Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2020 Get Massive Traffic

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Hello, welcome to my blog once again, In our today’s article we are going to learn Advanced technique to write SEO articles and get massive traffic

i noticed blogging has become very competitive this days, alot of people are aware of most SEO tips, thats why sometimes you find it hard to Rank on google even when you think you are doing the right thing, but this is because many other people are doing the same SEO articles techniques with you.

As a blogger if i should ask God for three things i will ask for Traffic, More Traffic and Organic Traffic and of course i cant achieve that without Good SEO i know some newbies will be asking “What is SEO?”.Today i will also teach you how to write search engine optimized articles that rank

Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles

How to write SEO articles that rank on Google.

  1. Try To Understand Your Audience

Alot of people think writting SEO articles is just about Building links but the secret is Google is interested in Ranking whats best for the users, How many page views you are getting, the percentage of bounce rates on your site and also the time on page, how long your audience are engaging with your content

try as much as possible to write user friendly and mobile friendly content If all this is achieved in great amount that tells google that people are liking what they see on your blog and they are engaging with your contents, so Google is going to rank you on first page. By Understanding user experience you are going to know whats keeping your audience and whats making them leave your site

2. Use Good SEO Tittle Tags

Imaging you are writting an article with a tiltle “How To Get Your Banned Adsense Account Back”

Just tell me why your visitors won’t click on that head title to find out what its all about, since there is no way you could get your Adsense account back once it is banned.

That is what we call Killer Headline, it makes your audience feel like if they don’t click on that particular title they are gonna die, but nobody is going to die anyway haha

You should also try to make your contents as fresh as possible because this is going to amaze your audience, they are gonna love what you do, they are going to subscribe to your newsletter and in the end you are gonna get more traffic and rank in Google

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3. Optimize Your Contents

Each time you write articles try to optimize your contents with the yoast SEO pluging, if you are not using the Yoast SEO plugging then you are just wasting your time blogging. Optimizing SEO Content with Yoast plugging is the best way to create search engine friendly articles if you really wanna rank on google

This is exactly what google wants you to do

Your focus keyphrase is the keyword you want your post or page to rank for you should try as much as possible to provide the best focus keyphrase, if you are using the free version of yoast seo pluging you are allowed to use only one keyphrase but with the premium version you could use as many as you want


Focus Keyphrase Tips (what is Focus Keyphrase?)

A focus keyphrase is the word phrase you wish to rank for in a blog post

  • Your focus keyphrase MUST be found in your title tag (The heading of your blog post)
  • It MUST be found In Your Slung and Meta Description and it shouldn’t be found more than 2 time in your meta description (don’t over optimize the keyphrase) i used the world MUST because am not giving you an option here, its something you have to do without thinking of other alternatives, you have no reason or what so ever to skip it
How to write seo articles

You can see above in one of my blog posts my focused keyphrase is appearing just twice in my Meta description, my readability analysis is also smiling lol

advanced technique to write seo articles

If you optimize your contents correctly and tackle out the necessary mistakes you are going to have good results and you are going to increase your ranking massively

4. Do Keyword Research (SEO Articles)

what are Keywords? Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject

While doing keyword research keep in mind of these three things

  • Keywords Search Volume
  • Search competition
  • Keywords CPC

Search volume simply means the total number of searches Google receives monthly about a particular keyword.

If for instance the monthly traffic of a keyword is 20k, it means that Google is receiving 20,000 monthly search about that particlular keyword.

When doing your keywords research it is a wise idea to target keywords that have very high search volume with low competition. You can find them then you are likely to get more organic traffic irrespective of your blogging platform or blogging niche.

if you are looking for the best Keyword too/keyword suggestion tool read more about SMErush and Keywords Everywhere, the most powerful keyword research tools

keyword competition tells you the percentage of the competition a keyword possess you should try to avoid high competitive keywords and go for the ones with low competition by doing that you are going to rank in google search engine

5. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage.When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink for example if Nairaland links to my blog page here (legacytips) then that will be considered as a backlink.

A page with a lot of backlinks is expected to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google.

Backlinks can be classified into dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks and each class have a work it does to improve the web performance of a webpage.

With do-follow links meaning links pointing to your webpage it contains a very useful tool. in that process Google spider in charge of analytic algorithm will see your page as a very useful page thus moving its position on SERP’s to a position that higher

How To Build Backlinks For A New Website

If your website is new and fresh and you are looking for websites to build backlinks then consider this free SEO banklinks websites


All you need to do is visit those sites and create a profile then you will get a profile backlink to your site, if is a forum site you can do the same

You can also use links to your various blog posts, for some websites you may have to create an account with them before you can comment. just try as much as possible and do the needful, aftyer that just sit and watch as you will get high quality backlinks free

6. Building Internal Links

Internal Link Building is one of the way to optimize your articles.Google love blogs with good internal linking. Linking back to well optimized posts from your blog posts is one of the ways through which you can improve your website Google search ranking.

When inter linking your articles use rich SEO keywords as your anchor texts. Just like Google read other texts from your blog it also reads your anchor texts.Don’t just link back to your posts also link back to other authoritative blogs as this will earn you more ranking potentials.

Conclusion: Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles

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