How To Delete Someone Else’s Tweet & Post Meme on Twitter

For so many reasons you may wish to know how to delete someone else’s tweet and post meme on Twitter. This guide will explain the procedures involved to delete someone else tweet.

Why would you want to delete someone else’s tweet?

So many folks on social media could be annoying, even though social media connects people together e.g Twitter, there are still some dark sides you may not want to see.

There are so many reasons you may wish to delete someone else’s tweet it could be that the tweets are offensive or it could be a garbage tweet or it may be another different reason entirely.

As a business owner, some comments are not just right for your business as people could tend to send your customers away with hate comments, tarnishing your brand image and that will result in a low yield for your business.

On the other hand, you may also want to delete someone else’s post meme for reasons best known to you.

How to delete someone else’s tweet on Twitter

Unfortunately, there is no way you can delete someone else tweet on Twitter since you did have full control of the account. However, there is an alternative to do it.

So what is the alternative To Deleting Someone’s ElseTweet?

If you want to delete someone’s tweet you can simply do that by reporting the person to the account or that particular abusive post or comment stating your reasons and Twitter will take it down after a thorough review and will even suspend the person’s account if proven guilty.

You may also choose to block the user entirely but that is not the best and I wouldn’t recommend it because despite you cant see each other anymore, it won’t stop the person from posting negative things about your brand.

Follow this simple step to delete someone else tweet you find annoying or abusive

  • Click on the top menu and locate the person’s profile
  • Locate the tweet or comment you wish to delete

Twitter will give you four options which are;


This tweet is annoying

This tweet is spam

This account may be compromised

This user is abusive

  • So since we don’t just want to block the user, I will suggest you click on “This user is abusive” and then select “harassment”.
  • From there, Twitter will seek to know who is the victim of the harassment and tick “being disrespectful or offensive” from the options given to you (though you could select any of the other options depending on the nature of violence
  • Once you have done this, proceed and click next, twitter will accept your proposal and will reply with a notice that they are going to review the person’s account and if found guilty, the tweet will be deleted and even account suspension is possible

You can also see deleted tweets on Twitter if mistakenly you delete a tweet very important to you

How to stop someone from retweeting your tweets

It is very annoying when you post something or tweet and someone retweets the exact thing you tweeted without giving credits to the original creator of that tweet. For that reason alone is enough to let you want to stop someone from retweeting your tweets

Retweeting simply means reposting other people’s tweets on your Twitter timeline.

Changing your account’s privacy setting to “protected” allows only your followers to view your tweets. As a result, “protected” status also prevents anyone from retweeting your tweets.

  • Log in to your Twitter account and go to privacy and select settings from the menu
  • Navigate down to the “Tweet privacy” section. check the box for “Protect my tweets” and click save
  • Congratulations!!, your tweets are now protected and no one can retweet your tweets

How to delete someone else’s post meme

Unfortunately, we don’t have the solution to delete someone else’s post meme. However, you can check out another alternative to deleting posts memes

Conclusion: How To Delete Someone Else’s Tweet & Post Meme on Twitter

In conclusion, deleting a tweet you don’t like is something you should always ensure to do and never allow hate comments to your personality or even business.

I hope this guide has helped you achieve your aim which is to delete someone else’s tweet and post meme on Twitter.

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