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Welcome to the new post Most Influential Bloggers in Benue State. I hope you guys are having a great time and of cause enjoying the best moments of this festive period

Its no doubt that blogging has become a profession for most people who have made it successful online

but one would wonder and ask Is blogging profitable in Nigeria? because establishing your profile online as a successful blogger is nothing but a daunting task to bear

Blogging has expanded into one of the most profitable online business of all times. Have you ever heard that some bloggers are making six-figure earnings every year just for writing about something they love to write on an online platform?

Yes, you may have heard about the professional bloggers in Nigeria who are making such huge money from home quitting their jobs!

And fortunately, you can also follow the same way and can start making passive income online. Blogging is definitely one of the best online passive income businesses ever

for most students blogging has become a side hustle where they make good use of their blogs to make monetary returns while they also focus on their academics

someone like me I love it when I get amazing feedback from you guys. It is very much appreciated when you leave comments or send e-mails thanking us for helping you in some way

In Nigeria we have just a few number of bloggers who have made it successful in the blogosphere, the likes of Linda ikeji, Jide Ogunsewa, Makinze Azeez and many others keep trending every day, these people have made millions blogging

Blogging is like a seed you planted which you cannot reap the same day. instead, you will have to nurture them, work on them, then they grow, mature before you can then reap.

But if you come to blogging with the aim of overnight success you’re like planting today and reaping tomorrow even if you succeed reaping it will yield no good.

Top bloggers in Nigeria will always tell you blogging is about passion

With that being said let us get over to our main topic of discussion today

Most Influential Bloggers In Benue State

The motive behind this blog post “Most Influential Bloggers In Benue State” is the fact that I was born and raised in Benue state so I thought it would be fun to write about my own state, “The food basket of Nigeria”

On my journey as a blogger, I met these great personalities who have written their names in the History books so far as blogging is concerned in Benue

In fact Blogging can not be discussed in Benue state without the names of these personalities being mentioned and because of that I have great respect and appreciation for the hard work these guys have done in the blogosphere

1. Freesami Media

Most Influential Bloggers in Benue State


This guy is nothing but a Genius who is just extraordinary and because of that, he is our first pick on the list.

Freesami Media Concept was founded in 2013 by Ikyobo Jospeh Saater (Known by his Nickname Jaydiz), a Native of the Tiv indigenous tribe in Benue state.

Ikyobo Joseph is a multi award-winning blogger/influencer who has won six awards in the cause of his blogging carrier

Freesami Media is a popular outlet which is widely renowned in Benue state and across Nigeria for not only promoting artist songs but also projecting a possible business platform of selling their songs and making triple monetary returns.

Over the years freesami has being tasked with the responsibility of digital marketing and distributions all over the world.

Several awards and nominations have been Received for our hard work and perseverance over the years.

Freesami received it’s First award in 2016 as Benue state University Entertainment award as best Blog of the year
In 2017, it added another accolade to its name by winning the Best Blogger Of The Year, King Of Dance (KOD), Jos Plateu State


Freesami Media

Again Freesami Media was given an award of Excellence as

Best Online Blog/Reporter Of The Year at the Abuja Entertainment And Meritorious Awards 2019

Other notable nominations include…

One Time Profile Awards Nominee And Also A One Time Middle Belt Heroes Award Nominee

Back in 2016 Freesami media was a part of one of the Biggest sport festival in Africa Tagged “Mark D Ball” unfortunately it didn’t hold but the impact of Freesami was highly recommend.

Freesami media Brand has also collaborated with Mr Pr services, They were oportuned to work with the Igbenedion family as a media aid, not only that, The company produced MTN’s Project Fame season 9 winner Okiemute.

Ghetto Life award nominee to mention but a few the importance of freesami media to the Benue Entertainment industry can not be overemphasized as it is quite coherent enough that this media company has successfully cemented a difference for generations to come

It is in this regard the Organizers of FGNC is recognizing and celebrating incredible individual from north-central Nigeria like Freesami Media who have stood out in their field of life as Entertainment Blog Of The Year In Central Nigeria




If there is any blogger who is extraordinary. Its Freesami Tiger


2. Cruz9ja


Cruz9ja is has proved to be a very vital medium so far as entertainment is being mentioned in Benue state

The Founder Tsepav Godwin Terhemba is also an indigene of Benue State and a graduate of Accounting at Benue State University Makurdi

who a very passionate and hardworking guy who has taking blogging in Benue state to a higher elevation through his hard work

Over the years Cruz9ja Team has proven to be the best media outlet for entertainment in Benue state and across Nigeria

The CEO, Tsepav Godwin is a Qualified Chartered Accountant which makes him the youngest chartered accountant from Benue state and the middle belt at large

Notable awards include Middle Belt Blog Of The Year 2018 at The Middle Belt Hero’s Awards




Most Influential Bloggers in Benue State

Winnaijatv is your news, entertainment, sport, education, gospel fashion website. It provides you with the latest breaking news straight from the entertainment industry in Benue state and globally

Winnaijatv was founded back in November 2017 by Amonye Victor Ochofie
also know by his Nickname “Winner”

As Published By The Sun Newspaper.
AMONYE VICTOR may appear like your regular guy, but the 23-year-old Home Scientist

Undergraduate of Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Benue Stae is the founder of one of
World’s biggest music, video, download and news, sport, stories, education, etc
websites, wí

In the university, he speaks with Emmanuel Benson (Beck) on his plans to reinvent the platform, challenges he has had to deal with and a whole lot of other issues.

How did WINNAIJA come to be?

I actually created it last years 15th November, 2017,
to be precise. It was a public holiday for my school. I was fresh on campus 200 level then.

Have always been a good internet user and I actually undergo some training in web design in Lagos in the year 2014 – 2015.

And then, I did a check and I discovered that most bloggers have no knowledge about web designing. What they do is, they outsource their design and programming jobs to outsiders and those

ones build based on their own understanding. But as one who has the knowledge, I know what is lacking in different platforms in Nigeria.

So I built a website to address those challenges I also got inspiration from other blogs and what motivated me the most is when I go to other blog and can not download music, video etc they made things hard for a young guy like me.

That was how we started. At what point did you realise it was something big? With most blogs, users had to search a lot.

We do most of the hard work, then get most of the information we think World want to know. There was an issue with UAM RESUMPTION in 2017.

They already announced the date of their Resumption. It was on all Nigerian blogs but it
was very hard for users to get the information.

So what we did was to create a page for UAM information. That was how we were able to grow based on what we think our users want.

Music in Nigeria is a very lucrative business, but then there was no platform offering very flexible
music downloads.

What we did was that people wanted to comment. They wanted to talk about new releases even after

Now, we are a niche-less blog. We do music, football, and majorly anything. We are not just a music

website, but as it is, we don’t think there is a music website that can compete with us.

How were you able to fund it at the beginning?

There is a quote that says ‘start anyhow’. When I started back in 2017, there was\ no finance power.

I just started anyhow with a cheap hosting,  I was able to build very good traffic with them.

After 5 months I saw that this is something promising. Then I started looking for how to raise money.

In May 2018, got a good server and started paying, but we have really grown from a 10,000 visit monthly to a 5 million page views monthly. Now, we have between 10 million and

20 million page views averagely. And then, the server fee has really increased. But with hard work and sponsored

content, we have been able to tackle those bills. Today, we pay up to 500 dollars monthly to just have our server running. We have about 10 staff members now

What is the concept behind Winnaija TV? Every day, we put up a post on Winnaija asking people’s opinion about happenings in the entertainment industry.

And then, there is a whole lot of comments that generate buzz. We noticed that the way people comment on blogs is actually different from the way they speak in real life.

We posted one on our platform because we know Nigerians will like to be more specific. So what we
are trying to do with Winnaija TV is basically

street interviews, exclusive engagements. We also have a programme called Rap Attack where we will bring students from different schools to do something like a rap battle and then put them up for
Nigerians to watch.

How soon do you intend to float the TV?

By the first week of January 2019, we will be putting up our first contents. Then we can now decide what content to drop on

what day of the week but we can boast that Nigerians will actually enjoy the concept of Winnaija TV.

What other concept are you exploring? We are into show and Entertainment already we are working on various projects and in a few weeks, we will also be changing the face of our platform because we want to be more professional.

Who do you regard as your biggest competitor?

Let’s say I never started because of the competition. I don’t play football, I don’t do a lot of things. The only thing I know how to do is to surf the internet and probably send out

Notable Awards Include:

UAM Best Blog Of The Year 2017, BUEPA Best Blog Of The Year 2018, Outstanding Blog Of The Year 2019 FUAM AWARDS

It’s no doubt MC winner has Proven to be the most influential bloggers in Benue state


4. QueenDoosh

Qeendooshblog is a popular gossip blog targeted at creating and sharing credible contents for information dissemination purpose.

Its focuses on Entertainment, Gossip, Lifestyle, Politics, Fashion, Relationships and so much more…

They also focus on News which covers both local and international…

Queendosh is one among the most influential bloggers in Benue state



Fabmimi’s blog ( is six years today, Sunday, June 5, 2016. The blog is owned by Mimi Atedze, one of Benue’s finest bloggers; call her the Queen of Benue blogosphere and you won’t be wrong.

The multiple award-winning journalists has been exemplary to young and aspiring bloggers in the state, who have never failed to be amazed by her hard work and humility. She is happily married with four lovely children.


6. IdomaVoice

Most Influential Bloggers in Benue State


Ameh Comrade Godwin is A professional journalist and activist, Ameh Comrade Godwin comes as one of the finest and most influential bloggers in Benue State.

His work in Benue South senatorial district is novel and worthy of commendation.

Ameh is a major channel through which information from the state beams down on national consciousness owing to his work on and

IdomaVoice is the No 1 voice of the Idoma people for Idoma news and Benue news in genera

Ameh Comrade Godwin, is also a Nigerian writer was born a few years after Nigeria’s civil war in Owukpa, outskirts of Benue State, Nigeria.

He was best known for his controversial article, Idoma: Gifted but not lifted published in one of the national dailies.

As a journalist, poet, activist, scriptwriter, movie producer and director, A, eh is no doubt a down-to-earth writer.

His writing started as a news reporter in Nigeria’s acclimated voice of the nation.
He is the convener of the Conference of Idoma Artistes (CIDA)

His works include Talents crying in the grave (poetry), Ekikwu’Ela (play) Tears of an Orphan (play) and others. Ameh is a member of Movie Reporters Guild of Nigeria (MORGON)


Conclusion: Most Influential Bloggers In Benue State

These are our selected Top bloggers in Benue state, do you know any other blogger who is worthy of recognition? Let’s discuss in the comment box, don’t forget to hit the share button

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