Vistalog Review: How it Works, Scam?, Register, Earn ₦200k+

Vistalog is one of the greatest platforms that has just been launched. If you want to make money online, this Vistalog review will walk you through everything you need about the platform. You will also be getting to understand how Vistalog works and our recommended coupon vendor for registration.

As the year begins, hardship in the country seems to be getting worse day by day. The President has already made it clear that he understands and feels our pain. Fuel is up, the cost of living is high and hope seems to be far from reach.

Getting a side hustle is paramount irrespective of your social status. But before you invest your time and resources into any platform online, you may want to take a deep breath and think whether such a platform is worth the investment.

With that being said, Vistalog happens to be one of those platforms making waves all over social media and to be honest, they have pulled up to 10,000 signups in the first 2 days of launching.

About Vistalog (Review)

Vistalog is one of those platforms that lets you make money by performing certain tasks online. There are a lot of ways to make money on Vistalog and the withdrawal time & process are easy and simple to get paid.

The aim & objective is to increase product sales of our customers. They are also focused on equipping customers with updated modern skills.

How Vistalog Works

Vistalog is a platform with a lot of earning and learning features it’s not a referral-based system… you earn and get paid with or without a referral, Being on my team alone gives you the benefits of earning through spillover which is often earned for free

The platform allows customers to upload their products or e-books on the website to make sales and they pay their promoters through the advanced affiliate marketing system.

Vistalog Features

  • Spillover
  • Vista lucky wheel
  • VTU
  • High commision
  • Global availability
  • Rank and incentives
  • Stress-free withdrawal
  • Article Upload
  • E-commerce
  • Transfer from one account to another
  • Vista ads
  • Courses and skills

How To Make Money on Vistalog

Below is a breakdown review of how members can earn money from the Vistalog platform.

  • Affiliate bonus – ₦4000
  • Indirect bonus – ₦300
  • 2nd Indirect bonus – ₦100
  • Spillover – ₦100 to ₦500
  • Welcome bonus – ₦3000
  • Advert post – ₦300
  • Vista post – ₦300
  • Daily login – ₦200

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Vistalog Kenya Earning Structure Review

  • Registration fee – 1020KES
  • Affiliate bonus – 680KES
  • Indirect bonus – 50KES
  • 2nd Indirect bonus – 16KES
  • Spillover – 34KES to 85KES
  • Welcome bonus – 510KES
  • Advert post – 51KES
  • Vista post – 51KES
  • Daily login – 34KES

Vistalog Ghanian Earning Structure Review

  • Welcome Bonus – 3,000 GHS
  • Daily Login – 200 GHS
  • Vista Post – 300 GHS
  • Advert Post – 300 GHS
  • SpillOver -4 GHS to 10 GHS
  • Affiliate Bonus – 70 GHS
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 1) – 6 GHS
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 2) – 2 GHS

Visalog Uganda Earning Structure Review

  • Registration fee – 22800UGX
  • Affiliate bonus – 15000UGX
  • Indirect bonus – 1100UGX
  • 2nd Indirect bonus – 375UGX
  • Spillover – 750UGX to 1850UGX
  • Welcome bonus – 11250UGX
  • Advert post – 1100UGX
  • Vista post – 1100UGX
  • Daily login – 750UGX

Vistalog Sierra Leon Earning Structure Review

  • Registration fee – 210SLE
  • Affiliate bonus – 130SLE
  • Indirect bonus – 9.7SLE
  • 2nd Indirect bonus – 3SLE
  • Spillover – 6.5SLE to 16SLE
  • Welcome bonus – 97.5SLE
  • Advert post – 9.7SLE
  • Vista post – 9.7SLE
  • Daily login – 6.5SLE

Vistalog Cameroon Earning Structure Review

  • Welcome Bonus – 3,000 XAF
  • Daily Login – 200 XAF
  • Vista Pot – 300 XAF
  • Advert Post – 300 XAF
  • SpillOvers – 200 XAF to 500 XAF
  • Affiliate bonus – 4,000 XAF
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 1) – 300 XAF
  • Indirect Affiliate (Level 2) – 100 XAF

How To Withdraw on Vistalog

Most times, the challenge is not making money from these platforms but being unable to get paid after you have earned it.

Vistalog offers a seamless way to get paid for your hard work and in just a few simple steps below, I’m going to show you.

>>> Affiliate withdrawals are done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can place your withdrawal around 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

>>> Tasks Earnings can be withdrawn every 25th of the month. You will be paid directly to your bank account or you can withdraw in dollars as USDT

What is Minimum Withdrawal on Vistalog?

The Minimum withdrawal on Vistalog for affiliates is ₦10,000

Non-affiliates can place a withdrawal once they have accumulated a minimum of 25,000 Vista points.

Vistalog Registration: ₦500 Discount

To get registered and start earning on Vistalog, you have to sign up with a coupon code with a one-time registration fee of ₦5,000

There are many people out there who will ghost you after paying money to them to get you on board.

To solve this problem, we have decided to pick just one out of the many coupon vendors.

With this vendor, you will get ₦500 off. Contact Coco Media for your coupon codes

Sign up for Vistalog Now!!

Once you have successfully registered. Access the website via

Log in set up your profile and upload your bank details.

Start earning by doing tasks.

Why should I Join Under Coco Media?

1. Coco Media is a verified influencer. You can also get codes without falling victim to scammers and also you get First-hand information from the CEO before others

2. You will get added to my Mentorship group, where I will be teaching you how to earn massively on Vistalog using my strategies

3) You get a discount on registration

Vistalog Review: Scam or Legit?

Based on Vistalog being a scam or legit, we can not conclusively endorse this platform. If you are familiar with most of these make-money-doing-tasks platforms, you should be aware that these platforms only come around for a couple of months.

It only takes a matter of time before the platform will lose visibility and people will jump to the next available one.

If you are someone who wishes to get a side hustle that pays you consistently and for a sustainable period, then  Vistalog will not be for you.

On the other hand, If you are a stone-cold newbie who is just trying to find his way around, you can hop into Vistalog in the meantime while you look forward to acquiring better skills or perhaps raising money for a sustainable skill or business.

Conclusively, Vistalog is paying but it is not sustainable in the long run. The decision to join this platform depends on you.

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Conclusively, if you wish to get more honest review like the one for Vistalog and other platforms to come, you may consider joining our Telegram channel for updates.

Furthermore, let us know in the comments how your experience as a Vista member has been.

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