How To Blog Less And Get More Traffic To Your Site

Last updated on May 2, 2020

If you are looking for the secret on how to get more traffic to your site then continue reading this article, blogging over the years has turned out to be a lucrative job to do. Did you know the richest blogger in Africa is a woman? well its no other person but the founder of Lindaikejisblog (Linda Ikeja).

With everyone venturing into blogging, though not all are capable of earning dollars worth bragging on it takes time and correct measures

Just like we have discussed earlier in our previous article about How To Be A Successful Blogger: Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid every business has its our strategies on how to be successful in it.

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If you are a tailor, to be successful you have to acquire the best skill and not just that, your products should be unique from others, by so doing people are going to patronize your services.

This secret i will reveal today about blogging less and getting more traffic will be a massive help for student bloggers who rarely have time to combine both their academics and blogging

One key factor about blogging most bloggers fail to understand is that Blogging is not all about content, its about marketing your content

so without wasting much time let me get straight to the point

How To Blog Less And Get More Traffic To Your Site

1.Ensure To Have The Newsletter Plugin

What is Newsletter? A newsletter is that box which pops up on a site at the end of a post which tells visitors to subscribe for upcoming posts, as a blogger your email list is one of the most reliable communication tool.

It helps you bring back users to your website. It helps you increase sales, promote products, and build trust around your brand.

how to blog less and get more traffic

If your contents can satisfy your visitors needs they are going to have confidence and trust in you and eventually they are going to subscribe to your newsletter order to stay tuned for more updates from you

You should also enable social sharing to social networks on your blog so that visitors can share your articles to social media, this is also going to grow your blog because you will get more visitors

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2. Send Out Mails To Your Blog Subscribers

Aways send out mails to your subscribers each time you publish a new post. you audience will always love to hear what you have to say in your new articles, sending them mails will create a mutual understanding and you are going to keep more visitors on your blog.

3. Do Not Send Too Many Emails

When you login to your facebook and you start seeing notifications from all areas what happens next? it will start freezing your phone making it so annoying for u.

The same thing also happens in blogging, If you flood your audience with too many messages its going to look so annoying and they wont read your posts again because they are just too many to open, they are going to think you are spamming them.
There is this local saying that too much of everything is bad

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Personally when i start receiving too many mails from Newsletters i subscribe to, it feels so boring and what i do next is to find the unsubcribe button immediately the same thing happens to other subscribers

If you flood your subscribers with mails they are going to leave your site and will never come back again

Blog Less And Get More Traffic

If you want to keep your Audience you should adopt the method of posting maybe one or two posts in a week. the best day of the week to do that is on Sundays because people are less busy on Sundays.

If you decide to be publishing your blog posts only on sundays people are going to have more time to visit your site, its going to create awareness of when you publish your posts, your audience will be waiting to receive your latest posts.

4. Do Not Deviate From Your Niche

Your Blog Niche is what you blog about, If you are Blogging about news across Nigeria then probably thats your niche. Here on LegacyTips you already know what we do here (Make Money Online/ Succesful Blogging Tips)

You know your audience, you understand them better and you know what they want. your blog posts should be relevant to your niche and also what your audience wants (high quality contents)

You won’t expect me to be writing about what happened between Boko Haram and the Abducted Chibok School Girls (In Nigeria) on this blog. That really sucks . . because am writing off niche. (If Its in a soccer match you will see the line-man raising up his flag for Offside Lol.)

Even google search engine understood the power of niche blogging, and there is no doubt “google understand it also when you go off niche.” if you want to increase blog traffic keep to your niche and write just what your blog visitors wants to read and learn about

Stick to writing what add values to your blog readers, This is one among the best Secrets to write SEO articles which every successful blogger do adhere to. don’t forget to use the best wordpress theme for good site appearance

5. Always Edit Your Posts Before Publishing

Don’t feel you are an expert so you don’t need to edit your work. There could be some miss-written words, wrongly used words which might be caught in your readers eyes.

Believe me if your articles are flooded with grammatical errors your visitors and subscribers will leave your site and they will never come back again because of your inability to write well

To me, i usually do a second reading after publishing my articles (and that’s my final edit stage). As an SEO article writer, You are not only editing to please your blog readers, but also editing to please your text appearance on search engines like google (which Also read your blog posts just like your readers does.)

Conclusion: How To Blog Less And Get More Traffic

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