10 Profitable Businesses To Start With 30k in Nigeria

You are welcomed to LegacyTips where we share business success and how to grow in business, today we will be sharing profitable businesses to start with 30k in Nigeria and grow up successfully doing them.

A thousand and one reasons could be deduced as reasons for the high level of unemployment in the society; ranging from self–made to government inefficiencies.

But in the midst of plenty, an average Nigerian should not be begging or be idle, because the resource needed to be great is in all of us.

A lot of hardworking and successful physically challenged entrepreneurs in society have proven that greatness in life is not a function of your physique or strength,

but a function of your ability to think outside the box; through the identification and application of available resources at your disposal.

Breaking the jinx of unemployment in our society is a personal battle that must be fought and conquered by every individual who is unemployed.

The battle would be defeated by saying to oneself that “I am born to succeed and prosper in life.” – a self-confession.

This post contains easy ways to make money in Nigeria and profitable business ideas that will help you conquer extreme poverty and live a better life

Based on my recent research, these businesses are profitable businesses one can venture into with the above-mentioned capital and expect good income from it.

I find personal business more comfortable and profitable, I don’t really know why but I just like a business and being self-employed.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into a profitable roadside business you and I can start with ₦‎30,000

Profitable Businesses You Can Start With 30k In Nigeria

Some Nigerians are so scared of their own business but the fact remains that the kind of people who want to set up something for themselves are more than those who want to work under someone till their old age.

So if you are someone like me who loves having his/her own business then this article is for you, just read on carefully as I show you some businesses you can start in Nigeria with as low as ₦30,000

1. Pop Corn Production

Almost everybody has patronised these sellers one way or the other, starting a popcorn business is quite cheap and it can be sold anywhere the eye can reach, in the streets, malls and cinemas,

just buy Bags of corn in the market, Branded Nylon, Sugar, Salt & Butter and cooking utensils. The beauty of this is when properly made, its aroma will attract its customers Popcorn can be served anywhere.

Not many people are aware of the possibility of this business, and some of them will keep it from other people on purpose in order to leave their business secret.

However, more and more entrepreneurs are generous enough to share their ways of making money to help out other people.

Everybody can start a similar business. You can start processing popcorn and then supplying the retailers with it. For this, you will not need many materials that you will use for your popcorn production are not very expensive, and with a little effort, you can easily afford them.

The product is guaranteed to sell quickly because many people enjoy popcorn

Is Popcorn Business Worth It?

popcorn is our most rated among Businesses To Start With 30k In Nigeria We can calculate the approximate profit that you can make while producing popcorn in Nigeria as well as selling it as a retailer.

For example, you can produce 7,000 packs of popcorn every month (235 packs per day), and sell it to retailers for ₦‎70. They will sell it for ₦‎100, therefore making a ₦‎30 profit for each pack.

So, basically, 7,000 packs multiplied by ₦‎70 will bring you ₦‎490,000 of income per month as a producer! At the same time, a retailer will make ₦‎210,000 profit per month.

This sounds really appealing. However, these numbers are only hypothetical, and you have to take into account some other points, like purchasing the raw material for your business and producing the wrapping bags for popcorn.

If you work together with other people, you will also have to divide the money between them.

There are a lot of underlying stones in this business, and you will need to sacrifice your time to it and gain new knowledge and experience every day.

2. Fairly Used Clothes (Okrika)

Fairly Used clothes such as Jeans, Tops, t-shirts, shoes etc could be sourced at big markets at cheaper rates. Wash then and pack neatly.

Marketing is all it takes, you’ll Sell and see your money multiply, all you just need in this business is wisdom, iron them and sell them neatly to make cool cash.

Selling Okrika (second-hand wear like shirts, trousers, suits, undies, bags, shoes etc.) is a business that many new entrepreneurs are looking forward to starting because of the high demand for affordable and durable clothes in Nigeria.

Okrika means a lot to so many people especially the youth, the low-income earners and fashion freaks. So many Nigerians today are wearing Okrika knowingly or unknowingly.

Most of the stock boutiques you see around the road and streets are mostly been stuck with first-grade Okrika.

On market days, you need to see the population of university girls and guys, parents, corp members, bankers, and civil servants that troop to the market to buy fairly used clothes, shoes, bags, undies etc.

The Okrika business is a hot cake in Nigeria hundreds and thousands of people are looking for how to start the Okrika business and nevertheless make success in the Okrika business.

The business is one that requires little start-up capital and has a readily available market. It’s among the most profitable businesses to start with 30k in Nigeria

Why Okrika Business is Best For You

  • Easy to Start
  • Low start-up capital
  • Okrika wears are affordable {Cheap}

3. Poultry

You have probably heard a lot of things about poultry farming and its profitability in Nigeria. However, not everyone knows where to start, and how to profit from poultry farming.

Potentially, it can make you earn a huge amount of money, and make you wealthy, if you put enough effort into it and know how to execute this business in the right way.

Poultry farming is considered to be one of the most profitable farming businesses, and it has a lot of potential for earning profit. Read more: 

Train broilers and old layers: Almost everybody eats chicken and eggs if not all, they are consumed at homes, restaurants and all food joints.

Just buy fact chicken at ₦‎400 per piece well treated and buy 2 or 3 bags of feeds, train and sell the broilers at 7-8k at full maturity, especially in festive seasons, the layers also produce eggs daily. Put them in create and sell them to make money.

People say that young children and teenagers that are growing need to eat at least one egg per day to stay healthy. And as for adults, they need at least ten eggs per week.

Another thing that is provided by the poultry business is chicken meat, which is loved and consumed by many people.

That is why the products made at poultry farms are very popular and in demand.

4. Tutorial classes

This is a very cheap business to start, no matter your age and location, this is another well-paying job, either part-time or full-time.

Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their children’s success and there’s one subject you’re well equipped at. Just close the gap, meet their need for a fee and smile at your bank.

Tutorial service businesses can be targeted to students of all ages and any subject matter. Starting a tutorial business may be right for you if you excel at helping others understand subjects more easily.

Sometimes students have a hard time with coursework because of a disability or communication gap with their instructor.

To run this type of business, you will need to research subjects, prepare training materials and write lesson plans.

5. Dry Cleaning Services

Most office workers barely have time to wash their clothes after working from Monday to Friday considering they go out early and come back late at night, some still have an appointment on Saturday

and left with Sunday when they go to church and would want to rest after church, you can start a dry cleaning service, make a card and give it to them, they will all patronize, you just need to be diligent to succeed here.

Why laundry/dry cleaning services can be a great startup in Nigeria? You should think about this. Millions of Nigerians (and our country will soon reach the 200 million population mark)

require affordable and high-quality (even if pricey) services in different corners of the country. Thousands of families in Nigeria spend the most time at work and have no time to do their laundry.

They won’t let anybody come to their house and wash, dry, or iron attires and clothing sets, but they will be more than happy to use dry cleaning and laundry services in their village or city.

Besides, many people are poor and cannot afford to buy a dry cleaner and washing machine because of their bad power supply or lack of money to invest in such a technique.

Thus, they would instead use affordable dry cleaning services and do their laundry outside their house

The most exciting thing about the dry cleaning business is that it doesn’t require special skill to start, within a short period of time

you could learn the basic things involved and start attracting customers, you might not even need a special kind of shop, you can stay even at your home and render services

6. Mobile and Electronic Accessories

Almost everybody uses a smartphone in our world today and is always in need of Mobile and electronic Accessories such as Earpieces, Pouches, Chargers, USB cables, HDMI cables,

and more which can be sourced on Alibaba, Ali Express, Deal Extreme, etc. The more you buy the lower the price.

And they are light so shipping won’t be a burden. Sell them on Jumia and Co. or at your desired selling spot

There is an increase in the use of mobile phones with their accessories in this 21st century as a result of technological advancement.

This has created many business opportunities. One such business opportunity is the sale of cellular and mobile phone accessories such as batteries, battery chargers, mobile phone repair parts, phone jackets and covers, memory cards, USB cables, modems, earpieces, etc.

These mobile phone accessories are an important component of mobile phones. The demand is very high, especially in developing countries where an average man will prefer repairing the damaged component of his mobile phone rather than buying a new mobile phone.

The mobile phone accessories business has been made a lucrative business as a result of millions of GSM users in a particular locality. For most mobile phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Techno, and other smartphones; repair parts and accessories are readily available in the market.

7. Bead Making

Beads are highly patronized and loved by fashion lovers, You could make cool money-making bead wristbands and necklaces, All you need is training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, then adequate marketing, and you are good to go.

With a little creativity, anyone can make beaded jewellery. But to get started, you can take two two-week training courses with any fashion house on bead making.

To make beads, you will need some metal strings for connecting the beads, wire cutters, a tape measure, pins, clasps and different types of beads, of course.

More importantly, you will need a bead design board to help you make the job much easier and more organized.

The market is usually flooded with all kinds of beads so you have to be prepared for competition.

The key to surviving and succeeding in this business is to create a unique brand. Carving a niche in the market is difficult, but not impossible.

A good way to get the attention of potential customers is to advertise online. Advertise on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Account.

You can use word-of-mouth too but again whatever fantastic piece you are making will advertise your work to the world.

If you have the needed skills in beaded jewellery making and are interested in either making it a full-time job or a part-time job then you must put in your best.

bead business is nothing but one of the small business ideas to start this year

8. Home Service Barbing and Hairstylist

Barbing is another one of the best businesses to start in low capital Nigeria You could buy a clipper and tell people around you your service and in no time you could start getting calls, same as a hairstylist, ladies can also offer home service by making nice hairstyles for women

who are too busy to visit the salon and start smiling to the bank. After learning the barbing skill, most business advisers will advise you to go and rent a shop immediately and start barbing for customers

but we all know this doesn’t happen most of the time in real life successfully. People will have to know you well before they can drop their hard-earned money for your service.

This is the reason so many writers start a blog first before writing their first book and so many photographers do free photoshoots for free before they start charging for their services.

People (customers have to know you first, what you stand for (your brand) and how far you’re going in your barbing business before they can invest in you or your business directly or indirectly.

This is why I strongly recommend home service barbing first.

Why I Like Barbing

Another reason why I suggest home service barbing first is to have something done first if you can’t afford a shop immediately you’re done with your learning. Instead of waiting for the big break to get money to open your shop, you can start home service first.

And I must be honest with you getting your first customer for the home service barbing might be the toughest for you but if you’re able to get one at the end and you do the service well – I mean barb the hair well your haircuts will speak (advertise) for you.

Your customer’s friends will start asking “Who is your barber?” and before you know it your customer will have no choice but to introduce you and your service to them.

This is what happened to me earlier that made a co-worker of mine come to my area to bar his hair all the way from our workplace.

Render home service for like a year or 2 and use the money you’ve gathered from it to register your business and rent a shop.

It no doubt home barbing services are also among businesses you can do with 30k in Nigeria.

9. Baking & Pastries

The baking business is one of the hottest businesses in Nigeria right now. You can make money from baking cakes and pastries, small chops, chinchin as well as other snacks and make them available for sale.

You don’t require much start-up capital, all you need is to ensure you are well-grounded in baking, target the right customers and make sales.

Depending on how big and popular you become, many couples or other people will hire you to make wedding and anniversary cakes for them which could end up bringing huge profits to your pocket.

Conclusively, the baking business is another low-capital business you can start with 30k in Nigeria

10. Roadside Indomie (Aboki)

It’s so unfortunate this business has been relegated or let me say, reserved for only the Aboki people. Have you ever wondered and asked how much these Aboki people make in a day just by frying/cooking and selling Indomie by the roadside?

If you hang around these Aboki people, you will understand this business is profitable and as a lady, it could be a golden opportunity to leverage.

You can combine Indomie with other foods like Yam, Tea and bread just to draw people towards your market and watch as you make sales.

This business basically booms in the evening and night hours when people are out with their loved ones, and friends. Lastly, you should ensure to target your shop in crowded places or roadsides where people can easily see and reach you.

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Conclusion: Profitable Businesses To Start With 30k in Nigeria

Do you have any lucrative or profitable businesses to start with 30k in Nigeria that are not mentioned here? Let’s discuss this in the comments below

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