Blogging in Nigeria: Is Blogging Profitable In Nigeria?

Last updated on May 27, 2020


Lot’s folks are still asking questions like “Is blogging Profitable in Nigeria”, Can one make living from blogging in Nigeria,

“Can blogging be made a career in Nigeria?” and many more related questions but i can bet you i know some of the reasons why these questions are made by mostly newbies in blogging. Perhaps some don’t really know what blogging is all about

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Sometimes when you visit and read top income earners in blogging, you hardly see Nigerians with enticing earning instead you see the whites (foreigners) with Huge earning portrayed and you’re wandering if you can make such money as a Nigerian blogger and that lead you to the question “Is blogging profitable in Nigeria?’

Before you even think of getting an answer to the question of blogging been lucrative in Nigeria to become a Successful blogger in Nigeria

you must first of all need to know the meaning of the word profitable or lucrative otherwise you may end up getting things wrongly. Learn How to write SEO articles and never quit

What Is Lucrative/Profitable Niche in Blogging?

The English words Lucrative and profitable is gradually becoming the language of bloggers and entrepreneurs even though it remains a normal English.

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Each time a lucrative Niche is mentioned in blogging your mind quickly flash back to money and that’s it you got it right.

When you hear question like ”Is it lucrative? in blogging then you should know they’re asking you if it’s making money. In other words we say lucrative in blogging simply means generating income.

What ever you do that generate income worth the time invested means it’s lucrative but if otherwise be the case then we say it’s non lucrative.

Everyone is looking for that which Pays and until you find it you won’t stop searching and even when you find it, you keep searching because you want to expatiate it.

So when someone drop the question like “Is blogging lucrative in blogging? automatically he want to know if you can make money from blogging in Nigeria and that’s what we gonna discuss here.

One other reason why people ask if blogging is profitable in Nigeria is when they have tried and tried without anything to show up. They are so much frustrated so they are like is this blogging profitable in Nigeria at all or am i practicing what’s meant for foreigners?

But that’s not true instead adhered to wrong blogging practices which doesn’t work in this age. Let’s hold it here as we continue to the subject of the dey.

Is Blogging In Nigeria Profitable?

The answer is YES blogging is also profitable and lucrative in Nigeria just like any other part of the world. Did i just hear you say ” Prove it?” OK let me do.

By Profession Linda Ikeji is not just a blogger but a celebrity Blogger, Pascal Okafor is making it large from Blogging, Ibanga the owner of infoguidenigeria is a top Nigeria blogger whose income lies in blogging,

Jide OgunSanya is not just a blogger but celebrity in the world of blogging and if the list should continue it means we are going to open another chapter because this page won’t be enough (smiles)

But I won’t end the list without mentioning me, By Gods grace Legacy Benjamin A.K.A The Unique Blogger also depends on Blogging for a living. Though am a studnet anyway… There are thousands of entertainment blogs in nigeria

To be successful in blogging
There are prons and cons in Blogging which you must adhere if you must make money online as a Nigerian Blogger and if you’ve been following this blog you will know i always write about them in almost all my blogging related articles but for the purpose of this article, i will touch it again so you can grab it here if you’re new to this


How To Be Successful And Make Money From Blogging

Below are some of the tips every successful blogger do follow before you start hearing their names globally

1. Share Your Best Knowledge

In blogging there’s what we call Niche which is “Blogging about what you can do well on” Don’t blog what you aren’t good at that’s one thing that might retard or even ruin your Blogging success.

I never dream to see myself Blog entertainment because i can’t do any better on it i dont even know most of nigerian music artists, instead am blogging on what you see me doing because this is what i can do best.

What is your Best Knowledge? Look forward to creating a blog that has something to do with it not doing what others are doing because you may end up not making it since you are not them but you.

When you blog about your best knowledge you will find it very easy to write the best article because you aren’t struggling to write them

instead you’re writing what you already know but when you go otherwise you will be like a student who went from Art class to go and write Exam in Medicine class am sure you know the performance.

It’s better not to blog at all than to blog about what you have no knowledge about because that will only lead you to a copy and paste blogging. Even when you try to write yourself you won’t give the best


2. Build Your Niche

Now that you already setup your Blog for what you love most what next? The next thing is to build and grow your niche and as soon as you create awareness about the knowledge you share,

people will keep coming back instead of searching elsewhere because they know you will give them the best of information regarding what they’re searching for.

When it comes to building and growing your niche we are talking of doing other necessary blogging practices such as SEO.

Building list. Utilizing the social media, Link Building and others. All these contributes to building and growing your Blogging Niche.

Building and growing your niche might not be that easy as it sound because it takes time, money , effort and strategies to finally win your niche and once you win it, the rest will be win , win , win.

Nothing Good comes easy so if you see anyone telling you that money in blogging can be made overnight just stay clear because i just have to be truthful to you. You must work for your success in blogging just like every other business.


3. Define Your Success

You Need to have a goal as a Blogger. I have many goals before this year runs out and am working tirelessly to meet my goals.

As a Blogger you need to define you goals like ” How many subscribers will you get before the year runs out? , What will be your Alexa ranking Target in one month time,

How much will you be spending on your blog monthly, How many article will you be creating on your Blog every month no matter what, in the next one month how many daily visitors will you be expecting on your blog? and many more..

If you can make a goal and work towards them, it will enhance your blog growth.

4. Don’t Be In Haste To See Your Success

This has made many to quite blogging because they want it too fast but unfortunately it doesn’t come that fast and they are like this is trash so they quite.

Blogging is like a seed you planted which you cannot reap the same day. instead you will have to nurture them, work on them, then they grow, mature before you can then reap. But if you come to blogging with the aim of overnight success you’re like planting today and reaping tomorrow even if you succeed reaping it will yield no good.

Why not grow and nurture your blog them wait while it mature before thinking of reaping? Don’t be in Haste to make money from your blog instead occupy yourself with the taught to grow your blog..

Let the thinking of growing your blog, making your blog known and satisfying your audience take the largest part of you not making money,

because when you begin to think the money too big even from the day one of launching your blog you might end up missing it. don’t forget these costly mistakes you must avoid to be a successful blogger

Don’t get me wrong please i never said you shouldn’t think of making money from your blog instead i mean you should nurture your blog like an infact baby first before making money. If you can do this then you won’t need to huzzle for the money in blogging instead the money will look for you.


5. Learn New Things Everyday

You need to learn new things daily as a blogger that’s why you must keep a close eye on your competitors blog since blogging itself is a world of competition. I do compete with other bloggers in my niche without their notice,

if they post once in a week i post three to four times because i want to beat them down. Learn the strategies that other bloggers are using to grow their blogs then explore more than they have done.

Don’t feel tired to try new things because you can never tell which strategy works until you try. Try, Try and explore new things even when you have some feelings they might not work. Like they say “there’s no crime in trial”

It all started from the question “is blogging in Nigeria profitable ?” and we said YES so i needed to show up some tips to successful Blogging which i have listed but few and most essentials. am sure they will help when explored rightly.


Conclusion: Blogging In Nigeria: Is Blogging Is Profitable In Nigeria?

There’s no amount you can earn in blogging. you can earn millions and you can also earn Zero Naira. Am sure you know what i mean.

If Linda ikeji don’t offer advertising space and don’t place AdSense ads on her Blog, am sure she won’t make money even with the large numbers of daily readers since that’s the major income source. So work your ways out.

Before you exit this page to read other of my interesting articles, why not add your email to our data list by subscribing below so you keep getting our updates.? Am sure that can help in your journey of blogging and making money online in Nigeria.

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