Updated List Of Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts 2019

Let’s talk about some top business Blogs that accept guest posts today

Guest blogging is one among the ways to drive traffic and also build domain authority via link building.

As a blogger who strive for success, Guest posting is something you must consider even though it’s somehow difficult.

A lot of bloggers find it difficult to create guest post on other websites neglecting the importants and the benefits of guest blogging to their SEO

Benefits Of Guest Blogging to Bloggers

  • As a blogger, when you write guest posts on other blogs You will begin to improve your writing skills and also you will generate more article ideas from peoples reviews and comments on your guest posts.
  • Visitors who read your guest Posts can inturn be converted to new leads to your business. With your guest posts on other blogs you can get people to know more about your services or buy your products
  • With Your guest posts on other peoples blog you can generate lot’s of traffic to your blog because when people read your guest articles on other blogs they can click on your links to view what you offer from your blog especially when they find your post helpful.
  • When you post on other Blogs you build Strong Links and gain more authority

Are you a business Blogger who is looking for ways to submit your guest posts and get your articles published? in this article i will share you some top business blogs that accept guest posts and their domain Authority as at the time of writing this article.

The lists of below business blogs that accept guest posts are authority websites.

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Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

FORBES Forbes is one of the top business Blog that accept guest posts. You can submit Your Guest Posts via their official emails. Submit Your guest posts to Djacobs@forbes.com after submitting your article, kindly wait for approval. Forbes Domain Authority is :96

CFAGBATA.COM How to submit guest post to Cfagbata: Your articles should be 800 words or above. the post must be relevant and readers friendly and must be a niche post according to the blog.

You are allowed to add one back link to any blog of your choice inside your article. You can get more about guest posting on CFAGBATA here

GEETBUSINESS To submit your Guest posts to geek business you should first of all read some articles from the blog to get more idea about the niche articles to write about.When creating article on geek business, it must be original and not less than 500words You can check out GeekBusiness Guest post page hereGeekbusiness have the Page rank 4 as of the time of writing this airticle.

ONEWOMANMARKETING.COM. You can submit your business experience as a guest post here as far as it remains original you can also submit step by step guides that can help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.To submit your guest posts on one woman marketing you can check out their guest post page here

BIRDSONTHEBLOG BirdsOntheBlog is also a business blog that accept guest posts with the page rank 3 . It’s an online magazine for business women in UK. of age 24-50 Check out their guest post page here

FAMOUSBLOGGERS.COM Here you need to register an account to submit your guest post. You don’t need any seo work on your article you can submit your original niche article with 300words or above to Famousblogggers and get your article publishedSubmit your guest post to their guest post page here

STARTUPCHAMP You can submit your articles relating to small business ideas, Entrepreneurship tips, Marketing etc. to start champ. Your article must be original and not less than 500-700 words/article.If you have any guest post prepared for this small business niche blog you can Check out their Guest post page here

FRUGALENTREPRENEURThey love articles that guide on managing or starting a specific business. You can submit your articles of 600-1200 words without any form of copy and paste to their guest post page here and wait for approvalYour guest posts display live on their blog immediately after approval

SMALLBIZTRENDS they are small business blog that talk about business and entrepreneurship. Having known their niche you can submit any article that fall on their blog niche as a guest post.When submitting article it must be original and not less than 400-750words.You can submit your article by using their guest post page on how to submit guest posts here

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES This is another top business blog that accept guest posts relating to business niche. You can also study the blog more to get better idea of the type of articles they publish.To submit your guest post you can check out their guest post page here

IBUSINESS BLOG How to Submit a Guest Post: There are a few basic requirements to meet on the guidelines page before you submit an article. You’re allowed two do-follow links in your author bio. Email your pitch for consideration. Domain Authority is 24 

KISSMETRICS How to Submit a Guest Post: There are specific procedures regarding the type of content published on Kissmetrics. Please read the guest blogging guidelines for information. Articles should be original and not published elsewhere.

Freelancing Blogs That Accept Guest Post

This definitive list of freelancing blogs tells you what works and what doesn’t with the blogs listed – as it relates to writing for them. You can find some of the best freelancing blogs on the Internet which you can apply to write for in order to extend your brand.

YOUNGPREPO How to Submit Guest Post: Get an idea of the writing style and read previously published guest posts before writing your article. Read the Guest Post page for guidelines on writing and terms of being a guest writer. To submit, contact Onibalusi via the contact page. You’ll be allowed to link to relevant sources in the article as well as a link back to your blog/website in your author byline. In order for your article to be published on YoungPrePro, it must be creative and detailed.

WRITINGFORWARD How to Submit Guest Post: Read the guest post page before submitting your article. Ensure you send a pitch first containing the proposed title as well as a description of your article and a bio before submitting the full article. Upon publishing, you will be allowed to link to your site in the author bio. Send your pitch to Melissa via the email address or use the contact form provided on that page.

ALLFREELANCING How to Submit Guest Post: Visit the guest post guidelines page for direction on submission and content creation. To submit, send your pitch or complete guest article to the email address provided on that page. You will be allowed an author bio with three relevant links.

FREELANCEWRITINGGIGS How to Submit Guest Post: Read the guidelines page and submit your completed guest article via the contact form on that page. You are allowed multiple links in your article and are required to link to already published content on the blog. You must be a member of My Blog Guest before you can contribute to this blog.

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What Blog Admins Look at when scanning Guest Posts

Guest Post Title: Admins will reject your post immediately after viewing the title if it’s not related to their blogging niche Why would you expect a make money online blogger accept your article about education niche?

Article Length: After viewing your title and having found it to be niche related, the next thing is to look at your article length.the normal article length recommended when submitting guest posts to any blog is 700words this length is pretty good and indept.

Links: Don’t submit articles with bad links . admins also spy your back links to make sure they are authoritative and reliable.Don’t submit guest posts with link back to blogs that has been penalized by Google or with no authority and trust.

Article qualities: Your articles must be original when submitting guest posts. If you submit copy and post articles don’t expect your guest posts to be approved because no body wants copyright materials on their blog.Create articles yourself with value. Original articles are articles that offer value to readers and search engine which has not been published before in the same language.It’s not necessary the article belongs to you. You can go online to get ideas from other authors while you re-write the articles to your taste.

NOTE: When submitting Guest posts to any of the above business Blogs, Make sure you also submit the about author Note , Link, and Picture along with your guest post.

Conclusion: Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

I hope you were able to discover business blogs that accept guest posts from his article, kindly subscribe below for more updates

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