Make Money Online Websites List by Junaid Khan 05

In this article, we are going to discuss comprehensively how to make money online through the websites list by Junaid Khan.

If you spend some time on Junaid Khan’s YouTube channel studying his teaching methods, you will learn some information that applies to his methods for finding the best online money-making opportunities so that his viewers can get the most out of their time spent watching his channel.

One can make money through the teachings, but to use the earning strategy to live a more comfortable life, one must be able to do the necessary things, such as;

  • Increasing the number of tasks you do
  • Stay up late to increase your earnings
  • Discover some fresh approaches to increasing your income
  • Burdened by work and tasks on the website
  • Continually prepared to take appropriate action when necessary

Even so, the method used by Junaid Khan is not the most effective way to make money online. There are more prepared patterns one can use in making money;

Affiliate marketing

An affiliate marketing program pays partners for sales generated by the affiliate’s promotional efforts.  It’s an advertising strategy where a business pays publishers from outside the company to send customers or leads their way. Affiliates, the third-party publishers are encouraged to promote the business by the commission fee.


The process of creating a set of instructions that tells a computer how to perform a task is known as programming. Programming can be done in a variety of computer programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and C++.

App and Web Development

This is the creation of application programs that reside on remote servers and are delivered to the user’s device via the Internet. A web application (web app) does not need to be downloaded and is instead accessed via a network.

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is a process of organizing a website’s content by topic to increase the likelihood of appearing in search results. Essentially, it is the process you use to maximize your chances of gaining organic traffic from search engines.

Products Review

A report about a product written by a customer and posted on a commercial website to help people decide whether or not to buy it.

You can earn more money by spending less time on time-consuming tasks that will ultimately pay you less than the amount of effort required to achieve that particular result.

First off, since you don’t need startup money to use the Junaid Khan approach to starting an online business, using it will help you raise the necessary sum for your online business.

Make Money Online Websites List by Junaid Khan 05

Here are some of the strategies Junaid Khan listed that you should look into if you want to make money online.

You can test them out to see which ones help you earn your first income, and you can strategize on how to improve it using the trial-and-error approach that was used when looking for ways to help the audience make a living using their small devices.

1. Use CoinPay to Make Money

As we learn more about Coinpay, we realize that it is a secure method of earning money using cryptocurrency rather than the main currency.

It performs the function of a wallet that can be used to send and receive cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, they provide a method for users to invite their friends to join the platform by using a link or invitation code that is given to each user who signs up for the service.

There are additional ways to make money with Coin Pay, one of which is by lending them money. They will use this money to trade in the market and then pay you back.

Your percentage gain is based on how much you initially invested with them and how long it has been with them.

2. Make Money Using Ads Platforms

Using ad networks to generate income is another practical strategy Junaid Khan has taught to generate income online.

The use of Astra to make money is one example of how this strategy is specially designed for bloggers and webmasters who concentrate on publishing.

The question of how to monetize a website is one that many new bloggers face. There are many ad networks, but only a small percentage will compensate you based on how dedicated you are to the blog, and other ad networks may even fail to send you your earnings after all of your hard work.

When you first start, Astra is one of the best ad networks to use on your website; as your blog develops, you can switch to other ad networks.

3. Earn Money by Watching Videos Online

Some websites will give you money just for watching videos on their platform.  You have to watch the commercials in the videos that are being played for you.

According to how many hours of videos you watch each day, this website pays you. You’ll get paid more if you watch more videos each day, and you’ll get paid more if you finish the tasks that go along with the videos.

By instructing young people who are without jobs and have been going weeks without any money, Junaid Khan is doing fantastic work.

By conducting more independent research, you may be able to gather the knowledge required to begin using the techniques shared on Junaid Khan’s platforms for making money on your own.

You will be able to better utilize your time if you put the exact plan of action outlined in those tutorials into practice. You will also have a reliable backup plan.

Junaid Khan focuses on instructing young people who want to learn how to make money online. Without having to spend a lot of money, you can learn a lot about strategies that people have used to amass large sums of cash.

Junaid Khan dedicates his time to doing research about ways people in this modern era have monetised their time making sure that productivity is applied every day in the lives of young people.

Youths eager to start making money with their smartphones and laptops without having to invest any money because they are just getting started in the online money market frequently visit Junaid Khan’s YouTube channel.

Limitations of Following Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan’s videos are limited to those who understand the Pakistani language making the videos unfit to use for those who speak only the English language.

Because the videos don’t always have subtitles, it’s impossible to understand what he’s teaching. As a result, there is no way to understand what he is teaching.

The only way you, as a foreigner, can comprehend his lessons is by paying closer attention to what he does on his screen than what he speaks out loud, but even then, there are only a small number of specifics one can glean from the tutorial.

The Use of Subtitles

Subtitles are employed. The more challenging aspect of studying from Junaid Khan’s videos is that subtle isn’t always available to Pakistanis learning English.

All forms of media, including the following, use subtitles:

  • Movies and TV shows
  • Documentaries and videos
  • Musical audio content

You will most likely be working on subtitles for movies or television shows, but you can also subtitle audio files or podcasts. As a result, you can earn money by creating subtitles and having access to a wide variety of media.

Though movies are the most frequent type you will be subtitling, you can also get paid to create subtitles for TV shows and documentaries. Because it is so simple to make subtitles, you will make more money by subtitling previously seen material.

At first, you probably won’t have many clients, but if you just make subtitles whenever you have the time, you’ll soon have a list of loyal customers who will keep coming back whenever they need subtitles.

Because it costs nothing and requires no prior experience, this is the best way to start making money with subtitling.  To start earning money right away, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Whether you keep the finished subtitles for yourself or give them to someone else, anyone can use the subtitles you create. Whatever you want to do, you can do. You can even sell your subtitled work on eBay or use it as a marketing tool to attract more clients.

After working online for a while, you might discover that clients are willing to pay you significantly more than your rate, at which point you can increase your rate to $100 per hour. If you spend five hours a week on subtitles, you should be billing at least $500 per week or $2500 per month.

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You will need to set your price because your ability to bill depends on how much you charge and how many hours you work. However, once you’ve been subtitling for a while, you’ll quickly learn what your maximum billing is.

If you look closely, you can find a lot of mistakes in the subtitles you create as you work as well as all other subtitles you receive.

The simplest way to fix a mistake is to click on the subtitle that contains it, select edit, and then return to the video to verify that the error has been correctly fixed.

Conclusion: Make Money Online Websites List by Junaid Khan 05

The online websites listed by Junaid Khan have been able to help quite several people make money online. We hope this will help you too.

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