Ravetok Review: Scam or Legit?, How it Works, Registration

Ravetok is one of the hottest and newly launched mining systems in Nigeria providing Nigerians like you and me the opportunity to leverage the internet and make money online. In this Ravetok review, you will discover how it works, if it’s legit or another scam website and how to register on Ravetok.

The advent of mining has created a community of digital earners and made cryptocurrency much easier for even people for have little or no knowledge about it.

Mining is the process that Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies use to generate new coins and verify new transactions. It involves vast, decentralized networks of computers around the world that verify and secure blockchains – the virtual ledgers that document cryptocurrency transactions.

In return for contributing their processing power, computers on the network are rewarded with new coins. It’s a virtuous circle: the miners maintain and secure the blockchain, the blockchain awards the coins, the coins provide an incentive for the miners to maintain the blockchain.


This review is aimed to provide information regarding Ravetok, we are in no way trying to promote the platform or tarnish the reputation of the website. Please accept our review in good fate

About Ravetok (Review)

According to the information gotten from their website, Ravetok is a US Dollar pegged digital Mining system designed with reference to digital finance as a leverage to the economic uncertainties of conventional cash flow elements.

In addition, Ravetok Makes it possible for individuals and corporations to earn income basically from their comfort, anywhere and anytime.

Ravetok is a turnover system that promises to highly reward its members for all activities done on the website for the common good of both the platform and the members.

Additionally, the website provides a free-flowing stream of income for members of the system and gives one the freedom to earn at ease by taking part in the activities of the financial mechanism from the comfort of any location in the world while the user gets paid in Conventional currency or to cryptocurrency wallets in USDT $.

In summary, Ravetok is a similar website to Videomine and AfricGold; they help members who lack the technical know-how of cryptocurrency to take on the activities of money and get monetary rewards in the end.

The whole process of mining is to get cryptocurrency funds to your wallet.

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How Ravetok Works

How Ravetok Works

Ravetok is a cryptocurrency mining platform that works by providing an alternative income stream for members of the system and gives one the freedom to earn at ease by taking part in the activities on the website.

In the end, members are rewarded according to the magnitude of work done on the website in their cryptocurrency wallet.

This is a good and innovative idea, especially for newbies who are new to cryptocurrency and lack the knowledge base of trading with popular cryptocurrency sites like OctaFX and many others.

There are three packages on RaveTok

1️⃣ Pulse Package = ₦4,000

2️⃣ Switch Package = ₦6,000

3️⃣ Magnum Package = ₦12,000

Below is a simplified breakdown of how each package works.

✅ Pulse Package

The registration fee for this package is ₦4,000

Referral earning is ₦1,800

Level 2 commission is ₦150

Mining earnings  ₦120

Duration is 2hrs

Airdrop earnings ₦400

Switch Package

The registration fee is ₦6,000

Referral earning — ₦2,800

Level 2 commission — ₦300

Mining earning: ₦220

Duration: 2hrs

Airdrop earning: ₦700

Magnum Package

The registration fee for this package is ₦12,000

Referral earning — ₦5,950

Level 2 commission — ₦500

Mining earning: ₦2,800

Duration: 24hrs

Airdrop earning: ₦1,000

How To Make Money on Ravetok

Making money on Ravetok is not so hard and I believe everyone can make money on the website mining cryptocurrency and getting paid in USDT.

Nevertheless, before diving into mining on the website, you will have to select your most preferred package before you can earn.

Additionally, how much you can make from the website depends on your package so it is always advisable to go with the best available package.

Ravetok is a dual-purpose platform, it’s either you mine to earn or earn through affiliate marketing.

Below is how to make money with any of the aforementioned Ravetok packages.

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How Much Can You Make on Pulse Package?

? You will earn N120 per 2hrs after mining section N120 x 12 = ₦1,440 daily and you can perform mining per month ₦1,440 x 30 days = ₦43,200

? Affiliate Airdrop ₦400 × 30 days = ₦12,000.

In totality, you’re making up to ₦55,200 ? Without any referral.

? Pulse package gives ₦1,800 as a referral commission if you are able to get someone to join the platform via your link.

If you are able to convince and register two persons daily, that will be equivalent to ₦3,600 × 30 days = ₦108,000

How Much Can You Make on Switch Package?

? On this package, you will earn ₦220 per 2hrs after mining section ₦220 x 12 = ₦2,640 daily. If you are able to mine for a month, that is; ₦2,640 x 30 days = ₦79,200

? Affiliate Airdrop ₦700 × 30 days = ₦21,000.

In totality, you’re making ₦100,200 ? without any referral.

? Referring of people on Pulse package is ₦1,800….imagine if you register two people daily that is ₦3,600 × 30 days = ₦108,000

? Referring of people on Switch package is ₦2,800. If you register two persons daily that is ₦5,600 x 30 days = ₦168,000

? Total Referrals Earn in a month on Pulse package and Switch package ~ ₦108,000 + ₦168,000 = ₦276,000

How Much Can You Make on Magnum Package

Ravetok Packages

? You will earn ₦2,800 per 24hrs after mining section at ₦2,800 daily while mining per month gives you ₦2,800 x 30 days = ₦84,000

? Affiliate Airdrop~N1,000 × 30 days = ₦30,000.

Again, in total, you’re making ₦114,000 ? without any referral.

? Referring of people on Pulse package is ₦1,800….imagine if you register two people daily…That is ₦3,600 × 30 days = ₦108,000

? Referring of people on Switch package is ₦2,800….. imagine if you register two persons daily…That is ₦5,600 x 30 days = ₦168,000

? Referring of people on Magnum package is ₦5,950…. imagine if you register two people daily., that is ₦11,900 x 30 days = ₦357,000

? Total Referrals Earn in a month on Pulse / Switch / Magnum package ~ ₦108,000 + ₦168,000 + N357,000 = ₦633,000

Can you get paid without referral?

YES, Ravetok claims to pay without referral

Ravetok Top 10 Earners

Just a few days after its launch, many people have leverage on Ravetok and are making a decent income from it.

Below are the top earners on Ravetok.

RaveTok Top Earners

How To Withdraw on Ravetock

Once you have earned a reasonable amount, your earnings would be credited to your account after attaining Ravetok minimum withdrawal threshold.

How Does Ravetok Generate Income To Pay Members

Ravetok has a functional cash reservoir, they do not depend on Google Adsense before paying her members. The Amount of Ravetok supply daily is what they can afford to pay. The company is monetised in different ways to ensure consistent mining cash flow.

Ravetok Registration

To become a full member of this cryptocurrency mining platform; Ravetock, you will choose your most preferred package and purchase a coupon code that will be used for your registration.

You can reach out to any of the Ravetok coupon vendors here.

Ravetock Registration

Fill in your details and don’t forget to choose a strong password. In that way, your account will b saved and secured.

Ravetok Login

You can access the official website via Ravetok.com

Ravetok Review: Scam or Legit?

This Ravetock review will not be credible if we fail to assess the level of credibility of this platform.

Looking at the assessments we have gathered, Ravetok was launched on the 24th of February 2022 with the sole aim of providing a stream of reliable digital asset acquisition systems and giving members the opportunity of enjoying leveraged income through sustainable activation packages and commendable earning thresholds.

Again, people have claimed to cash out over 300k from the website just a day after its launch, however, we have not seen any real or clear evidence of payment from any of the members involved on the website.

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Ravetok Review: Scam or Legit

The domain is a fresh one that was registered on the 24th of Jan, 2022.

Ravetok might be paying now but a big question lies on its Sustainability!!, how long can the platform actually stay? could this be another Ponzi scheme that promises more than it could offer?

Some of these questions can not be answered now but as you journey along with the platform, you will discover things for yourself.

Lastly, the owners of this platform are not known but you can contact them via email hello@ravetok.com

Our candid advice is, carry your head along!.

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Conclusion: Ravetok Review: How it works, Registration

In conclusion, there are some other websites like Ravetok that enables users to mine cryptocurrency and make money. However, do not let the pursuit to earn money online make you forget to check out for reviews of these platforms before investing your time, money and energy.

I believe this Ravetok review has provided valuable information regarding the activities of the website. If you are already a member, write to use in the comments let us hear your view.

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