Writing Blog Posts Worth Reading, How I Became An Expert

Am not blaming you because you are not capable of writing blog posts worth reading. I was in your shoes some years back, when I haven’t learnt how to write a blog post worth reading and an engaging article that my audience would love and talk about.

The fact that you are a university graduate won’t make you an expert when it comes to writing engaging blog articles worth reading.

A few years ago, because of the fear of writing what I don’t even know about, what I haven’t seen before, I was stuck with copy and paste blog, just like you may probably do now.

while I still Read and admire other bloggers with the altitude of originality I wasn’t happy with myself but how can I overcome this inferiority creeping into my mind.?

I had the dream to change my blogging niche time without numbers, but how can I, when I can’t even express my personal experience and point of view via writing?

I was Mad at myself

Just a year after blogging with fear, I made up the bold step to create a niche blog where I will be the writer and the blog author.

So, I created the blog and have read in many blogs that fear is one thing that kills a blog, I killed my fears by writing articles myself.

Initially, what I was writing never sound good to my reading whenever I read out loud, yet I wasn’t bordered because I was determined to learn and make a new move in my blogging career.

So what happened?

I was browsing the internet on a faithful day making research on how to write blog posts worth reading, how to write engaging blog content, and how to become a writer online.

My too many questions in the Google search bar made Google start sending me captcha verification messages to verify if I weren’t a robot. this was a result of my curiosity to learn how to write engaging blog posts.

Finally, after about a whole day of my findings and research, I found the blog post which taught me “how to write a blog post worth reading” even when I don’t have good writing skills.

so I this article I have decided to share with you how to write engaging blog content with less or no writing skills.

How To Write A Blog Post Worth Reading

writing blog Posts worth reading

Have you been facing difficulties in writing blog posts worth reading? has this in any way stop you from your dream blogging niche? don’t worry, only be glad you found this page today.

Below is how I learnt to write a good blog post worth reading even when I wasn’t a good writer. I believe this will also change your blogging career for Good.

1. Write Just the Way You Speak

Even when you try to write, you feel like your blog readers won’t be contented with your writing so you just have to forge grammar to make your post look like a post from an expert.

But even with your big grammar, you aren’t OK with the way of your presentation ‘.

If you visit the blog of those well-known top bloggers in your niche, can’t you see the way they present their writing? you always read, understand and find their articles helpful

but why make yours complicated with big grammar when you know you have lots of competitors with simplicity?

As a blogger, it’s not your big grammar that makes your articles outstanding, it’s the ability of your audience to read and understand your write-ups.

Even if you study Grammarly abroad at the best university and with the best degree, pardon me to say you must drop them for simplicity if you must blog for success.

Whenever you speak, people always listen and commend your speeches but when you write (heaven falls).


The reason is that you don’t write the way you speak. Writing the way you speak doesn’t really mean you should write articles that suck,

It simply means you should take off the fear of writing, and remain bold like you know what you are talking about.

Here are Useful tips that will help you in writing good posts worth reading

2. Assume Your readers Right in Front Of You

those who possess great writing skills, are the writers “who write like they are talking to someone next to them.”

To write a great blog post worth reading, don’t assume you are writing for people in the UK, US or far afar. Just assume you are talking to someone who is sitting right in front.

If you take this assumption to practice, you will be able to know how to present your writing for easy comprehension.

  • Now that you are talking to someone close to you:
  • How would you introduce the subject to make him understand?
  • How would you arrange your words to make him get the subject clearer?
  • What instance or real-life examples would you present to make your listeners get your points easy to understand?
  • How would you make your story more related to your listeners?
  • If your class is open to the question what type of question would you ask them?
  • how would you draw a satisfactory conclusion to your story?

The above tips are what I make use of when writing articles on this blog. I simply close my eyes or stay calm to imagine that am talking to someone close to me, and with this model, I have been able to write all that you see here.

Lots of friends comment on my writing skills and it makes me realise even more that am using the best blog writing techniques. You are also learning it now.

3. Be Yourself And Keep It Cool

Writing the way you speak will only bring about personality into your writing, and you know what that does? it creates more credibility as a blogger.

I always try to be myself when writing a new blog post and that’s why you see me tell you the stories of some of my past encounters as far as they remain helpful and subject-related.

Try to remain natural by strategically fixing your real and helpful stories in your posts. Don’t tell lies because it’s not a good attitude in blogging. we only tell people true stories of what happens around us or to us.

When fixing your stories, don’t go off point, it sucks. Always make sure your stories are post-related.

Doing this will make you more human than just presenting yourself like a textbook. Your blog readers will feel like they are chatting with you when reading your articles.

Just stick to the topic at hand and let the stories flow naturally.

4. Don’t Throw Away Your Daily Languages

When you speak to your friends and relatives in your home, near you, what language do you use?

I presume you speak the simple and correct language well, so why come online to show off?

Don’t try to be an orator with your great grammar. It will only make your readers go disappointed at you.

Can you imagine your blog readers using a dictionary when reading from your blog? You are totally a disappointment in the quest for showing off your grammar skills.

For you to write blog posts worth reading, you don’t have to be grammar conscious, all you need is the same way you approach people in your everyday life.

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Since you can speak English offline to teach and interact. Why can’t you do the same online? My friend starts reasoning like a human and not like a robot.

5. Throw Away the rule book and keep writing

Because you want to write blog posts worth reading does not mean you should keep your punctuation book next to you.

You must not be good in using paragraphs, and quotation marks before writing a good and helpful blog post.

As a matter of fact, am not good at that. yet I write what people love to read. Most of the bloggers you cherish online aren’t good at that yet you loved them so why must your case be different?

In fact, keep writing and forget about the rule book. When writing a blog post you must not Adhere to all the writing rules required to be a good writer.

only make sure your writing is very easy to understand and your readability checks are OK. then you are good to go.

6. Now Read Out Loud and Edit

I always love staying in a quiet place without notice when creating new blog posts.

And whenever I am done with my writing, I sit down carefully and put myself in the shoes of my audience. I present myself as a visitor reading from the blog.

Do this by reading out your post louder to your hearing and you will notice some errors. Those are the common error you need to fix and edit.

Edit them and read out louder again and again till you make sure your writing is error-free and very readable.

Even after publishing my posts I always read them once again for the last review.

Don’t feel your articles to too perfect for edit. You may end up making some common mistakes which can be very annoying to your blog readers.

Writing blog posts worth reading

For you to write blog posts worth reading, all you have to do is kill your fears and write like you are talking to someone next to you.

Write like you are a primary school teacher explaining a subject to your students. You make sure to use less difficult English just to make them understand easily.

Your Blog readers are your pupils who are newbies and learners. They only came to read your blog because they want to learn what they don’t know, and what they have no idea about. so you don’t need to make things complicated.

I have been using these blog writing rules for many years now and I have been able to build trust and credibility with this same model I just taught you.

You don’t just read to perfect. You read and practice to perfection. so all you have to do now is sit back and start acting like you have learnt something new instead of using the old method of doing things.

As the blogging prophet that I will always be, I have again revealed another Secret to Writing blog posts worth reading. It depends on you.

You can tap into the beneficiaries by practising all that you have learnt.

Now that you just learnt something new, You are always liable to make mistakes. Don’t worry as you continue writing and practising sooner you will become an expert

By now you probably have a good idea for writing a blog post. and of cause writing blog posts worth reading for your visitors

Your job isn’t quite done yet, though.

Becoming a better blogger is an ongoing process that’s far from over once your posts go live

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