Digistore24 Banned Countries: Updated List 2024

Digistore24 is one of the leading affiliate brands in Pakistan. Unfortunately, this affiliate program is not available in many other countries due to some reasons. This post will unleash Digistore24 banned countries list.

If you are a Pakistani, getting started with Digitstore24 as an affiliate could just be the best decision for you to make money online.

Statistics have it that Digitstore24 has the highest affiliate commision in Pakistan which is about 70%. However, this doesn’t imply that the program is only available in Pakistan.

The objective of this article is to list some countries that suggest Digitstore24 as well as restricted countries.

Does Digistore24 Work in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, Digistore24 doesn’t work in Nigeria anymore.

As a Nigerian, you are restricted from joining Digistore. This was possible before but it’s no more due to tax issues

What happened?

The Nigerian Government imposed them with a huge taxation payment structure (according to the company).

The only route possible to join digitstore 24 in Nigeria and make up to 70% of commissions is by using a VPN.

You can see a video guide to opening an account below

Digistore24 Banned Countries: Updated 2024

If you want to get your way around countries that cant participate in the Digistore 24 affiliate program, below are some banned countries

1. Nigeria

2. Tunisia

3. Bangladesh

4. Macedonia

5. Uganda

Subsequently, If there are any new restricted countries, we will keep this post updated.

Digistor Real or Fake?

Digistore is a real and legit affiliate network to find affiliate products to promote and increase your revenue.

It is best for beginners with no sales history. They have over a hundred affiliate products which require 0 capital to join

Furthermore, Digistore24 was founded in 2012 in Germany and since then has expanded to various countries except for a few

Lastly, whether you’re just starting in online e-commerce or looking to grow your existing business, Digi store is worth considering as a beginner

It is also one of the best alternatives to Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Digistore 24 Payment Methods

On Digistore, there are five payment methods available that customers can choose to pay for your product. However, not all of these payment methods can always be used, as the following table shows:

The most acceptable and working method of payment is direct debit which is followed by the payment methods; PayPal and credit card with shares of about 25-30% each.

Please note that the upper limit for direct debits is $500.

You can check out more on these payment methods

How Long Does it Take to Pay?

On Digistore24, 90 % of your earnings will be paid after 14 days and the remaining 10 % will be paid after 60 days. The duration may vary for higher-priced products.

Does Digistore 24 Pay With PayPal?

Digistore pays the PayPal fees for the transfer and deducts them from the payout amount. 2% of the payout total or a fixed amount for higher sums

Digistore 24 Payment Proof

Below is evidence of payment with the amount earned from Digitstore24

Digistore24 Payment Proof

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Conclusion: Digistore24 Banned Countries

In conclusion, before you get started with the Digi store affiliate marketplace, it is very important to do a background check to see if the multi-integrated online store is available in your country.

In this article, we have been able to cover countries that are restricted from joining this affiliate platform.

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