How to Get Dotpay POS Machine: Agent Charges, Loan

DotPay POS machine is one of the most affordable devices in the market today. In this guide, you will discover how to get and also operate a DotPay POS device for your small business.

Just like Baxi POS, getting a DotPay POS device will surely be a good strategy for your business. Either you want to run a commercial POS business or use POS for your existing business as a mode of payment.

There are so many other POS terminals in the market. In the long run, it comes down to preference and objective.

For the sake of this article, we will be looking at Dotpay POS requirements.

Before we proceed, lets us quickly understand more about Dotpay as a company

About Dotpay

Dotpay is a team of amazing talents helping millions of underbanked Nigerians to access secure and convenient banking services.

As we live in a world of transactions; people are constantly paying for goods or services here and there, DotPay along with their team of Agents exist solely to make such transactions fast, secure and convenient.

Services Offered By Dotpay (Features)

Below are features offered by Dotpay

1. Send Money

Using the DotPay Android Powered POS devices, people can make a card and cardless withdrawals from any of the thousands of agents strategically scattered across the local communities in the country.

2. Withdraw Money

People can avoid long bank queues by using DotPay agents instead. Using our system which is integrated with all commercial banks in Nigeria, our agents collect cash and run transfers within seconds.

3. Pay Bills

From cable tv subscriptions to data, airtime and utility bills, their agents can help you pay your bills securely and quickly.

4. Loan Services

They offer up to N5 million for personal and business needs without collateral within 24-48 hours. This service is currently only available in select locations but will be rolled out nationwide soon.

How To Become a Dotpay POS Agent

How To Become a Dotpay POS Agent

Before you get approved as an agent with Dotpay, there are certain conditions and requirements you have to meet up.

Below are some of this checklist

  • You must be over 18 years
  • A valid ID card (this could be a NIN or Voters card) for identification
  • Passport Photograph
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months
  • Your Bvn and an aggregator
  • Startup cash
  • A strategic location (with less competition)

Agent Registration

Once you have gotten the above requirements

  • Visit any Dotpay office in your area
  • Request for agent form
  • Fill out the form accordingly and submit
  • Dotpay will charge you a small token
  • Alternatively, you can call one of their customer care lines via 08102887834

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How To Get Dotpay POS Device

To get Dotpay POS device as an agent, you will be required to pay a sum of  ₦‎20,000 caution fee.

Aggregators will charge between ₦‎25,000 to 30,000 for logistics and registration.

The device will then be delivered to you through the assigned aggregator in your area (State).

How To Operate Dotpay POS Machine

Just like other devices, operating a Dotpay device is not hard. It is required of you to always charge it to full when unboxing it.

For transactions, always select the best methods for withdrawals or transfers on the screen. You can call on assistance is someone close to you if there is a need to put you through.

Daily Target

As an agent, you are expected to have a minimum of 20 transactions in a day. This is irrespective of the amount.

Failure to meet up with this will have the device seized from you

DotPay POS Features

You can operate the device by doing the following

  • Account Opening
  • Deposit/Cash in
  • Withdrawal/Cash out funds Transfer
  • Bills Payment
  • Recharge

Dotpay POS Commission Charges

1,000 charge is ₦5

2,000 charge is ₦10

3,000 charge is ₦15

4,000 charge is ₦20

5,000 change is ₦25

6,000 charge is ₦30

7,000 charge is ₦35

8,000 charge is ₦40

9,000 charge is ₦45

10,0000 charge is ₦50

11,0000 charge is ₦55

12,0000 charge is ₦60

13,0000 charge is ₦65

14,000 charge is ₦70

15,000 charge is ₦75

16,0000 charge is ₦80

17,000 charge is ₦85

18,000 charge is ₦90

19,000 charge is  ₦95

20,000 charge is ₦100

Deposit is @ ₦25 flat rate

You will also get a 1% commission on bill payments

Dotpay POS App

You can download the device app from Google Playstore

How to Become Dotpay Aggregator

An aggregator here is someone that affiliates with the company to help them in marketing the POS device to the large market.

To become an agent, contact Dotpay customer care line via

Business Office Address

366, Muritala Mohammed Way, MJS Building, (opposite Polaris bank), Yaba Bus-stop, Lagos State.


+2348061971534 and +2348061908723

DotPay Loan Requirements

Dotloan loan is now fully in practice and agents can get access to loans. This loan scheme was launched in 2022

If we can recall, Dotpay was launched in 2021 with the sole aim to assist SMEs. The inception of the loan scheme is to provide small businesses with access to loans to grow their businesses.

How To Apply For Dotpay Loan

At the moment, Dotpay loan is strictly on the basics of selection rather than application.

What this means is that Dotpay will randomly select agents who have worked with them for a long period of time and have also helped the company grow.

These qualified agents can be able to apply for small loans to help grow their businesses.

At the moment, the Dotpay loan is 50,000

Dotpay Loan Interest Rate

The Dotpay company offers a 5% interest rate for loans

DotPay Loan Repayments

If you borrow money from Dotpay, you will be expected to pay it back on a daily basis starting after the grace period.

Lastly, your account will be automatically debited daily (excluding sundays)

Conclusion: How to Get, and Operate Dotpay POS Machine

In conclusion, Dotpay offers very seamless POS services for small businesses services. I hope this article has given you an insight into the agent requirements, commissions and fees

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