Abeg App Review 2023: Legit or Scam?, Who is the CEO?

Abeg App is one of the most popular fintech companies in Nigeria. In this guide, you will discover more answers regarding this platform about how it works, is Abeg App legit? and who is the CEO of Abeg App?.

You must have come across this App on Playstore, or seen some of their adverts but don’t really understand what this App is all about.

Just recently, The Big Brother Naija Shine your eye reality show sponsored by Nigerian social payments company Abeg, came to a blockbuster close after 72 days on air.

The show which commenced on July 24, is the most popular and most-watched reality show in Africa, raking in impressive numbers in terms of money and viewership.

The recent season of “Big Brother Naija” was the sixth since launching in 2006. In its fifth season, the show’s organizers claimed that viewers cast a whopping 900 million votes.

With millions of eyeballs tuned in to watch the show daily, it is only fitting that companies looking to appear before viewers have to pay a premium fee, which Abeg App was one among those companies.

And that was how Abeg App came into the limelight.

About Abeg App (Review)

Abeg app is similar to the famous Cash App in the United States. It’s a P2P (peer-to-peer) payment app targeted at Nigeria and Africa as a whole. it is a social payment app that can be used to send and receive money in Nigeria.

The genesis behind this Abeg app is to make it easy and possible for people to send requests to others for money and receive it in a structured context, like a fintech app.

Who is The CEO Of Abeg App

Abeg App was officially launched in September 2020 by Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh and Dare Adekoya.

After its launch, Abeg App trended on social media and caught the attention of many Nigerians because of its similarities to Cash App which makes it possible to send and receive payments.

How Does Abeg App Work?

This Abeg App review will not be complete if we fail to explain to you how Abeg App works.

With Abeg App, you can do a lot of things that go beyond just sending and receiving money, below are some key things Abeg App is used for and the benefit of using the app

1. Giveaway Bonus

Abeg App provides users with the opportunity to join or host giveaways. Who wouldn’t love the idea of getting free cash in naira for doing nothing? You can send and receive funds for as low as 100 Naira without attracting any transaction cost for doing so.

Then also, you can decide to withdraw your earnings directly into your bank account, while also you can choose to use your earnings to purchase recharge cards among other bills settlement.

Preferably, you can also choose to circulate the funds by gifting (a part) to another user, simply by using their Abeg tag.

Is Abeg App Giveaway bonus Legit?


2. Make Someone Happy

You can make someone happy by anonymously sending money to your friends/or contacts. Just long-press/press and hold the ‘send’ button to do this.

the minimum amount of money you can transfer is 1 and the maximum amount of money you can send is 1,000,000

3. Abeg App Referral Program

You can invite your friends to make use of the Abeg App and earn 500 by simply doing this. However, to earn money through the Abeg App referral program, you must have used the app in the real sense, and by using the app to gift your friend a token.

The beautiful thing about the Abeg App refer and earn scheme is that you can receive 500 for sending a new user the sum of N100 only.

4. Abeg Clique

The Abeg Clique is a cool way for users and friends to spend in groups. With Abeg clique, you can split bills and payments with your friends.

5. Ajo

Abeg Ajo is a group saving feature that allows multiple users to set a saving goal and collectively contribute towards it.

6. Loans

While the Ajo and Clique feature is still under development, the Abeg team has also indicated they will be rolling out the loan feature in the nearest future.

7. Abeg Badges

Abeg offers decorative badges to users. Some of the Abeg badges include;

  • Mystery smile
  • Thanks
  • Lifesaver
  • Anon
  • You’re a darling
  • Money Spender
  • Fundsssss

These badges come in different categories. These include normal, premium, and rare categories. Abeg badges are forms of recognition, honour, and appreciation to users for their good works.

Abeg App Registration

Summary of how Abeg App works and how to register and make optimum use of it

  • Download the Abeg App apk on Google Playstore for Android and Apple store for apple phones.
  • Proceed to register on the App
  • Link up your bank account using your BVN and account details. This will help you to withdraw cash to your bank account and also to fund your Abeg wallet.
  • Once that is done, ensure to complete your verification process to prove your identity.
  • You can now create your personal Abeg tag that would allow you to request funds from your friends, get noticed, and also share for giveaways.
  • You can also link your social media account with your Abeg account and see your mutual connections.
  • Fund your wallet with some cash, refer some of your friends to the app, and receive N500 for first sending them some cash as new users.
  • Participate in giveaways which gives you a chance to win more money.
  • Withdraw your earnings or use the funds in your Abeg wallet to purchase recharge cards.

How To Withdraw From Abeg App

How To Withdraw From Abeg App

Now that you have understood how this App works and have earned some commissions, next is how to withdraw to your bank account.

Withdrawing from Abeg App is one easy work to do, however, understand that the minimum amount you can withdraw from this App is 2,000

  • Open the App and locate your profile
  • Click on your balance or wallet
  • Proceed and click on the withdrawal button
  • Then choose the account number you want to withdraw the fund to
  • Input the preferred amount you wish to withdraw
  • Click send and input your pin

How To Fund Wallet On Abeg App

How To Fund Wallet On Abeg App

Abeg App makes it very easy and efficient to fund your wallet anytime

With just 6 steps you will do that and get your account fund instant

  • Locate your Abeg Profile
  • Click Add Money, You will see the account Number, Copy it
  • That Account Number is your personal account number for your wallet
  • Send any amount you want to fund to that account number (Using Your Bank app or pos near you)
  • The account is Wema Bank and your Name will show in the account name
  • You can send any amount, Once sent it will show instant in your Abeg wallet

How To Buy Airtime on Abeg App

You can also do airtime recharge with your Abeg App conveniently.

Below is how you can buy airtime on Abeg App

  1. Just click the buy airtime banner on the explore section or search for airtime
  2. You will be taken to the airtime page
  3. Don’t click Buy Airtime, choose your network provider on the services (MTN, 9MOBILE, GLO OR Airtel)
  4. After choosing your Network provider input the amount you want to recharge in the box and click Pay
  5. Input the number you want to recharge and click Recharge Now
  6. You will see the order summary for confirmation, Then you can click pay if correct and input your Abeg pin

Is Abeg App Legit And Safe To Use?

Is Abeg App Legit And Safe To Use?

Before we answer the question “Is Abeg App legit”? we have highlighted the following base on our assessment of the app

  • Abeg App company just recently sponsored the 6th Nigeria popular reality Tv Show Big Brother Naija worth Billion of Naira
  • It is a registered company on CAC that has ‘ABEG TECHNOLOGIES LTD’ with RC 1679194 (Date of Registration – Jun 26, 2020)
  • Also, the owners behind this company are known
  • There are evidence of payments
  • The app has good reviews on the app store
  • They have service they render and not promising 150 % ROI Nothing Like That
  • Abeg App registration is completely free so you stand a chance to lose nothing
  • They keep adding new cool features to the app and keep working on it

So in summary, having through all these analyses, we can boldly claim that Abeg App is legit.

Is my BVN safe with Abeg App?

Yes, your BVN is always safe with Abeg App because their policy states that they don’t have access to members’ information despite having their BVN.

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Abeg App Review 2022: is Abeg App Legit?, Who is the CEO?

In conclusion, If you are a member of this Abeg App kindly tell us your experience with the App in the comments below

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