What to do with Friends Who Never Like Your Posts

Have you ever wondered about friends who never like your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?.

It’s a common thing that when we make posts on our social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we expect our friends and followers to like them, and when our expectations are not met we become depressed, worried, and anxious to know what people feel or think about us.

Socialization has made it possible for people of different countries, races, ethnicity, and beliefs to come together and interact so as to achieve a certain goal.

The coming of social media has made it possible for people to connect with their loved ones from far places to the point of even doing video calls, voice notes, and the rest.

However, while social media connects us with our loved ones from far places in the other way round it has made us isolate ourselves from people who are closer to us.

Just look at a situation where you will take a girl out on a date and spend time with your phone chatting when you should give each other proper attention.

This habit is a very bad habit but it is shameful that many of us seem to possess this habit and in the end it has made us develop poor communicative skills among ourselves as we prefer spending more time chatting online.

Before dealing with friends who never like your posts on Facebook or Instagram, let us quickly understand why people are not liking your posts.

Why Friends Don’t Like or Comment on Your Posts

Just imagine having up to 400 Facebook friends and you barely manage to get 300 likes from your posts but when you post the exact thing on your status you will have about 1000 views or more.

We are expecting our friends to like and comment on our posts, but In most cases, there are reasons why they fail to like or comment on them.

Below are the possible reasons why friends don’t like or comment on your post.

1. They don’t have personal knowledge of You

Usually, Some people don’t feel comfortable liking the posts of the ones they don’t know well. In such a case, those people might see your posts but never like them.

2. You do not like their posts

If you want people to like or comment on your post you should also engage with other people’s posts. Some people only like the posts of the ones who like their posts back. In such a case, if you are not engaging with those people then they might not engage with your posts.

3. They don’t want you to get them wrong

Some people might assume that liking the posts of others might indicate that they are interested in them. In such a case, those people refrain from liking posts to not be misunderstood.

4. Laziness

Yes, I have a friend of mine who never likes or comments on my pictures, in fact, she barely likes them and never comments. I approach her and asked her why and her reply was she is not used to commenting on people’s posts.  So understand that some people may not like your posts or comment on them due to laziness

5. They unfollowed you

Once you are unfollowed on Facebook people will not be able to see any of your posts. In such a case, you will not find them like any of your posts. (See What happens when you Unfollow someone on Facebook?)

6. They don’t want to show their online status

Some people like keeping their online presence hidden due to privacy reasons and because of that, they will not like posts because they don’t want others to know that they are online or that they actively use Facebook.

7. You post too much

If you are known for posting too many posts at a time, sooner or later people will be tired of seeing your pictures every day and liking them, if this happens just sit down and rethink, then reduce how often you post.

People who hardly post get all the legendary likes whenever they post because people miss seeing their posts and pictures so you may want to do the same if that is okay with you.

8. They are jealous

We live in a world where people hate success especially when it is coming from people they don’t like. envy is one of the strong reasons that can prevent a person from liking someone’s posts. People are haters so if u post happy things or pretty pics, they simply don’t want to support it. It’s a jealousy thing. Happens to me so I rarely even post anymore. It’s annoying. (See Why do people become jealous of others?)

9. They are not online

Having 300 friends should not make you feel all of them are online, some people hardly come online and when they do your posts must have stayed up to a week or more and they don’t see any need to like or comment on a post that is already old so they just decide to ignore.

10. You post silly stuff

It is either your life has no value to them or you post silly stuff, otherwise, people will always be willing to like and comment on your posts anytime any day you post not minding how many times you post or how many pictures you post.

That is why celebrities always get the most likes even if they post so many pictures a day.

Dealing with Friends Who Never Like Your Posts

Below are some helpful tips that will guide you on what to do with friends who never like your posts

1. Happiness is found withing (Seek it first)

Often times we get attached to social media so much that we tend to derive happiness from the likes we get from posts. But come to think of it, these likes don’t add any value or money to our bank accounts, or have you ever thought of people who don’t even use a social media account but still live well?.

The moment you start making social media likes your source of happiness, you can only get disappointment, depression, and the rest when people don’t like your posts. So always stay true to yourself and get that inner happiness first before any other thing can fall in place.

2. Learn to ignore

One of the worst things to do about friends who never like your posts is worrying about them and trying to find out how people think or feel about you.

In this world, no matter what you do and who you are, not everybody is going to like you even if you are Godsent.

When you take your energy off social media and friends who never like or comment on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts and channel it on more productive things you will develop better attitudes, good feelings, and high self-esteem.

3. Stop accepting irrelevant friends and monitoring spirits

When someone sent you a friend request, go through their profile and see the kind of things they post, also look at the kind of friends they have, If these things don’t alight with your beliefs and especially if you know their friendship won’t be a one that will make him/her engage with your post then its better to decline the request.

It annoys me when people who don’t talk to you when they see you in real life just happens to show up on your friend’s request list from nowhere, these are the kind of friends you should run away from as they come as monitoring spirits to monitor what’s happening in your lives so as to make gossips and even plot evil against you.

4. Remove unnecessary friends

There is no need to pile up with friends who don’t support, like, or engage with your posts especially those who are total strangers to you.

So I suggest that once in a while go through your friend’s list, unfriend and block some friends you don’t need

5. Keep your family, Income, and next move private

In as much as we love posting pictures and sharing things about what’s happening in our lives, do not be stupid to the extent of sharing your family matters, income, and next move online. Jealousy is real, evil exists and scammers are always looking for who to haunt.

Success has no noise, destruction has noise, so always create, grow and move in silence so as to keep your enemies worried and in confusion when they want to track you down.

6. Social media likes is not a justification for true friendship

As crazy as it may be, getting many likes on posts doesn’t automatically mean you have genuine friends, some people may like your pictures a thousand times but deep down hate you silently for your progress.

And in the end, there is no justification that people who don’t lie in your posts are automatically looking for your downfall.

If you are so much concerned about social media likes and you can live happily without them, it shows you have low self-esteem. This calls for the need to walk on yourself.

7. Take a break, there is more to life than social media

When social media starts to affect you that way that you lose your sanity and focus in life, sit back, relax and take a break and focus on real-life and hanging out with people, and making new friends while you are at it.

You may have known these people for a long time, but your lives have diverged significantly and that usually causes the friendships to grow apart too. Time to find new friends that are more on the level and on the same page as yourself.

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Conclusion: Friends Who Never Like Your Posts on Facebook & Instagram

In conclusion, the issue of social media likes has left many depressed and in a state where they wonder what people think or feel about them.

I hope this article was helpful in making you understand why people don’t like your posts and what to do with friends who never like your posts.

If you feel there is anybody who needs to read this informative piece kindly share, also comment your ideas below

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