How to Start Ponmo (Kanda) Business in Nigeria

In this business article, you will discover the profitability of the cow skin business and how to start a profitable ponmo business in Nigeria.

The Ponmo (Kanda) business is quite profitable. Some people who are involved in this business are living comfortably as a result of the enormous earnings it generates.

The profits in both cases, whether it is sold in Kanda form or as Ponmo, are very impressive. Ponmo is an exclusive delicacy in Nigeria that is eaten by many.

The Yoruba people often consume it. You will want to eat ponmo repeatedly because of the flavour and the sentiments you experience while eating it. Do you want to turn this into a successful business? This article will help you get along the way.

How to Start a Ponmo (Kanda) Business in Nigeria

This detailed guide will help you start a ponmo (Kanda) business in not just Nigeria but in any country across Africa.

You can either buy dry Kpomo in bulk from a supplier or engage in the production of it yourself through the process of using cow skin.

For Ponmo production, below is how to turn cow skin to ponmo

1. Getting Fresh Cow Skin That Has Been Slaughtered

You can get fresh cow skin from the abattoir or any place you can get cow skin in larger quantities. Abbatoirs are the best place to get fresh cow leather (kpomo), mostly in northern Nigeria.

2. Roasting The Cow Skin

This involves setting the fresh cow skin on fire or heat. To achieve this, you need a log of wood which is to be arranged to form a fireplace, and then fire is set on it.

After the fire is set, the hide or skin is put into the fire to burn until it shrinks to the smallest form and is blackened

3. Boiling The Roasted Cow Skin

To effectively do this, use a large drum of water, then placed it on another fireplace and left to boil. The blackened Kpomo is put inside the boiled water and is cooked till it swells back. 

4. Cooling And Packaging

Once the skin is cooked for some munites, you will allow it to cool down and then it put into big plastic drums filled with water to soak overnight.

The kanda is soaked so that the bitterness of the fire will be eradicated. If the Kpomo is to be a dried repackaged one, it may not be soaked overnight.

But if soaked, it will be oven-dried and then cut to specific sizes.

Profitability of Ponmo/Kanda Business

Profitability of Ponmo/Kanda Business

Many areas of the country have a significant need for Kanda. Consider people in the ponmo business as an example; they hardly ever bring them home because there is always a market for them.

The ponmo business is quite successful. If you sell 100 pieces every week, you may make between ₦2,000 and ₦3,000 from a single piece.

Do the calculations and you can thank me afterwards. Depending on the time of year and the area, it may be more than that.

The ponmo selling industry creates opportunities. People (employees) are needed for every position in the Kanda company, including loaders, drivers, roasters, sellers, etc.

Cost to Start Kanda/Ponmo Business

You can start a ponmo business depending on how much money you have available. A lower-scale ponmo business can be launched for ₦10,000, while a larger scale can be launched for ₦100,000

Ponmo is stuffed with 3 pieces or 2 pieces depending on the size of the bag. The same size is assembled and priced appropriately.

Sizes 9 and 5 cost ₦9,000 and ₦5,000 respectively. I will suggest that you choose the larger size since it affects the market more.

Transport costs ₦1,000 per piece, depending on where you are. Trucks are mainly used to transport them.

How to Advertise Ponmo Business

To draw in new customers, it’s important to market your Ponmo brand. Concentrate on a few straightforward tactics to aid in spreading the news about your business.

A successful method of business promotion is networking with professionals from related industries. Ask for recommendations so that you have the chance to research your rivals.

You can choose to hand out promotional brochures at trade events, in front of stores, in parking lots, or anywhere else there are a lot of people.

Because a lot of the labour is done by devoted fans for free, social networks have emerged as the new advertising favourite. Someone who advertises for you may get paid.

Alternatively, you may create a fanbase that will spread the word about you for little to no money.

Customers are individuals, not just statistics, so it’s critical to give consideration to and make an attempt to develop a personal connection with them.

Conclusively, you can use social media like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook to promote and market your ponmo.

Where to Buy Ponmo in Nigeria

Where to Buy Bulk Ponmo Ijebu in Nigeria

You’ve come to the right page if you’re looking for the best store in Nigeria to buy ponmo (dry cow skin) meat. You can place an online order and receive delivery from internet retailers.

If you don’t know where to buy pomo meat in Nigeria, you can search your local grocery stores and small businesses in your area.

However, shopping online is preferable for convenience and peace of mind. The ideal place to look if you want to know where to buy ponmo is an online store where you can place an order and have it delivered to your house.

Ponmo is mainly sold in the northern region of the country, particularly in the states of Kano and Adamawa.

While those in Kano get theirs from Niger, the dealers in Adamawa occasionally get theirs from Cameroon.

Where to Buy Ponmo Ijebu in Bulk

Are you looking for trusted suppliers of cow skin, particularly ponmo Ijebu wholesale?

Buying ponmo that are already decaying inside without realizing it is one of the worst blunders you can make when buying.

Be careful because you may immediately recognize this from the musty smell they give off.

You might want to be aware of some of the top distributors if you’re looking at where to buy wholesale ponmo.

There are several different types of wholesale distributors of ponmo (kanda). You can test out online retailers like Amazon, Konga, and others.

You can purchase them directly by going to the market and purchasing that ponmo Ijebu.

How Much is a Bag of White Ponmo?

Do you want to know how much it costs to buy a bag of ponmo? Let’s give you an insight into this.

One bag of white ponmo costs ₦30,000 on average. But if you order two bags, the price is ₦27,000.

One bag contains 2,350 pieces of the pond in the sizes that are offered for sale at ₦50 per piece.

How to Preserve Soaked Ponmo

If you have soaked ponmo that you want to preserve, there are a few steps you can take to keep it fresh for longer:

1. Rinse the ponmo thoroughly: Before preserving your soaked ponmo, rinse it with clean water to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during the soaking process.

2. Boil the ponmo: Place the rinsed Kponmo in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Boil for about 10-15 minutes to kill any bacteria that may be present.

3. Cool the ponmo: Remove the ponmo from the heat and allow it to cool to room temperature.

4. Store in the refrigerator: Once it has cooled, place it in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. The ponmo will stay fresh for up to 5 days.

How to Preserve Ponmo Without Fridge

People used salt and smoke to preserve their meat and fish before there was refrigeration. Ponmo is “hard smoked” in order to preserve it without the need for a refrigerator.

Hard-smoked meat or fish is smoked at a low temperature until there is almost little moisture left in it. It contains a lot of salt.

What is being smoked is preserved by the salt. The ponmo can occasionally become so salty that you might even wish to soak it for a few hours before eating it to dilute the salt content.

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Nutritional Benefits of Ponmo

Did you know that Pono has so many benefits to man? Despite the Federal government recently making a declaration to ban Kpon consumption in Nigeria due to the gross decline in the leather industry, it’s not deniable that dry cow skin meat comes with handy nutritional benefits

1. Kpomo is made of low protein and low fat.

2. A 100g of boiled thick ponmo contains about 224.65kcal of energy, 6.80g of carbohydrate, about 43.9g of water, 46.9g of protein, 1.09g of fat and 0.02g of fibre

3. Ponmo contains small amounts of calcium (61mg), iron (4.3mg), magnesium (12mg), phosphorus (36mg) and zinc (6.79mg)

4. It is one of the most affordable kinds of meat after ice fish

5. Kanda is essential for weight loss since it contains few calories 

6. Ponmo is a source of livelihood. 

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Conclusion: Start ponmo Business in Nigeria

Ponmo, commonly referred to as cow skin, is a thick and substantial cut of beef. It maintains a special place of veneration in Nigerian cuisine among the various cultures that make up the nation.

The importance of ponmo is undeniable in a variety of regional soups, including vegetable soups, Egusi, Afang, Edikaikong, Gbegiri, and others.

Choice pomo pieces are frequently added to stews and sauce soups to add colour to the dish. Although it is commonly assumed that pomo has little nutritional value, this is only true when it is processed in a particularly harsh manner.

The above article has explained the procedure to start a ponmo business in Nigeria. If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations, leave us a comment

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