19 thoughts on “Flowextra Registration Guide: Step By Step (With Screenshots)”

  1. I just hope it is not a scam because all this admins that are collecting money for coupon code and the person that referred me I will take your names to a native doctor and whatever you see, you collect

  2. In some investment platform like this, I suggest you invest on what you can afford or loose in case anything goes wrong. Site like the one attached to this comment is always advisable to get reviews on platforms like this before investment. The information on the site is really important as well

  3. I’m pretty sure this site is a scam once you invest your money into it you are in for it yourself, pls just ignore it, I have placed my withdraw more than a month now I’m yet to be credited the worse part is the guy I called from there just keep answering my questions rudely what a challenge. Once you invest your money into this site you are a goner

  4. My fae is not working , can’t find my withdrawal request icon ,
    Am using telegram to check the sponsored post not Facebook cause I don’t have Facebook please guys help me out let me be earning like others

  5. Worst site ever….
    I placed my withdrawal last month ND received no alert Okay I said maybe their funds finished …..nw February is ending and am almost reaching 60K FAE they blocked my acc….It shall not be well with those admins cus I no the time money ND data I put into this site….Thank God I haven’t referred any of my close friends yet….PLS DONT REGISTER IT IS A SCAM

  6. One of the persons with the name Olalekan Temitope John and whose name appears on this website has scammed me by giving matter an invalid code after paying to him to him for flowextra registration, and has refused to refund my money. Please, beware of every other persons named here as code distributor as they all work together and are all the same… scammers.

  7. Am yet to receive alert from flowextra since my last withdrawal which is 30th of April what is really going on and I need this money to pay my bills.

  8. Flow extra hasn’t paid me a dim since nd I have up to 15000 fae point nd I want to use the money for acceptance fee at school I’m not happy about it

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