled with the responsibility of reviewing networking sites for the public to identify those fake and those that are legit.

For the sake of this article, we will be getting an insight into LuxeGold to see what the platform brings to the table.

About LuxeGold (Review)

LuxeGold is an international social media monetization and affiliate platform with a dollar-earning structure to help average youths make money with just the use of a smartphone, internet connection and willingness to work

How LuxeGold Works

LuxeGold works by helping you monetize your social media by paying you for all the things you’ve been doing online without getting paid.

Through the amazing features integrated into the platform, you will get paid for posting on your WhatsApp, sending anonymous messages, Watching videos, and following someone on social media.

LuxeGold Features

  • Gold Status
  • 92% Affiliate commision
  • Gold Annonymous
  • Gold Xchange
  • Indirect referral commission
  • Swift payment

How To Make Money On LuxeGold

Below is how to earn on the platform

1. Earn Via Task Bonus

You will get 10k immediately after you register, it’ll be paid to your account after 30 days of performing a 1-minute task daily.

It takes less than 3 minutes to complete this task and it’s done once a day. After 30 days of performing this 2-minute Gold task, you’ll be paid Gold Returns of ₦10,000 ($16) straight to your bank account without referrals.

2. Earn Via Gold Status

Upload any video or photo on your Gold Status, share the link to your WhatsApp status, and get paid ₦20 per view.

Let’s say after uploading a photo you end up having 50 views, you’ll be paid N1,000($1.6). Just for that one photo. Your earnings through your Gold Status will be added to your Gold Shares on your dashboard. The more your views the more your Gold shares


Anybody can view your Gold status, whether they’re registered on LuxeGold or not. But only registered members on LuxeGold can post and earn their Gold Status. This is the same for other features

Through Gold Status you can make ₦1,000 – ₦5,000 daily without referrals, thats 30k – 100k monthly without  referrals

3. Earn via Annonymous

Share a link for your friends to send you an anonymous and get paid ₦20 per message they send.

After sharing your Gold Anonymous link, for each anonymous message you receive from anyone who uses the link to send you an anonymous message, you’ll be paid ₦20 ($0.3), which will be added to your Gold shares on your dashboard.

Let’s say after sharing your Gold Anonymous link, you ended up receiving 50 anonymous messages from different people. You’ll be paid ₦1,000 ($1.6) thats 50 (messages) X ₦20 = ₦1,000($1.6). The more anonymous messages you receive, the more Gold shares you get. Goodbye to doing anonymous without getting paid.

Through Gold Anonymous, you can make ₦600 – ₦3,000 daily without referrals, thats ₦18,000 – ₦50,000 monthly without  referrals

4. Earn via Gold Xchange

Get paid when your friends sell their coins. E.g when your friend sells $500 BTC, you get N5,000.

When anyone uses your link to sell their crypto coin like BTC, USDT, ETH, or BnB…. you’ll be paid ₦10 ($0.01) per dollar traded.

Let’s say someone uses your link to sell $500 worth of BTC, you’ll be paid N5000 which will be added to your Gold commission on your dashboard.

The more people trade using your link the more you earn. For those of you who have friends who buy or sell BTC without you benefiting because you don’t know anything about Crypto. Just ask them to trade with your link and you’ll be paid.

5. Gold Affiliate

When someone registers with ₦5,000 ($8) LUXEGOLD through you, you’ll be paid ₦4000($6.4) referral commission which will be added to your Gold commission on your dashboard.

Also, whenever any of those you registered, register someone, ₦300($0.5) will be added to your Gold commission which is 1st generation Indirect referral commission.

And you get ₦100 ($0.16) 2nd generation indirect Commission whenever any of your 2nd generation downlines register someone, it’ll be added to your Gold Commission


Referral Commission = ₦4,000 ($8)

1st gen Indirect commission = ₦300 ($0.64)

2nd gen Indirect commission = ₦100 ($0.16)

Foreign Earning Structures

LuxeGold is available for Nigerians, Ghanaians, and South Africans


  • Reg Fee: 100GHS
  • Referral Commission: 73GHS
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 4.5GHS
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 1.1GHS
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 182GHS
  • Gold Status: 0.4GGHS
  • Gold Anonymous: 0.4GHS per message received.


  • Reg Fee: 5,000CFA
  • Referral Commission: 3,920CFA
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 244CFA
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 61CFA
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 9800CFA
  • Gold Status: 18CFA per view
  • Gold Anonymous: 18CFA per message


  • Reg Fee: 200R
  • Referral Commission: 122R
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 7.5R
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 2R
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 304R
  • Gold Status: 0.7R per view
  • Gold Anonymous: 0.7R per message


  • Reg Fee: 181ZK
  • Referral Commission: 132ZK
  • 1st Gen Indirect: 8.2ZK
  • 2nd Gen Indirect: 2ZK
  • Task Welcome Bonus: 330ZK
  • Gold Status: 0.7ZK per view
  • Gold Anonymous: 0.7ZK per message

Secrets To Hit 6 Figures on LuxeGold

1️⃣ Create your group

2️⃣ Get people to join the group by broadcasting your link or placing ads through WhatsApp TV or Tiktok influencers

3️⃣ Your family members and village people have no business being in your group.

4️⃣ Generate awareness by posting LUXEGOLD flyers on your status and group

By implementing these strategies, making 100k a few days of launch is possible! ????

Believe in yourself and stop giving excuses.. always know that there are no limits to what you can achieve

How To Withdraw on LuxeGold

How To Withdraw on LuxeGold

Unlike other networking platforms, LuxeGold has a different strategy for making payments.

1. Dail tasks earnings in the form of a Gold Return of ₦10,000 ($16) is paid after every 30 days.

2. Gold status and Anonymous are combined, which is known as Gold Shares on your dashboard. You can withdraw it on the 25th of every month. Minimum withdrawal is ₦35,000

3. Gold Exchange and Gold Affiliates are also Combined, which is known as Gold Commision on your dashboard. You can withdraw it every Wednesday and Sunday between 12 pm – 4 pm. The minimum withdrawal is ₦10,000.

All your earnings in dollars will be converted to naira and paid straight to your bank account after placing a withdrawal

LuxeGold Registration

To join LuxeGold, you will have to make a payment of ₦5,000 to Bostics Media and secure your coupon code.

By signing up with Bostics Media, you will get access to the following free advantages

  • Mentorship to grow your WhatsApp views and audience
  • Secret to skyrocketing your earnings on LuxeGold
  • Free access to a Facebook ad mastery course that is worth over ₦20,000

WhatsApp Bostics Media to Join

LuxeGold Registration

LuxeGold Website Login

Once your registration is successful, you can access the portal via to login

LuxeGold Telegram

Join the Telegram Channel for Massive updates

LuxeGold Review: Scam or Legit?

LuxeGold is a new platform meant to be launched on the 1st of December. The goal of the platform is to provide diverse opportunities for people to make money online through features offered on the platform.

If you’re aware of Networking platforms, you will know that within the first time of launch, they get massive sign-ups, and paid members and after a few months it becomes a long story.

LuxeGold will get alot of members, and after some time a policy change could make the platform lose trend.

The decision to Join depends on you. However, I advise that your motive for joining should be that you want to raise capital to start something more sustainable.


If you have questions, suggestions or recommendations to add to this LuxeGold review, kindly let us know in the comments

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5 thoughts on “LuxeGold Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Registration”

  1. Completed my task for 30 days but I didn’t get my money and I’ve make $20 already from gold returns. Sometimes the tasks wouldn’t even show for some days.

  2. I’ve done all my task and they are refusing to pay me my money
    Dollar tube on the other hand has been busying my calls pls I hope you guys are not scammers

  3. I registered on luxegold platform since 21st October 2023, have been receiving anonymous messages from friends but it hasn’t been reflecting on my gold shares ..

    secondly,,, the daily gold task was not updated for me on 29th October 2023.
    pls what will I do about it???

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