Baxi Box POS Requirements 2024: Agent Cost, Commission

Baxi POS device has been on the hot search similarly to PalmPay android and Moneipoint. Suppose you are looking forward to getting a POS device for your business, in this article. In that case, you will understand Baxi POS machine requirements, how to register and become an agent, and the charges

Just recently POS agents have been making alot of money. Looking back at the 2023 general elections and the cashless policy which was imposed by CBN, one will agree that one of the few business owners that made a fortune during that harsh period was POS owners.

On this note, the demand for POS devices has been on the high rise hence the purpose of this article. If you are looking forward to getting a device for yourself, Baxi POS might just be a good option for you.

About Baxi

Baxi is one of the largest independent non-bank SME-focused electronic payment networks in Nigeria operating an omnichannel platform that enables digital payments through mobile, in-store locations, online, wallets and b2b channels.

What Makes Baxi So Good?

Below is why Baxi is highly rated

  • One-stop shop strategy
  • A broad range of products and services
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly touch

Baxi Features

As a micro-SME bank, Baxi comes with so many amazing features, these include;

1. Agency Banking

Baxi platform enables customers at the last mile to perform banking services at agent locations

2. Baxi Pay

Baxi Pay brings the convenience of a quick and easy-to-use payment platform to the fingertips of our customers, who can now pay for a wide range of products and services anywhere, anytime. The service allows users to process multiple bills in one transaction.


RIMS is an easy-to-use solution that enables retail owners, and small and large businesses to manage their inventory better and ensure sufficient stock in retail locations to meet customer demand.

4. B2B Channel

Baxi has a B2B (Business-2-Business) service, where, through a relatively simple integration. Through our B2B services, our clients can now access and market our products and services through their own channels, providing immediate scalability, income generation and growth opportunities.

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Is Baxi Licensed by CBN?

Yes, Baxi is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through its parent company Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL).

How To Become Baxi  Box POS Agent (Requirements)

Become Baxi POS Agent

Becoming a Baxi POS agent is not a difficult task to do.

Firstly, download the Baxi mobile App on the Google Play Store or Apple Store or purchase the Baxi POS online or offline via a sales representative.

You can look forward to the checklist below

  • Baxi device registration fee
  • Provision of two passport-size photographs.
  • Photocopy of a valid driver’s license or Permanent Voters Card OR International Passport Data Page
  • Bank Account details
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation & FORM CAC 2&7 OR Business Name Certificate and CAC Registration Form. (Where applicable)
  • Photocopy of the proof of Payment for the device
  • One completed Guarantor’s form
  • Completed filled Agreement form
  • 3 hours of compulsory platform and CDL Monitoring/Management software training.

Once you meet up with these documents and requirements, you will be approved to become an agent.

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How To Apply For Baxi POS Machine (Requirements)

Below is how to get the Baxi POS device for your business,

  1. Download the Baxi App (search for Baxi Mobile), or visit the Baxi website.
  2. With your phone number, register an agent account
  3. Upgrade your account to Baxi Pro using your BVN
  4. Request for Baxi mPOS or Andriod POS
  5. Fill out the Baxi POS registration form, and then submit it for review

Wait for 48 hours for the Baxi Box team to review your application. This usually takes anything from 24 to 48 hours. Your application will be approved once you meet the requirements.

Alternatively, you can contact Baxi via

  • Call: 01-7008571
  • WhatsApp: 09080532234
  • Email:
  • Live chat-
  • Online form
  • Social media: Facebook and Instagram; Twitter – @my_baxi

Baxi POS Charges

Just like other POS devices in the market, Baxi Box POS has its charges per transaction which could be withdrawals or deposits

Cash withdrawals

As an agent, below is how much you will earn from cash withdraws using the Baxi machine

  • 0.55% for cash withdrawals of up to ₦‎20,000
  • ₦‎100 flat rate from ₦‎20,000 to ₦‎100,000
  • ₦‎150 rate from ₦‎100,000 upwards
  • ₦‎30 flat rate applies to all cash deposits to any Nigerian bank

Commision for Transactions

  • MTN airtime earns you 1.6%
  • Airtel airtime earns you 1.76%
  • Glo airtime earns you 2.8%
  • 9mobile airtime earns you 2.8%
  • DStv subscription earns you 1.2% to 1.4%
  • GOtv subscription earns you 1.2% to 1.4%
  • PHCN bill payments earn you 1.2%

Baxi POS Machine Current Price in Nigeria

Baxi POS Machine Price

Baxi has two types of PO;

  • Android POS
  • mPOS

Each of these devices comes at different prices.

The price of Baxi Android POS is about ₦‎80,000, while the Baxi mPOS costs ₦‎30,000.

These are one-time payments for the Baxi Box POS machine outright purchase. There are no extra renewal fees or charges

Baxi also offers a more flexible way to acquire their mPOS machines. Here you’ll need to hire it, where you’ll pay a cautionary fee of ₦‎5,000. After that, you’ll pay ₦‎15,000 to get handed the device.

Baxi POS Daily Target

Baxi offers one of the most seamless POS devices and services in Nigeria. Unlike other POS devices, baxi doesn’t have any daily target.

This means you can operate the device without the pressure of it getting seized or locked by the company if you can’t keep up with the target.

How To Fund Baxi Account

On Baxi, there are two basic ways to fund your account

  • Bank transfer
  • USSD Code

Bank Transfer

This first step of funding is done once you sign up with Baxi. You will be given a bank account (either from Wema or Rolex Bank)

Copy the account number of the account from your Baxi app and send money to it with the amount you wish.


You can also fund your Baxi account via USSD through this step;

  • Login your account
  • Select Fund Account
  • Click on USSD
  • Select the sender’s bank
  • Type in the preferred amount you wish to fund in your wallet
  • Click on next
  • Once done, a shortcode will be generated for you to proceed. Copy it and dial the USSD code
  • Confirm the transaction with the phone number linked to your bank (sender)

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How to Print Recharge Card With Baxi POS

You can Print recharge cards straight from your Baxi App.

For more information, check the video below


Below are some frequently asked questions on Baxi

Is Baxi POS Good For Business?

Yes, Baxi POS offers one of the best point-of-sale services for small businesses. Again, the device not having a daily target makes it a good choice for startup SMEs

Baxi has one of the lowest withdrawal charges among its competitors like Moneipoint

What is the Baxi POS Customer Care Number?

The Baxi customer care WhatsApp line is 09080532234

Does Baxi POS Have Problems?

One most common issues with the Baxi Problem is the network. However, this only occurs occasionally and not every time. Regardless, the POS device will always serve your business

Baxi POS Chat Group

Unfortunately, there is no Baxi WhatsApp group. However, you can call or WhatsApp their customer care line above

Which Bank Owns Baxi?

Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL)

Conclusion: Baxi Box POS Machine Requirements

In conclusion, If you are looking forward to getting a device for your Point of sale business, I hope this article has given you a blueprint into Baxi POS agent requirements, charges and commissions.

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