NNU Forum Registration 2020, How To Join And Make Money

In my Previous Post, we discussed the complete NNU Income Review, How the NNU platform works, but in our today’s article, I am going to share with you a complete NNU Forum Registration, how to register and start earning money online as a student, graduate etc…

I believe NNU is a platform everybody would love to join and make money from it, Just follow this tutorial and learn how to register and become a member of this earning platform

If you are a student, getting started with NNU Forum Income Program is a great decision as an affiliate because there are a lot of students like you on campus who are in need of cash daily. The entry fee is affordable for anyone. The economy has changed a lot over the past few months with the present government tenure.

NNU remains among the Top 10 most visited sites in Nigeria having over 700k members that are making money online daily, why not join the moving project now and give testimonies later

NNU Forum Registration

Hey dont be lazy, to register and join nnu is as simple as primary school rhymes, abi you want to tell me say u no attend p school, lol…. for nnu registration below are the requirements

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Requirements for NNU Forum Registration

Smart Phone: You don’t need a laptop to be a member of NNU income, your Smartphone is just enough

Active Gmail Account: Yes you need a Gmail account to register and become a member, personally i will recommend Gmail, using Yahoo might bring issues so always use Gmail

Your Capital: If you want to make money online you have to invest money online, this is where most people fail to understand, with just a one-time payment of N1400 it is going to see you through, I know it’s not too big compared to how much you spend on bet9ja

If you have all these ready then follow up on the nnu registration tutorial


If you are hearing about NNU for the first time, I suggest you read how NNU works

As you can see in the picture above, fill in all your information. the Referral remains constant, don’t try to delete or edit anything there just leave it as it is

AVOID THIS: Usernames like sollex@4, Michael@07 etc… are not allowed so just try as much as possible to avoid using the @ sign in your username


Select A username that you think is not common so that you won’t get replies like.. username already exists. NNU doesn’t give you a username, you get a username for yourself

After selecting your username the next thing is the password, you should provide a password you know you could easily remember, if you are a student in a high institution why not use your Matric number as your password, what do you think about that….?

Next is the method of payment, there are two ways you can make payments

  • Coupon Code
  • PayStack

For the sake of this nnu registration tutorial, we are using the coupon method

Click Here Now To Register

Below is the list of authorized distributors of the NNU Forum Coupon Code to register prospects for fast approval without any delay.

Hook up with them to always purchase coupon codes and get your prospect registered and approved automatically and earn your commission.

Igbi Darlinton 08039401726 UBA, Eco Bank
Udueni Anthonia 08100861127 GTBank
Nenuwe Rachael 08034870242  First Bank
Ufo Blessing 07034991014 Eco Bank
Tishe Mariam  07063139613 GTBank, First Bank
BLAZE SAMUEL  09055334131 Access Bank
Friday Loveth 09050159026 Access Bank
Williams Johnson  08166169415 Zenith, UBA,First Bank
Shafiu Idris Siaky 08063473633 First Bank, UBA
Efekodo Jeremiah 07032431952 UBA, First Bank
Abigail Oni 08050643304 GTBank, UBA, First Bank
Saliu Olamide M. 08176361051 GTBank, UBA
Segun Adegbite 09074577191 GTBank, UBA, First Bank
Uzoma Amaechi  08037859257  UBA, GTBank, Diamond
Egu Chris 07062434715 UBA, GTB
Obiji Emmanuel 08037803246  Zenith, Access Eco, UBA
Babatunde Dada 08122208387 GTBank, UBA First Bank
Daniel Brown  09060051781
David Ahaoma  08167362160 UBA, Diamon, Sky Bank
Mabel Ighedosa 08189720794 Access Bank
Michael Okoroafor 08035327117
Olubode Joshua Opeyemi 07067160277 GTBank, Sterling Bank
Oladunmomi Timothy 08131119801 GTBank
Amoye Promise 08129669247 First, UBA, GTBank,
Mbah Samuel 08065644431 Access, Diamond Zenith
Victor Kenstar 09074440808 Union Bank
Akinbogun Valentine 08138373430 UBA, GTB, First Bank
Prosper Michael 08151921590 UBA

If you would love to register using the Paystack method using your debit card then select the method of payment as Paystack then click on register then it will take you to a page where you will need to fill in your card details and other relevant information

Just ensure you can receive an alert because they will need to send you a one-time verification code (OTP) before completing the registration

Top 10 Earners On NNU Forum

Below is the list of the top 10 earners on nnu income, believe me, the sky is your limit, these guys are students like you and they are making it in life

Why not join the moving train instead of standing afar on the fence, nnu registration is what should be in your mind now

Top 10 Affiliates

1 Samson Paul ₦ 23303000.00
2 Michael Oladokun ₦ 905000.00
3 Noah Prosper ₦ 743000.00
4 Oladiti dayo ₦ 577000.00
5 Daniel Brown ₦ 520000.00
6 Segun Adegbite ₦ 453500.00
7 Oladunmomi Timothy ₦ 433000.00
8 Uzoma Amaechi ₦ 393500.00
9 Agbonifo Mabel ₦ 362000.00
10 Kostka Stanislaus ₦ 342000.00

Click Here Now To Register

Conclusion: NNU Forum Registration

Thanks for reading, you if have any issues with NNU forum registration, kindly comment below and i will reply to you ASAP

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  1. Can someone do a transfer on my behalf during registration to be able to complete the registration process. Because am about to register but I only have cash at hand instead of bank

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