Website SEO Checker Tools: Get Free Report & Analysis

As a web admin, you must keep a regular check with website SEO Checker tools on your website’s health and get its complete audit reports to make improvements from time to time.

Checking your website’s SEO score and getting complete audit reports has become very easy nowadays, and this is all thanks to online website SEO checker tools and technology.

There are many auditing tools available online, but not all of them can be discussed in this post, so we have handpicked the most extravagant ones.

Website Audit and SEO Checker Tools

Out of tons of reporting tools, we have listed out the best ones below. If you want to check your website’s SEO score, you should surely read these online tools’ details!

1. Website SEO Checker by SmallSeoTools

The website SEO checker tool by Small SEO Tools is among the friendliest tools available online. SmallSeoTools is the home to 100s of free utilities, and the website SEO checker tool is one of them.

You must know that anyone and everyone can use this site SEO checker because of its straightforward interface.

You should know that this online SEO checker can get you SEO score results in less than two to three seconds after you provide it with input data.

All you need is to copy/duplicate the URL address of the website for which you want to check the SEO score and enter it into the main interface of the SEO checker.

This website SEO checker tool can not only tell you about the SEO score, but you can also find the details about the different things wrong on your website.

You would know about the issues you need to address and the keywords or contents you need to replace, change, or improve!

2. Woo Rank

This is a very interesting website checker tool that you should know about. You can easily make a website audit with woo rank for free. You can check not only the website’s SEO score but also get information about other critical SEO issues.

This website would review your website just like Google does. The analysis would get you detailed reports containing the on-page and off-page situations of your website.

You can get details about the keywords being used on the website and their position in the search engine’s eyes. The tool is free and very easy to use, so you would not need any skills to utilize it on your device.

3. My Site Auditor

This is another free SEO auditing tool that can help you find the exact SEO score of a website and provide a complete audit report.

This utility can easily tell you about the strategic plan by analyzing different aspects of it. The audit report by this website tool is delivered in less than fifteen seconds after the input.

My site-auditor website has three different formats that would help you scale the level of SEO work going on a website.

You can use this utility for free but with limitations and restrictions. For uninterrupted services, we would recommend you connect with the paid version of my site-auditor!

4. Site Checker Pro

This is another utility that can help you check the website’s SEO score without any hassle. You can get details about search engine optimization problems and also get potential solutions for these problems.

The Site Checker Pro tool can easily check your meta titles, descriptions, tags, page sizes, loading speed, images, text, backlinks and other important aspects.

The tool would also notify you of regular updates on your website. You can easily scan the health and the quality of the internal and external links pointing towards the website!

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another online tool that can help you check the SEO score of the website. One should know that this tool is best for checking the domain rating, domain authority, backlink health, keyword quality and other important aspects of a website.

Ahrefs is among the widely used tools globally, and this is only because of its free and friendly interface. You can make one check per day with this tool for free, or you can also get along with its paid version.

The tool is very easy to use, and even a child can learn how to use it without any practice. You can make a full website audit with this online tool.

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All of the above-listed tools in this post have a magnificent reputation. You can utilize them wherever you want on and on any device without any problem.

These online tools would get you free SEO reports and complete analysis with the help of which you can step ahead for improvements.

You must understand that SEO is very complex because the demands and expectations of the search engine keep on changing.

To keep yourself updated and in the league, you have to connect with these online website SEO checker tools!

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