Can’t Post On Facebook Error Message & How To Fix it

If you wondering why you can’t post on Facebook anymore, maybe Facebook has suspended your account or it is being manipulated by hackers. This post will let you know how to fix this error message and get yourself out of the situation.

Facebook is a billion-dollar company owned by Mark Zukerberg and has established itself as the biggest social media platform across the world, Facebook has an estimated hundreds of millions of active members on the social platform

Access to Facebook is free of charge, and the company earns most of its money from advertisements on the Web site. New users can create profiles, upload photos, join a preexisting group, and start new groups.

The site has many components, including Timeline space on each user’s profile page where users can post their content and friends can post messages; statuses,

which enables users to alert friends to their current location or situation; and News Feed, which informs users of changes to their friends’ profiles and status.

Users can chat with each other and send each other private messages. Users can signal their approval of content on Facebook with the Like button, a feature that also appears on many other Web sites.

Facebook Messenger App comes with exciting features. The fact that you don’t have to have a Facebook account to use Messenger means these perks are available even for individuals who haven’t signed up for Facebook or have closed down their accounts.

However not being able to post on Facebook is a common challenge people face often hence this post seeks to find a solution to the “can’t post on Facebook” error message

Why Can’t I Post On Facebook?

How To Fix Can't Post On Facebook Error Message

There are lots of factors to be checked out if you are having issues posting on your Facebook account, Facebook has strict policies that each user has to adhere to in order to use the social media platform and effectively explore its features

The increasing rate of scams and online defamation is rising every day and Facebook has the right to protect its member’s privacy therefore they have set up certain rules to be adhered to by the Facebook community to foster good communication among its users

Below could be the possible reasons why you can’t post on Facebook

1. Posting Too Many Links

Did you know posting too many links on Facebook can get you in trouble? I guess not, hackers have devised a way of hacking these days which is through phishing

That”s why you hear cases of Facebook accounts hacked daily, no wonder your friend’s account was hacked with no clue on how the hackers were able to achieve this.

If you are used to posting too many spammy links on Facebook such as affiliate links, Facebook may regard these links as suspicious and in most cases when these links look shady.

I was once banned from posting on Facebook groups for months because I was found guilty of posting too many affiliate links to get signups, and for about 2 months I was unable to post or comment in any Facebook group

Luckily for me, my ban was lifted afterwards so I became a loyal user and never posted the same shit again.

I have also seen many users on Facebook making spammy comments in group posts just to drive traffic and signups, Facebook hates this and will get your account banned for weeks or months depending on the gravity of your offence

If you can’t post on your Facebook timeline Facebook sees that you have been sharing misleading links trying to mislead people and get their login info through the common technique called phishing

Once Facebook notices that your posts are suspicious or abusive to their security system you will get penalized for that

2. Posting Content Not Acceptable By Facebook Community

Facebook has millions of users across the globe, hence Facebook ensures that content posted on this social network is quite useful and does not lead to destruction, damage or harm by its community of users

I have seen cases where people post irrelevant stuff on Facebook capable of violating Facebook policies, if you are fond of posting adult content and nudity, Facebook will definitely track down the post and could give you a ban for doing that

Facebook also reserves the right to permanently block your account if the violation persists

Why Can’t I Tag Someone On Facebook Post

Since the Facebook social network is free to use and not restricted anybody can create an account and start adding up friends (No wonder it has a high number of users)

Facebook would have been more fun to use but insensitive people have made the platform somehow boring to use.

How could someone tag you and 49 others to a post that has no relevance to you, your family or the generation to come, I think Facebook tags were created to tag people to posts that have relevance to them them

It could be business partners, friends, families and loved ones as the case may be. However, people have set up their privacy and control who tags them on not.

I review tags before approving them to my timeline, once I noticed your post has no relevance to me I simply delete it from appearing on my timeline

So if you are asking yourself why can’t I tag someone on a Facebook post? don’t worry there is nothing wrong with your account but it simply means your friend has disabled tagging and you won’t be able to tag such a person again

How To Fix Can’t Post On Facebook Error Message

Below are some useful tips to help you solve the situation

  • Avoid posting too many links on Facebook timelines, groups or comments Frequently
  • Only Post Relevant content and strictly avoid any post that has to do with adult content or nudity
  • Try posting from another browser or device, like a tablet or smartphone
  • If you are sure you have not violated any of Facebook’s policies but are still unable to post then report the problem to Facebook

Conclusion: Can’t Post On Facebook Error Message

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