[New Method] Create VTU Website On WordPress Using VTUpress WordPress Plugin

Last updated on June 14, 2021

Create VTU website on WordPress using VTUpress – VTU Business WordPress Plugin in Nigeria


When it comes to creating website without coding, wordpress is the first choice that anyone would choose.

even expert recommend using Wodpress (Self Hosted).


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Why Use WordPress

WordPress has lots of plugins and themes that makes designing and developing anytime of website super easy and fast.

However, Not every website on the web is a WordPress site (Created on wordpress)

:. WordPress is a Content Management System

Before now, We can only Create VTU Website with VTU Script developed by developers.

Installation was not too sweet as installing a wordpress plugin.

You have to create a Database, MySQL and know how to use PHPmyadmin to upload the script file and extra. (:

Which was too technical for newbies and non techy expert.


That was a big setback for many people because they need a stanby developer to work with them and update the script software on regular basis.

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Create VTU Website On WordPress


How To Set Up VTU Website On WordPress: Introducing VTU WordPress Plugin For Nigeria – VTUpress

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress Plugin are tool (web tool) that add More functionality to a WordPress Site.

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You can get any wordpress plugins from wordpress plugin directory from your admin dashboard.

However, not every wordpress Plugin is listed there, most of the ones not listed are premuim plugins and pro version.

That you must get directly from the developer of the plugin from their website.


Now, you know what is a plugin in wordpress terms and where to get them.

Next thing in line is what plugin is use to create VTU Website.

VTUpress is the first and most trusted VTU WordPress Plugin for Nigeria and Other country.


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You can now resell data, airtime and make bill payment directly from your wordpress site, No Coding or Redirction.

What wordpress Theme Can I Use?

Any responsive wordpress theme works better, we have made VTUpress plugin compactable with any wordpress theme and wordpres version.

Which Web Hosting is Best for VTUpress?

Any wordpress Hosting that can manage wordpress software can work better.


How Do I Get VTUpress WordPress Plugin?

To download VTUpress plugin or see demo in action, kindly go to vtupress.com/demo and learn more about this plugin.

You can also see our offer at VTU Script and chat with us to get the plugin and support.

Whatsapp Number: 07055487338

Email: support@vtuscript.com

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