Trolex Income Program Review: Scam or Legit? How it works

Welcome to my trolex income program review. I am sure you must have heard about this newly launched income program and that is why you stumbled on my web page which is the number one website for income program reviews.

Having done other reviews on other legit income programs that pay daily, one of them happens to be flowextra.

Today, we are going to make a review on this income program to find out if it’s legit or not and who is the brain behind it. Income Program Review

Trolex is another kind of income program or otherwise known as getting paid to read news websites in Nigeria. As earlier mentioned, you must have come across other top income programs in the past such as Giftalworld, NNU, CandyNews, Newspayforum and the rest.

Trolex income program happens to be one of them which is well redefined and flexible to make money online, these platforms pay you for taking action on their website every day. However, trolex comes with huge benefits for members to earn successfully on the platform.

It is evident that Nigeria is a country filled with lots of stories and breaking news every day, but have you ever thought of getting paid to read news? perhaps you should read this article to the end.

How Trolex Income Program Works

Just like other income programs, trolex have two basic earning systems known as referral earnings and activity earnings. However, what makes them different from other income programs is that all your earnings are accumulated on your dashboard together without separating them.


Trolex is not Paying Again

How To Make Money On Trolex Income Program

If you wish to make money on trolex income program, first of all, you have to register then get a good smartphone with an internet connection and that is all.

Below is a simplified way on how to earn money on trolex income program.

  • Upon successful registration, you’ll be given ₦500 as a Sign Up Bonus which will reflect on your dashboard
  • For every post you submit to the platform (if it gets approved), you will earn ₦100
  • You will also stand a chance to earn ₦100 For Splash Post
  • For every comment you make on the website, you will earn ₦5
  • You stand a chance to win  ₦50,000 in the monthly raffle draw
  • You earn ₦1200 referral commission for everyone you refer under your link.

However, for those who find it very difficult to convince and refer people to join, you can check out how to get referrals easily for any income program.

How to get referrals

I also have a Premium Package Referral E-book that will also help you get massive referrals.

How To Withdraw On Trolex

You can withdraw both your activity earnings and referral earnings once you reach a minimum threshold of ₦5,000

Both referral and non-referral earnings are calculated together, the juicy part of it all is that even if you have just one referral with a referral commission of (₦1,200) and ₦4,000 activity earnings you will be eligible for payout.

Withdrawals can be placed anytime any day so long as you have earned a minimum amount of just ₦5,000

Trolex Registration

To register on trolex income program is as simple as ABC. below are the following procedures to follow

For Registration, you need to get your one-time payment of ₦2,000. You also need to have the following

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Your Bank Details (for Payment)
  • Preferred Password Registration

Register On Trolex Now

For Instant Registration WhatsApp Me Below For Assistance

Trolex Registration

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Once you have successfully registered on trolex, visit to login and set up your account, don’t forget to update your account details correctly for payment.

Is Trolex Income Program Scam or Legit?

You must have been duped or scammed before and that is why it is important to confirm if trolex is scam or legit.

Yes, Trolex income program is legit and not scam, We have investigated the platform and found it worthy of credibility.

However, We are not trying to promote or recommend you to join the platform. The decision is sorely yours to make.

For Those who may wish to Join Trolex I always recommend, when you join income programs like this very early you stand a chance to earn faster and bigger before it gets flooded.

The platform is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as Trolex Technologies. However, it is left for you to join or panic, but one thing am sure is the platform will not last forever but there is always a chance to make money and enjoy so long as the platform is still paying

Trolex Registration CAC Certificate


Trolex Is Currently Not Paying Again. Do Not Register 

Who is The Founder of Trolex Income Program

The founder of Trolex income program is Raji Ibrahim Babatunde, a young and passionate entrepreneur who has the interest of Nigerians by heart. The major purpose of creating trolex income program is to help eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

Conclusion: Trolex Income Program Review

In conclusion, Trolex is the leading income program in Nigeria that is currently paying, so you shouldn’t panic joining the platform.

I hope this trolex income program review has provided you with a wide knowledge of everything relating to the platform and how it works.

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6 thoughts on “Trolex Income Program Review: Scam or Legit? How it works”

  1. Please Legacy, stop advertising trolex on your platform it’s a big scam. Else you are going to spoil your biz with your own hands.

  2. Trolex income program doesn’t pay you a dime. You register with your #2000 and get a start-up bonus of #500, and that’s it. Your earnings will never increase. I tried It, commented on posts, but no earnings. It is a scam site. Do not join.

  3. This is a big lie. It is a scam site. I registered with the sum of #2000, commented on several posts, but no earnings. It’s just the #500 sign up bonus that is there.

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