Best Online Earning Apps in Pakistan 2024

In this guide, you will discover some of the best free online earning apps in Pakistan.

If you dwell in Pakistan, you should certainly be searching for money-making apps in Pakistan 2023 having known that there are always country-based apps to earn yourself some bulks.

Though the majority of the earning apps in Pakistan have been tagged scams by most reviews which has made them unworthy to join.

However, am going to share some legit earning apps in Pakistan with the aid of this article and am sure you will enjoy working with them since they’re scam-free having gotten so many good reviews about them online.

Your Android phone isn’t made for just playing games, receiving calls and watching videos instead it’s also made for making money online in your leisure hours.

Most of these money-making apps in Pakistan / Online earning apps in Pakistan might not help pay your expensive bills but you can still earn some rewards with little or no tasks.

Below are some of the earning apps in Pakistan that you can give a try but if you’ve stumbled on this page as a Nigerian you can check out some best-earning apps in Nigeria here

Best Online Earning Apps in Pakistan 2024

All of the below money-making apps in Pakistan are found on the Google Play Store and are available for download in Pakistan on any Android version.

1. Slide: Earning App in Pakistan

Slide enables you to earn money by completing surveys, playing games, And even unlocking your Android phone screen just as normal.

Money making doing nothing in Pakistan

Once you install the slide on your Android mobile phone, you earn for every activity you take on the app as listed above and you also earn from reading Slide news and you can redeem your reward with Recharge.

I may not be able to recommend this slide app for adults as the earning potential might not suit them but for kids and teens, you can be satisfied using the slide app to earn some recharge rewards in Pakistan.

In addition to earning with the slide app, they also offer referral commissions i.e. you earn for inviting others to use the Slide app.

2. Mcent: Earning App in Pakistan

This is one of the top money-making apps in Pakistan which pay for using the app just like you use other apps.

Money making websites in Pakistan

The Mcent is an Android browser with many features which pays you when you download other apps through them, Mcent is the only mobile browser that pays you online to use them from just surfing the internet.

The money you earn from this app can be used for mobile recharge or Monthly postpaid.

Are you searching for an Android mobile browser that pays for using them? then you can download and install Mcent here or check out the app on the Google Play Store.

Remember, this app majorly pays for installing other apps which means it will consume alot of space on your mobile phone so it will be more rewarding when you have large storage devices.

3. Top Topup: Earning App in Pakistan

This app gives you rewards when you use them for completing surveys, installing other apps, and doing some other little tasks online and it’s formally known as the Recharge My app.

With the Top Topup app, you can send Recharge credit to contacts on your mobile phone and you can also use your rewards to Recharge your phone.

With this Reward app in Pakistan, your earnings can also be sent to friends and family abroad in over 100 top countries in the world.

Are you searching for the best way to send your friends and family some free minutes? you can download and install the free app here,

4. RewardBase- Earning App in Pakistan

This is another online reward-earning app in Pakistan where you earn a free Recharge for just downloading other apps, Completing surveys, signing up for other websites recommended by reward-based, etc…

This app also pays for playing games right from your mobile phone. You can download and install the app here

All of the above apps don’t pay in cash as they pay in Recharge rewards but if you’re searching for some apps that pay in other rewards such as gift cards you can check out the below ones.

Free Money-Making Apps in Pakistan

Below are some best free apps that reward Gift Cards and Other forms of payments apart from Recharge.

1. CheckPoints- Money-making app in Pakistan

This app pays you when you watch videos online and also download other apps and you can redeem your points for Gift Cards of your choice.

Earn money online in Pakistan

Apart from watching videos and downloading apps, there are so many other ways to earn points from this app you can check out the official website here.

2. Field Agent- Money-making app in Pakistan

This app allows you to do many tasks while you earn but most of all you earn for exploring your neighbourhood.

The app is kinda of easy to use as described though I am not a fan of it some of my Pakistan fans say it’s advantageous.

You can check it out here

3. EasyShift- Earning app in Pakistan

This is another top must-mention among earning apps in Pakistan. Though this app isn’t specifically made as a country-based app you can also benefit from it since it’s a global app.

Money making apps in Pakistan

It’s an Android app that pays you to shop online, eat and explore cities near you. and it’s available on iOS and Android

You can get paid in less than 48 hours directly to your PayPal account.

4. ShopKick- Earning app in Pakistan

if you’re a big fan of online shopping you can earn rewards from this Android and iPhone app.

All you need is just walk into stores do shopping and earn rewards that you can redeem in Gift Cards. There are other ways through which you can also earn rewards from this app apart from the above-mentioned. you can check out here for ShopKick Review.

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Conclusion: Online Earning Apps in Pakistan

All of the above apps can help you make money or earn Recharge rewards in Pakistan even though some on the list are globally used apps while others are country-based apps.

You may decide to download all of them to get more tasks while you earn more rewards from various methods in a short time.

Have you tried any of the above-listed money-making apps in Pakistan? what’s your review and what can you say about them? Your reviews are highly needed.

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